I sat there sitting for my sister to arrive from the airport.Charlie had moved to New York where he went to college.Suprisingly he went to college I should say.I liked Charlie and all but I never figured what my sister Riley had saw in him.We were eighteen now and they had been together for three years now.

"Clohe!"I heard a loud but excited voice acrossed the airport.I turned my head and saw my sister,with light blue jeans and a red tee that said "1800-get lost."Her hair was longer then before,even though she looked the same there was something different about her.

"Riley!"I exclaimed throwing my hands over her."I missed you oh-so-much!"

"I know I feel like it's been decades."Riley exagorated.I laughed squeezing her tighter.

"I'm glad your home now."

"Me too.But I'm going to miss Charlie a lot Clohe."Riley pointed out.

"I know.Whats that?"I asked.

"You seriously think I would go to NYC without getting you something?"Riley asked shocked.I grinned and took the pink gift bag from her bag.I opened it,inside held a black pearl necklace and matching earings.

"Its so beautiful,thank you so much Riley!"I said hugging her again.

"No problemo!"

We sat in my little green jeep driving down the streets of Malibou,Riley had a hint of sadness in her light blue eyes.

"Whats wrong?"I asked worried.

"Nothing,I just-."Riley started."It's nothing...really."I knew she was lieing,and I was curiouse to find out what it was about.

"Charlie?"I guessed.

"No."Riley replied taking a drink of her vanilla smoothie.

"How are you and Lennon,you know with the new baby and all?"Riley asked.

"We're great,Jenna's great she misses her aunt."

"I missed her too."Riley said.Since Riley was her only aunt she automaticly new she was it.See me and Lennon got married when we were eighteen,and now where nineteen with a terrific three-month-year old baby named Jenna.

"I can't wait till you get married to Lennon,it'll be terrific."But Riley didn't respond.I knew something was up she was hiding something from me.

"We're home!"I exclaimed walking in the home of my two parents,where Lennon and Jenna stayed why I was gone.My mom quickly came into the livingroom with a cell phone in her hand.

"My baby girl!"Mom said hugging Riley closely.

"Hi Mom."Riley responded.I walked into the kitchen where I found Manuello holding Jenna in his arms.I leaned over him kissing the baby on her forhead.

"Want to take her?"Manuello asked.

"I could."I replied taking the warm baby in my arms.


"I know Charlie,but I just don't know how to tell them."I whispered sitting all alone in my apartment.

"Well you have too Riley you know it too."Charlie snapped.

"But,I just don't know how my moms going to take it;or Clohe.What about Clohe Charlie?"I asked with tears in my eyes.

"You can do it Riley,I know you can."Charlie comforted."When are you going to tell them?"

"Soon.I promise."

"Okay,well its late and I'll talk to you later...I love you Riley."

"I love you too.Buh-bye."I logged into my username to hopefully see if Clohe was online,if she wasn't taking care of Jenna.


CloheLovesFam:Hey Riley what are you doin up???

RileysInLove:It's only 11:00 what about you?

CloheLovesFam:Jenna's not too happy:(


CloheLovesFam:She'll b fine

RileysInLove:Hope So!!!Sorry fur acting so weird today,I was just missing Charlie

ChloeLovesFam:Totally understandable!!!Is that a word???LolXD

RileysInLove:I'm not sure

CloheLovesFam:Ok so what is up with you,somethings up Riley,something ur not telling me...:0

Riley Appears Offline