Oh My God! Heterosexual Love!


Strong arms wrapped around Hermione's waist, a whisper of heated breath danced across her cheek. Delicate hands, slowly caressing the length of her torso, crept stealthily in opposite directions. One towards the soft patch of skin exposed between the bottom of her shirt and the top of her pleated skirt, the other towards pert breasts, accentuated by a tight sweater vest.

"Ginny," she moaned, parting her legs, yielding to the touch of her lover. A pile of bushy hair cascaded over Ginny's shoulder as Hermione bent her neck backwards, kissing the girl's sumptuously freckled neck.

"I have a surprise for you," Ginny muttered, letting her fingers trail past the waist of Hermione's skirt and come to rest. Thick, warm hair wrapped itself around her digits while Hermione gasped, spreading her thighs wider. "So open wide."


"Tighter," Harry shouted through the silk gag Ron had tied around his head. "I can still talk, mate." His pale back arched at the touch of Ron's rough tongue trailing up his bumpy spine as he slowly aligned his body perfectly atop Harry's tightly built frame.

"Just say when," Ron giggled, tugging on the knot until it was pulling back the corners of Harry's lips. "Or not."

Harry's eyes filled with glee as he jettisoned his body up, sending Ron flying into the air. The boy landed with a crash at the end of the queen bed, his head knocking hard against the solid oak bedpost. Harry rolled over, his body heaving with silent laughter. When his amusement subsided, he crawled over to Ron, who was rubbing the bump on his head furiously.

"That would have hurt a lot more if I didn't have all this fucking hair," Ron said, giving Harry his best impression of being angry. It was a poor attempt, but Harry found it funny. The gag forced him to exaggerate his smile, his eyes crinkling shut when he did so. Ron took full advantage of Harry's temporary sight impediment and leaped from his position, slamming his hands into Harry's shoulders, pinning him against the bed.

The kisses Harry administered to Ron's chest were slow and deliberate. If he went any faster, the passion he was feeling would bubble over into a premature mess.


Hermione's fingers dug into her face as she fought with Ginny's hands to slam her thighs shut, the intense pleasure that was shooting through her body was about to send her over the edge into unconsciousness.

Ginny pulled away from Hermione's crotch, staring up at the writhing face of her lover, teeth biting hungrily at swollen, red lips. It was almost too beautiful for her to handle, she could feel her heart bursting at the seams.

As she came, Hermione shouted Ron's name in her head, pretending it was his tongue that had tortured her to this exquisite orgasm.


His body bucking wildly against Harry's, Ron gasped loudly as his lover's sphincter contracted around his cock. It sent him over the edge, howls of ecstasy ripped from his lungs as his thrusts became short and quick.

In the throes of the most intense orgasm Ron had ever experienced Harry's body filled out and developed feminine curves. Tousled, black hair grew out and twisted into a brunette mess curtaining a pair of brown eyes that Ron knew would pierce his very soul.

"Hermione," he whispered, falling back onto the bed.


As their lover's slept comfortably in their arms Ron and Hermione both lay awake, hands caressing silky hair. This wasn't supposed to have happened. Neither could deny the attraction, it was a constant internal battle to forget the moment they had seen each other on the Platform their first year.

Leaning over their significant others Ron and Hermione placed a chaste kiss on their cheek and a sweet "I love you" in their ears. Letting heads rest on downy pillows both wondered if the other was thinking the same thing at this very moment, while an intrusive warning in the back of their minds told them not to give these feelings any credence, if someone found out about their feelings it would be the end.

Society didn't like heterosexuals.