Tokiya Mikagami sat down in front of his computer and decided to check his email. It had been a tiring day for the doctor. He had spent half the day operating on a kid who got knocked down by a car.

At least I managed to save him.

Deleting the spam, Mikagami saw an email from someone he knew. Hanabishi Recca. The name itself brought him memories. Memories of the Hokage, fighting together and rescuing Yanagi from the evil clutches of Mori Kouran.

That was what? Five years ago?

Since then, Mikagami had managed to get a scholarship to one of the most prestigious universities in Europe, due to his excellent grades. His scholarship even paid for accommodation, while a bank loan took care of the rest. After graduating, he was hired by a local hospital.

Mikagami leaned back on his couch and clicked on the name.

Dear Mikagami,

How's things? It's been five years. And you never even bothered to let us know if you were okay. Some friend you are. Anyway, just to let you know that Yanagi and I are getting married in a few weeks, and you are cordially invited to our wedding. Could you come? Let us know as soon as possible, all right?

Mikagami chuckled a little at the tone in which the email was written. It was probably edited by Yanagi. Recca would never talk to him in this way.

Shall I go?

Mikagami thought for a few moments and drafted his reply.

Author's notes: Firstly, I do not own these characters. Anyway, this fanfic takes place after volume 33 of the manga, meaning that all their madougus are gone. Also, Kurei and Koganei are gone too.