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No! Don't go!!!


Don't leave me, Count!!!

"…Please…Don't leave…"

I love you…


Haydee immediately sat up in bed, sweating, panting for breath. She stared blankly into space for a few seconds, until she realized she had just woken up from a nightmare.

She looked behind her and saw the Count fast asleep. A thought suddenly crossed her mind. Haydee gasped and placed a hand on his chest. To her relief, it slowly rose and fell. She sighed and smiled, gazing intently at the man before her.

His long, wavy hair…His flawless blue skin…His thin lips…His sophisticated-looking eyes…Everything about him just seemed so perfect.

But she fell in love with him for his heart.

Haydee's eyes were brimmed with tears. She rested her head on his chest, feeling him wrap his arms around her bare shoulders and moan softly in her ear. She held his hand tightly and made a silent promise that she'll never let go.