Drabble three: Generators.


Kudo Gawl has captured Saito Ryuko's attention entirely, and so Kanae watches with some amusement as she reconciles the awkward teenager with the dangerous fighting machine. It's not hard for her, as predisposed as she is to see the worst in people.

For himself, he watches the boy reluctantly, but not without interest. The sense of instinct the youth has, the animal movements, the disregard for the propriety that society has installed over baser freedoms. Ryuko was perhaps wrong in her assessment that he could pass entirely for human, and she should have seen that in the school-girl's fears about him.

But then, Ryuko is hardly more human than Gawl. More glamorous, certainly, and she could pass as a sophisticate – better disguised, he thinks- but she had the same predatory air. That, too, amused Kanae, though the emotion was mixed with disdain and disgust at her sexual predation.


Gawl was dying, and he still didn't quite dare apologise. What would an apology mean? He couldn't take it back, and they were trying to take what he'd done back, but Gawl was dying and it didn't seem like...


She knows what she saw, in the alley outside her workplace, and she doubts it. There was something funny about the relief in Ryo's voice when the Academy announced what she can't help but think of as an excuse. But Gawl was as brash as ever, although he hadn't been there when Ryo and Kouji arrived (and Ryo'd been carrying his school-bag, and if he'd had something to do why had he wanted to come with her to work?). Still, she was almost convinced Gawl was right, because he was making the idea - not to mention her – sound ridiculous. But Ryo had hinted there was something out there, with genuine concern showing on his face, and they only talked about one escaped 'ape' on the newcast, not till after that whole incident... Christ, stop thinking about it, girl. I'm sure it's nothing.