In case you remain doubtful of the couples, I have here a little section dedicated to showing you WHY they shouldn't be insulted:

1. Their personalities just click. See, Ryo isn't the temperamental lunatic that everyone portrays him as - but what about when he lost his cool at Natsuti's? (I mean, Mia's?) The guy's just seen the face of HELL, people. I DON'T think he's in a particularly good mood. (And when he slapped Jun/Yuli, he had good incentive. I celebrated. *&.^* 'Course, that's before I started liking the little bugger…) He's a sweet guy by nature, if worldly and distant. Usagi/Serena on the other hand, is just sweet. She's naïve, trusting, open, and friendly. And she almost NEVER loses her cool. (But I still write Ryo as a sorta pyromaniac.)
2. Ryo seems to have a slight problem with depression and Serena's (yeah, I'm using dub names now) constant optimism might help bring him out of his *cough* funk. (I love that word! Funk! Funk!)
3. Serena's oftentimes overwhelming innocence and head-in-the-clouds nature needs some slight grounding, which Ryo, the tries-too-damn-hard-to-be-mature, could help with.
4. Oh, screw this, just read the fanfic!
5. Don't they just look cuuuuuuute?

1. I'm not too fond of Sage's 'player' attitude so many writers give him, but in this story, he is charming and popular - but NOT A PLAYER. Understand? Good! Now, their personalities are different, you say, how could it ever work? I'm going to have FEE-UNNN writing THIS one!
2. Amy's intellectual level leads her to be introverted and shy; the closest thing she has to a boyfriend is that annoying Greg/Uwara Ryo guy. I won't be subtle about it - I hate him. Anyway, her shyness, which some might mistake as a superiority complex, could contribute to a fascination on Sage's part. Has he EVER met a girl as shy as Amy? Amy, on her side, would probably be flustered and flattered if Sage showed any attraction to her whatsoever. Besides, the whole Casanova-falls-in-love-with-schoolgirl idea's kinda cute, ne?
3. Amy has shown the ability to be just as eerily goofy as the rest of the 'Inner' Senshi, and she's as naïve as Serena, in different ways. (Some of which we shall not discuss.) Sage needs some light-heartedness. The guy is too damn serious! (The Ronins, aside from Kento, need some serious viewing-of-Monty-Python or something. THEY'RE TOO SERIOUS!!)
4. Sage's innate maturity could work well with Amy's sort of ignorant view of the world. (IGNORANT is not the same as not knowing. Look it up in a dictionary. If you don't have a dictionary, go to www.dictionary.com, okay?)
5. One word: kawaii!

1. I actually think they'd have a denial sort of relationship. Let me go into depth, for they are one of my favorite couples…well, including the others. But Cye/Mina is my fave! Ahem, moving on…
2. Rowan's got a high intelligence (250 IQ?!), but he seems rather excitable and opinionated. The last one you must look up if you don't know. Raye, on the other hand, is snobby and smart in prophecy/fortune-telling/et cetera, but she is - strangely - referred to as an Ice Queen. Rowan doesn't have many friends outside of the Ronins (heck, I don't think he has any) because of his intelligence and the fact that pretty much everyone else thinks he's a snob. (I personally view him as somewhat goofy, but also down-to-earth.) Raye doesn't have many true friends outside of the Scouts (the girls at her school idolize her, but they aren't her friends, per se) due to her aloof personality. She likes being alone, whereas poor Rowan must get lonely. Getting an idea?
3. For some reason, I envision them having a relationship rather resembling a hit-and-run thing. Y'know, they're constantly at each other's throats, then one admits they like the other and then they both panic. ;]
4. Rowan could bring some sensible silliness into Raye's otherwise strictly maintained life; she, in turn, could bring some actual order into his life (he has low blood pressure and, thusly, he can't sleep until late at night and he can't get up early in the morning; he has high metabolism, so he has to eat a LOT, which could be kinda hectic).
5. Once more, this couple just looks cute. So shoot me! (Please, don't.)

1. He eats, she cooks. End of discussion,
2. What, you want more? *lol* Actually, I consider reason #1, the most popular reason for this couple, to be (pardon my language) absolute bullshit. There's more to a relationship between these two than cooking/eating. Okay, I'm biased about Xliu/Kento (I love the spelling of Xliu for some reason), what with his being my favorite RW character. *beams* First off, personalities…
3. Kento is like my puppy Toby - a teddy bear. He's sweet, friendly, not afraid of being himself, and he's just as good a shoulder to cry on as Cye's. Heck, I'll bet that Cye's cried on Kento's shoulder lots of times. Anyway, this Hardrock might be the strongest of the lot, but he's also the gentlest. He's a big time family man. Sadly, he's also extremely headstrong and leaps before he looks. But who cares? He's so sweet! His cheerful disposition could work for Lita like Serena's did. She seems rather depressed and lonely all the time and I'll bet Kento's optimistic view on life could cheer her up. (I'm also willing to bet he's got quite a few friends outside the Ronins circle.)
4. Lita is like a wounded wolf - she lashes out at those who try to help her. Now, she has changed a lot since meeting the other Scouts, but you might have noticed she's still rather friendless. That's weird, considering how sweet she is at points. Kento could be her white knight! (I. Like. KENTO!!)
5. Awwwww…
6. Kento's got a large family already, what with his multiple siblings, his two parents, and God knows how many other relatives. I'm pretty sure he's always expected to have a large family of his own and Lita's shown that she wants to be happily married with a large family. How cute!
7. Again…awwwww…

1. My favorite! *giggles* Here's the reasons!
2. I'm referring to mythology here: Aphrodite (or Venus) was birthed by the sea. She was formed, according to legend, from the froth of the waves and she emerged, naked, onto the shores of an island. The point is, Cye's source of power (and his first love) is the sea. Venus came from the sea. Coincidence? I think not.
3. Cye's a lot like Kento in that he's sweet and friendly, as well as down-to-earth. However, if you haven't seen the OAVs for YST, he can be a little hellion when he wants to be. (He floored Kento AND Rowan! Dang!) Mina is overly buoyant and often overlooks the practical to go for the unpractical. Their personalities fit in that they could both benefit from each other.
4. As I said for Kento/Lita…awwwww…
5. Awwwww…
6. In the dub, at least, Cye has a British accent. (There's a reason for that: the man who did his voice also did Sage's.) Mina lived in England during her Sailor V stint, so the two could whisper sweet nothings to each other in English and nobody would understand them. Hell, they could yell 'em across to each other and nobody would understand them!
7. I'm not the only one who supports this couple. Browse the Sailor Moon Crossovers sections of fanfiction.net or simply go to this Shin/Cye website:
Not only is it Cye/Mina (AKA Shin/Minako) friendly, it has a link to the webmistress' Sailor Venus shrine that is AWESOME. (It's also Cye/Mina friendly. ;] Heehee!)
I could go on and on, but I think I'll stop here…

© Purple Mongoose/PallaPlease, June 22, 2001.
PS~ I should have the first three chapters up before midnight tonight, okay?

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