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This story takes place in November 1995, five months after Wars Are Won By Those Who Dare: Family, Friends, and Foes.

BIKER MICE FROM MARS Wars Are Won By Those Who Dare
Let Us Give Thanks
Part One Sunday, November 19, 1995

"Another Earth holiday is comin' up." Sparks plopped down on the couch between Throttle and Modo. The Sunday night football game was on a commercial as he maneuvered a thick book in his lap and opened it. "It's called Thanksgiving."

"Must not be real important." Vinnie stretched out between the couch and the TV set. "The stores are already decorated for Christmas, have been since Halloween."

"It is too important."

Modo peered into the book, Sparks' history textbook from his home schooling. The page was topped by a picture of a bunch of humans--some in uncomfortable black clothes and some dressed like they were in a western movie--around a table loaded with food. Sparks wanted to celebrate all Earth holidays the locals thought were important. Halloween had been fun. "What is it?"

Sparks pointed to the guys in black. "Those were the Pilgrims, some of the first guys to colonize America. After they survived their first winter and had a good harvest, they had a celebration dinner with the Native Americans that had helped them. Then a president decided it should be celebrated every year, put it on the fourth Thursday of November, and gave everybody the day off to eat. You're supposed to get with family and friends and give thanks."

Vinnie rolled over on the scoreboard floor to prop up on his elbows. "That's one of the big football days." He didn't take his eyes from the football game on the television set.

Sparks stuck his tongue out at the back of Vinnie's head. "Football came later. But I was thinkin' we should help Charley with it."

Throttle looked up from the book he was reading when not paying attention to the game. "Charley's never done anything like that for us. She goes to a mechanics convention this week."

A mechanics convention? But it's a big holiday."

"She's never made a big meal like that," Throttle pointed to the picture, "or made us give thanks about anything."

"I don't think Charley has any family," Modo said.

"But ain't we her family now?"

Vinnie rolled over to look at Sparks. "Maybe she doesn't think of us as family."

"But she is part of our family, right?"

Modo squirmed on the couch. "You can't just declare someone family, not if they don't want it."

"And she's always left for this holiday," Vinnie added.

"But she celebrates Christmas with us." Throttle slowly closed his book. "And she puts up with a lot of crap from us for no good reason."

"Dating you not a good reason?" Vinnie snickered.

"She was putting up with us before that."

"Maybe Christmas has more to do with friends than this Thanksgiving." Modo rubbed his jaw.

Sparks sighed. "Is it some kinda Biker Mouse thing not to call her family? 'Cause it sounds a lot better than gal we mooch off of."

Modo took a deep breath. "We don't know what Terrans consider family when it's not a genetic issue. And holidays always make it murky."

"Maybe she never bothered 'cause she didn't think you guys would eat if it was something besides hot dogs on the table." Sparks scooted off the couch. "I'm gonna ask her 'bout it."

"Just don't take it personal if Charley has other plans," Modo said.

"Cheese, I won't."