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This story is from Emmett's PoV and it occurs right after the last chapter of New Moon. It is a 'what if' story. In this case, what if Bella chose not to give her motorcycle back to Jake, but took an alternative route with moving it out of the driveway.

Note of warning, since we are dealing with Emmett, there may be some suggestive situations, but nothing graphic or more suggestive than other stories I have read on this site.

Daredevil? - Chapter 1

We were all surprised to see Edward return home early. Lately he stayed with Bella until Charlie kicked him out supposedly for the night; little did he know that Edward returned to his daughter's room every night after he was in bed. Of course, Charlie really had nothing to fear – it wasn't as if Edward could do anything considering the differences between them.

I figured Charlie was upset about something because I heard Alice tell Edward that Charlie would calm down. I couldn't help but wonder if Charlie had found out about his late night visits.

Edward's news about the wolf boy's warning also came as no surprise to me. Rose and I were part of the family when the treaty was made, but I had hoped overtime they might have forgotten about that minor detail about no 'biting' a human, but I guess they had longer memories than I gave them credit for.

It was too bad that this would add to Edward's reasoning for not changing Bella, but, hey, who said he had to change her while we're in Forks. A summer vacation trip to Alaska could easily settle the problem, and then we wouldn't be here when it happened.

I wondered how the Quileutes would have handled Bella becoming a vampire if Edward hadn't been able to stop the venom when James attacked her. They couldn't have held it against us because we had only tried to protect her from a killer; besides, none of us had actually bitten her. I wondered if Alice and Jasper fell under that treaty; they never agreed to it.

'That could be a thought . . .' but before I could go further with that thought I heard Edward say, "She understood it perfectly and told him it was none of his business. I wasn't sure if he'd be able to hold his form; he was that upset, and yet Bella didn't show any fear. She knows what he becomes, and yet fearlessly berates him for interfering in her choice."

I had to agree with Edward; Bella was fearless and she showed a lot of spunk by standing up to a juvenile werewolf. Bella was proving to be a bundle of surprises to me, an interesting – to say the least – person to get to know better.

Carlisle caught my attention when he said, "Edward, Bella never does what normal humans do."

I chuckled to myself and agreed with his comment; Bella was extremely unpredictable. Look how quick she was to forgive Jasper on her birthday. Even then, her first thoughts were about Jasper and us rather than about her own danger. Rose would never have been that forgiving.

"She seems to understand more than we seem to give her credit for," Carlisle continued, "And she knows what to fear and what not to fear in a different way than we do. What we see as a threat, she sometimes sees as only a challenge to correct and change for the better." Even Carlisle was quick to point out that Bella was fearless in the face of danger if someone she cared about was in danger.

Hell, that's how we all felt about her – even Rose was beginning to see Bella in a completely new light since Italy. Carlisle's words also reminded me of last spring; as he talked about that event, I recalled Bella's reaction in the truck when Edward tried to drive her away from Forks.

Carlisle was right; Bella's first thoughts then were for the safety of her father rather than herself. It suddenly made me realize how much courage she really had, not only then, but also when she went to Italy with Alice. I had to admit that I admired her bravado in the face of danger. I was glad she went, but it strengthened my belief in how much Bella loved Edward. I mean, I knew she really loved him, but her willingness to face a group of vampires even most other vampires feared shed a new light for me on the strength of her love for Edward.

I snapped out of my thoughts when Carlisle asked where Bella was and Edward replied, "Actually, Charlie is lecturing her on the dangers of riding a motorcycle."

As he said that, a picture of Bella on a motorcycle with training wheels popped into my head and I laughed. It was the most ridiculous concept imaginable, I thought. Bella would never ride a motorcycle. I heard Jasper laugh right after I did and I saw the merriment of the thought in his eyes, which caused me to laugh more.

"What are you laughing about?" Edward barked at me.

Still laughing, I replied, "Bella on a motorcycle. Of all the ridiculous ideas, why would Charlie have to give Bella such a lecture? She prefers her truck and traveling at a snails pace." Of all the adjectives I would have used to describe Bella, I had never considered daredevil one of them, courageous, yes, but not a daredevil.

"That was the old Bella," Alice informed us. "She's now into extreme sports."

"Bella?" I found that hard to swallow. "Since when?" I was amazed to discover Bella had hidden facets to her character.

