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Summary: Luna walks in on Serena crying in her room one day only to find that Darien broke up with her again and that Serena was going to refuse to take him back regardless of what happened. What can Luna do to solve the situation? Can she do it quickly enough to save the future or will she fail and give the future over to the unknown.

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Author's Note: Yet again I've made everyone wait way longer than I should have. Things still aren't quite settled here yet but I really think the chaos is going to die down soon?. Thanks for understanding everyone.

Also to answer Connie's question this is going to be a Serena/Darien fic eventually.

Heartbreaking Realizations

Chapter Four:

The girls quickly dragged Serena from the forest. Trying not to panic over how cold she felt and how she refused to wake up no matter how hard they yelled are shook her.

"We need to get Serena inside somewhere quick!" Raye said as she looked at their surroundings.

"..The closest place is Darien's apartment" Amy said and they all stopped moving for a second.

Luna sighed, "We have no other choice…" And with that she took the lead, running in the direction of Darien's apartment. The girls shared a look before taking off after her.

Darien jumped out of his bed quickly when he heard the banging on his door. He ran over and opened it, not even trying to hide his annoyed look. The image that greeted him however wiped the look off. The girls were all standing there, soaked, crying…holding a very pale unconscious Serena. Luna ran in first and the rest of the girls knocked him out of the way. He closed the door softly as he watched them put Serena on the couch. Amy started to strip her while Raye ran into his bed room coming back with a pair of Serena's old pajamas. Lita was in the kitchen making hot chocolate and Mina…Mina was standing in front of him looking at him with hate.

"Do you care if we use your apartment to get Serena better?" Mina asked bitterly.

Darien shook his head, "Of course not…What…what happened?" He looked from Mina to the now not so wet Serena in the cut pink bunny pajamas that she loved so much.

"I'm not sure. I think she just wanted to be alone for a while. We found her in the forest…Amy said that she was deep into hypothermia….didn't…didn't you feel ANYTHING!?" Mina shouted the last word and the rest of the girls stopped working and looked over at them.

Darien remembered the ache that just wouldn't leave. He remembered being so happy when it did…"No…nothing." He muttered as he walked over to Serena. It was his fault…he knew that. If Serena died for some reason, it would be because he left her. Was he selfish? Yea…he was, he sighed and walked into his room closing the door behind him before sliding down it slowly and sitting on the ground. He put his head in his hands and pushed the tears that wanted to spill away. He wondered softly if he would feel this deep aching sinking feeling if Marissa was this bad hurt. He knew immediately the answer was no. Because Darien didn't love Marissa, he liked her, he liked how she fucked him on the first date. He liked how she said that there didn't have to be any strings attached if he didn't want there to be. He liked how being with her was a big fuck you to his 'destiny' and his 'life'. He did love Serena however…what he didn't love was how she was currently lying on his couch half dead because he let his body get in the way of his heart.

He felt the glowing start at his feet and when it was done he knew he was Prince Endymion. He wondered silently if that meant Serena was Princess Serenity. He stood to his feet and almost opened his bedroom door before shaking his head again. She wouldn't want to see him right now…it would just hurt her again and possibly send her more into shock. He went and climbed into his bed, ignoring the heavy armor and the uncomfortable clothes. He would talk to Serena tomorrow….he would get his Princess back and apologize and things would be better.

The girls sighed in relief as Serena opened her eyes slowly. "What are you guys doing here?" She asked hoarsely.

Luna jumped up on her stomach and smiled softly. "We found you unconscious in the forest. You were very sick and needed to warm up your body quickly. So we brought you to Darien's apartment. Don't worry, he's in his room. He gave us permission to stay as long as needed. You were into the last stages of hypothermia. You almost died Serena. What were you thinking?" The smile was now off of Luna's face, replaced with the anger and concern that she had felt for the past hours.

Serena sighed as she looked away from the cat and into the kitchen that she use to help Darien cook in, "I wanted to be alone so I went to the park. I didn't pay attention to where I was going. I got lost in my thoughts and the next thing I knew I was in a forest somewhere. It was late and I knew that if I tried to find my way out in the dark it would just get worse. So I sat down and tried to stay as warm as possible..." Serena then remembered the conversation she had with her mother and she mentally scoffed. There was no other man for her but Darien. Her mother knew that, everyone knew that…

The girls nodded in sympathy, "What counts is that we found you and you are going to be alright." Amy said softly as she stood up and moved toward the door. "I hate to leave you guys…but now that Serena is going to be fine…I have to go home before my mom realizes I'm gone." With that Amy was out the door and the other girls looked at each other.

"Will you be ok without us here Serena?" Raye asked and Serena quickly nodded. She understood that they couldn't stay with her. They had lives to uphold and she was going to be fine now that they found her.

When the girls had all said goodbye and left Serena looked at Luna, "You need to go to Luna. Go and put a note on my bed saying I went to Amy's to stay the night so I could finish studying for an exam. I don't want momma or daddy worrying." Serena said softly and Luna looked torn for a moment before nodding, giving Serena a lick on the cheek and jumping off the couch and quickly leaving the apartment.

Serena sighed, she felt so weak and she hated the fact she was like this at Darien's. She wanted to blame him for her condition but she knew that was unfair. It isn't his fault she decided to be stupid and get lost in the forest. She looked over at his bedroom door and stood up, only to collapse and realize that she was Princess Serenity. When had that happened? Was that the only reason she was alive? Because she had so many other lives in her? She tried to stand again only to stumble a few steps and fall again on her hands and knees. She looked back over at the couch and it looked a life time away. Why did she stand up in the first place?

Darien heard the loud thumps outside and this time he refused to ignore his instincts. He was out of bed and had the door opened quickly. He saw Serenity on the floor shaking a little as she tried to stand back up. He walked over quickly and helped her to her feet.

"What is it that you need?" He asked softly and Serenity looked at him and bit her lip to keep the tears away. He was Endymion and the memories were almost too much.

"I...I just wanted some water." She whispered as he helped her back to the couch. She sat down and before she got comfortable he was back with a glass of water.

"The girls left?" He asked sounding a little shocked.

Serenity shrugged, "They can't all be missing in the morning…I'm fine now anyways. Just a little weak,"

Darien sat down beside her and as soon as he did there was a flash of light and Serena was back and his armor was gone. "Serena…I'm…I'm sorry." Darien whispered and he hated how she stiffened at his words.

"Please…don't make this hard Darien….I…I don't want your sympathy…I just need to rest." She looked over at him and his heart tore at the unshed tears that were there.

"You can sleep in the bed. I'll sleep on the couch." Darien said softly as he stood up and offered her his hand. She shook her head,


"Don't reject my hospitality Serena…it's rude…" He said and smiled softly.

She gritted her teeth, how could he talk to her about things being rude? But she knew he was right, she took his hand and let him help her to his bed. He laid her down softly and covered her up. "Tomorrow….can we talk?" He asked softly and she nodded, too tired to fight him at the moment. He smiled again and left the room, shutting the door behind him and going over to sit on the couch. The first thing he would do was call Marissa. It was over, he couldn't see her anymore. It was time he accepted the fact that Serena was going to be the woman in his life. No one else…he lay down on the couch and took a deep breath before falling into a restless sleep.

End of Chapter

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