BIKER MICE FROM MARS Wars Are Won By Those Who Dare
Let Us Give Thanks
Part Five Thursday, November 23, 1995

Vinnie trapped Sparks in a headlock. "So did we do the cowboys proud?" He rubbed his knuckled on the kid's head.

"Pilgrims! Cowboys came later." He grunted trying to get out of the hold.

"All the movies were about cowboys and Indians."

"Sparks is right." Charley took another brown 'n serve roll. "Cowboys came later."

"Vinnie, stop picking on Sparks and help me set up the TV so we can watch football." Vinnie released Sparks and bounded to Tala's side.

Modo leaned back in his chair with a moan. "I'm too stuffed to move. You don't hate Thanksgiving anymore, right, Charley-ma'am?"

She sat down nearby on a bench with Throttle. "I have a family to celebrate with again."

"How can you still be hungry?" Throttle asked.

"Unlike you furry food disposal units, I know how to pace myself through a meal." There was a knock on the office door outside, and Throttle got up to answer it. Charley speared some green beans with her fork. The meal was delicious, her bedroom looked good, and everybody was safe. Life was good.

Throttle escorted Detective Jefferson inside. And Charley swallowed hard. "Hi, we weren't expecting to see you today." She set aside her plate and stood.

"So I see; everybody has their helmets off."

"Busted," Vinnie slouched in front of the TV set.

"I guess you have questions abut us then." Throttle tucked his hands into his vest pockets.

"I knew you weren't human when we first met, pal," Amethyst retorted. "And I'm not here to bust you. Chi-town would have fallen apart a thousand times over without you guys intervening. So you can keep your secret for now."

"Would you like something to eat?" Charley asked.

"Nah, my family eats at supper. I just came by to tell you Mitch Sullivan didn't know about your father's murder. He knew Buddy was obsessed with you, but he was trying to keep him from being placed in an institution."

"Their mother was always terrified Buddy would be sent to one. I bet she made Mitch promise."

"Yeah, we're still processing the evidence but I think I can get your jacket and bike back." She dug a velvet jewelry box from her purse. "I found this in the room you were held in, and since we don't need it for evidence, I thought you'd like to have it now."

Charley took the box. "Thank you."

Amethyst smiled. "You have a happy Thanksgiving."

"You too." Throttle led her back out. Charley stared down at the heart made of polished crystal. The tiny diamond chip embedded on the right side winked at her. "Is that the necklace your father gave you?" Throttle asked when he returned.

"Yeah. Help me put it on, please." She lifted her hair so Throttle could fasten the necklace behind her neck. The warm crystal laid on the skin below her collarbone just like she remembered it always doing. It didn't weight heavy around her neck. She could barely feel it at all.

The End