"Since Edward left her." Alice added. "It seems she needed something to fill her empty time and she decided to take up some not so safe activities." I could tell Alice was enjoying that fact that she had shocked me with her news.

"Yah, like paling around with werewolves," I suggested.

Obviously, Alice knew more because she continued, "It didn't stop there. Werewolves and motorcycles were only a start. It seems cliff diving was also added to her list. That was what I saw when I thought she had jumped, but she informed me it was only for recreational purposes." I saw Alice look over at Edward as she added, "I guess taking the vampires out of her life only forced her to find other dangers to fill the void we left."

Motorcycles, cliff driving, and werewolves, what would Bella think of next? It would be too bad if she gave up all the fun now that Edward was back. Of course, her trip to Italy with Alice was no joy ride either. If anyone were looking to do something extreme, going face to face with the Volturi was as extreme as it could get, and yet, that was just what Bella did. I was glad Edward was paying more attention to what Alice was saying because I didn't think he would like my thoughts. Besides, Alice was brave enough to point out that our leaving really didn't make life any safer for Bella.

"Don't remind me," Edward shot back. I could tell Alice's observation upset him.

Of course, Edward did not see the humor in Bella's actions; he only saw the danger to her life, but my motto was 'danger makes life more interesting.' Even when I was human, I enjoyed danger, but I didn't have as many near fatal encounters as Bella did. Maybe it was because I was a guy and we expected danger in our lives. Bella was also more fragile than I had ever been as a human – maybe because she was a girl.

I found all this information about Bella vastly amusing. I knew it was fun having Bella around because she made me laugh in a way no one else could, but to discover she had been spending her time endangering her life with 'extreme sports' – as Alice called them – was a whole new fun side of Bella. What Alice shared with us about Bella increased my desire to spend a little more time with her. This new Bella would definitely be more fun than the old Bella; of course, she might also be more dangerous to herself, but then that would only give Edward more of a reason to stay closer to her. Maybe, I thought, she was doing this just so Edward would finally decide it would be safer and wiser to change her. Of course, if she made wolf boy too mad, he might lash out at her first and then Edward could save her by changing her.

I decided I'd tell Edward what I thought since Alice seemed to be laying everything out in the open. "Well, I must say that I'm finding Bella much more interesting. I thought she was fun before, but she's becoming a lot more fascinating." I felt a slap to the back of my head. "Hey, what was that for?" I quickly turned to face Rose who was behind me.

"I don't think I like the fact that you find someone else interesting." She was cute when she pouted.

"Aw, Rosie, Bella will never be interesting in the same way you are. I just meant it could be fun to see Bella participating in some activities that are a little more daring than dancing." I knew I would have to spend sometime convincing Rose that I preferred her to anyone else. How she could doubt that was beyond me. Rose was and always would be my angel and just because I thought it would be fun to be around while Bella participated in any kind of 'extreme' sport didn't mean I wanted to spend any time with her romantically.

Heck, Bella was like a kid sister, and I would always see her like that. Kid sisters were around for fun and sometimes they needed a little extra protection because they were a little more vulnerable, and Bella was definitely vulnerable because of being human and clumsy. I chuckled at that idea as I took Rose's face between my hands and began kissing her to show her she was the only attraction in my life that made me feel this way. Just touching her sent extra chills through out my body and caused desires to rise up in me.

I didn't have to see them leave, but I knew my family had vacated the room once I began apologizing to Rose. As our kissing continued, I gently pushed her down on the couch and intensified the passion in my kisses. I knew this would soon lead to the bedroom, but I liked to tease her with just kisses at first. I knew she liked the play that went with our passion, and I wasn't about to rush our time together. If I held back some, I could make this last all night. What a way to spend a night.

Edward definitely didn't know what he was missing or he would take steps to rectify the matter. 'I hope your listening, Edward; you could learn something from a master.' I doubted he was listening but I couldn't help but think it just in case he was on the receiving end of my thoughts.

I was just about to pick Rose up and carry her upstairs when Edward said "Emmett." My first thought was that he had been listening and he was challenging my thoughts, but then I realized he sounded more surprised than upset. Usually when I tried to share some truths about women with him, he just became upset, so I decided it had to be about something other than my recent thought I tried to throw at him.

I had to admit I was curious about why he was taking a risk at interrupting Rose's and my time together if all he was going to do was to tell me to keep my thoughts to myself, but despite my curiosity I still hated the interruption.

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