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Chapter One

To say that Albus Dumbledore was concerned would be rather like saying Hogwarts wasn't that small of a place really – the understatement of the century, or in Dumbledore's case, significantly longer than a century, because who really knew how long that old coot had been around for. However, to be fair to that old, old, old man, the Supreme Mugwump had more than enough to be worried about, especially for one of his advanced years. The Dark Lord Voldemort was alive again, the ministry was still full of blundering morons, he had no idea where Harry Potter was and, worst of all, he had run out of Sherbet Lemons!

Crawling under his desk, Dumbledore once again checked in his concealed sherbet lemon stash, desperately trying to ignore Fawkes, who was currently engaging on the closest equivalent a phoenix had to snickering under his wing. But, alas, the underground vault was still as tragically empty as the last time he had checked, ten minutes ago. Pulling himself out of the chamber through the hidden trapdoor, Dumbledore cursed as he cracked his head resoundingly on the underside of his desk.

Glowering at the still-snickering phoenix, Dumbledore returned to his chair, which creaked ominously as he sat down, adjusting his robes as he did so. He didn't know what Amelia Bones was talking about; his robes were obviously made and chosen in excellent taste. He was particularly fond of the set he was currently wearing, they were lime green with day-glow pink stars and his current favourite outfit for attending meetings of the Wizengamot. It was his personal opinion that they went splendidly with his Chudley Cannons orange boxers, which he had bought for the colour, but unfortunately there was no one else he could ask for a judgement on that matter.

Turning back to his eternal curse – paperwork, Dumbledore passed several not so happy minutes before he was again disrupted. This time it was not the tragic thought of lack of sherbet lemons that tore him from his work, but rather a stroppy looking bird of prey, which flew straight through his window, landed in the middle of his paperwork, tearing up sherbet lemon requisition forms and shitting all over the letter he had just finished writing to his tailor, asking for five more pairs of sky blue robes, preferably the ones with bright yellow smiley faces on them – the poor man most certainly was not colour-blind, despite what all those people said. They just could not appreciate real genius.

Glaring at the bird, Dumbledore found himself wincing as the bird matched him glare for glare – a bird did just not have the right to be that scary. Finally giving up the contest, he noticed a scroll tied onto the bird's leg. Taking his very life and limb into his hands, Dumbledore reached forward and carefully removed the scroll, checking it quickly but thoroughly for hexes, curses, bubotuber pus, or any of his brother's cooking experiments.

Judging himself to be safe at least from food poisoning, he gingerly peeled open the scroll, recognising at once the seal affixed to the bottom of the note, it was that of Sarutobi, the Sandaime Hokage of Konoha. The two men were not particularly close, but they had met and aided each other on certain occasions, and it was with more confidence that Dumbledore began to read to concise missive.


It is with apologies that I must begin this letter, primarily related to the unfortunate demise of a brother that I believe was, if not your possession specifically, the property of your school. Furthermore, there is significantly more delay in this letter than there should have been; I believe there to be about a five year delay on its answer.

The only explanation for this delay is that your owl became somewhat lost in the attempt to find the Hidden Villages (there's a reason why they're called hidden) and the recipient accidentally killed your owl and then discarded the letter before leaving on a mission several months ago. It is only with his return within the last couple of days that I became aware of the presence of this letter.

Perhaps the content of this letter would be easier for you to understand if I was a little bit more explicit about the individual in question. As you know him, his name would be Harry Potter, but after the death of his parents, he was found by the late Yondaime and raised as his son for the few years before Yondaime's tragic death.

The content of the letter you left with the baby was very elucidating and thus we were indeed always aware of Harry's identity, however, Arashi adopted the child as his heir, believing his wife at that time unable to have children. Thus the child you may have known as Harry Potter became a respected and valued member of our community, and has for as long as he can remember gone by the name Kazama Hideaki, or as you would say it Hideaki Kazama.

Although Hideaki-kun has always been adamant that he is in his heart a child of Konohagakure, a sentiment which I can only be proud of, he has always maintained a degree of curiosity about his birth parents and their background.

It is for the sake of this interest and desire to honour his birth parents, that, on recently discovering the letter meant to arrive in time for his eleventh birthday, Hideaki-kun has agreed to at least discuss with you the possibility of attending your school. Although I have no great desire to be without one of my strongest shinobi, I would be willing to allow Hideaki to attend, granted that his conditions, if he has any, are met.

As the bird is a summons creature, it should have been able to make the journey to your school in a matter of days and, should you be willing to visit, I am sure you remember the way to gain access to the Hidden Countries as a visiting dignitary. Hideaki-kun has no more missions scheduled until the end of August, having taken some time off to be with his family, so should you visit during this interlude I am sure that he will be happy to talk to you.

I hope that you will make a visit soon, as ignoring the question of your school, I am sure that Hideaki-kun has some questions that he would nevertheless appreciate the answers to.

Your sincerely


Putting down the letter, Dumbledore sat quietly for a few moments. Then he got up and danced a jig around his office, disturbing Fawkes and waking up half the portraits in the process. Then still smiling in a seraphic manner, he sat down again at his desk, picked up his flamingo feathered quill and began to fill in the paperwork for requesting a visit to the Hidden Countries, all thoughts of sherbet lemons for the moment quite forgotten.