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Kate stared at Sawyer as her mind to wrap around the fact that the lousy son of a bitch was standing right in front of her. She didn't have a chance to react though because she felt an iron grip on her arm. She turned to see Jack standing beside her. He looked relaxed and calm but his grip on her arm told her otherwise. She knew what Jack was capable of, he had killed for her. In her mind she knew Sawyer's minutes on earth were limited. She wasn't sure if she should be disturbed by the only thing bothering her about the idea of Jack killing Sawyer was she didn't want Jack to get in trouble.

"Introduce me to your friend." Jack said in a steely voice though Kate knew Jack knew this was Sawyer she went ahead and did it.

"Jack, this is my ex Sawyer. You know the one who tried to screw over Atid and then left me behind to work his debt off in the brothel." Kate said looking at Jack keep her voice light so as to not to draw too much attention to the trio. She wasn't sure what Jack was going to do so the less people to take notice of them the better.

"Freckles, I didn't leave you behind baby." Sawyer said giving her his charming grin which to Kate now seemed so sleazy.

"Oh and what are you doing in New Orleans then?" Kate asked bitterly.

"I couldn't get work in Thailand so I came here to make enough money to pay my debt and get you back." Sawyer explained knowing he could get Kate to forgive him, the only problem was who was this guy with her?

"That was months ago Sawyer" Kate spat out. She realized she was losing control so she pulled back and took a deep breath. "It doesn't matter though because I'm home now." She took a step closer to Jack, "I'm home and happy with Jack."

"What? This guy?" Sawyer said skeptically. "Come on baby don't be mad I was coming back for you I swear and this guy can't possibly give you half of what I can."

"What, like an std?" Kate asked and Jack had to stifle his chuckle, though he was furious and his mind was running with ideas of how to rid the world of this trash he didn't try to keep Kate from having her say in the matter. If she wanted to scream and berate Sawyer then he would let her, then he would kill the man.

"You never were very smart Sawyer," Kate said. "You're looking at Jack and you don't sense any kind of danger. That's why you spend most of your life on the run. You're like the stupid wildebeest that gets eaten by the lion because it has no clue what's going on around it."

"Listen here" Sawyer grabbed her arm but his grip didn't last long. Just as soon as Sawyer touched her Kate was gone and tucked safely behind Jack who was now in front of Sawyer. He had allowed Kate to have her fun, now it was his turn.

"You won't touch her again." Jack said coldly.

"Oh I won't?" Sawyer challenged. He was thrown when Jack gave him a slow and easy grin.

"I don't like it when people touch what belongs to me, and Kate is mine." Jack said. Normally Kate would roll her eyes and take offense to being talked about like a piece of property but she sure wasn't going to argue with Jack about that at this moment.

"You're kidding me?" Sawyer laughed with a tinge of nervousness. "Look man this is between Kate and me, I mean I get you two may be together but let's face it Kate and I have history and she always comes back to me so why don't you just sever all ties, save your time and efforts and run along."

Jack tilted his head to Kate. "Is your arm ok?" she nodded and held it up to see there were no marks left from Sawyer's grip. "Kate sweetheart why don't you explain to Sawyer what I did to the last man that touched you against your will."

"You killed him." Kate said lowering her voice slightly to not be overheard. Jack didn't seem to care if anyone heard him in fact he kept his eyes on Sawyer never looking away.

"What?" Sawyer asked slightly stunned. "You're fucking kidding me, you didn't kill anyone."

"He snapped his neck." Kate said. "It was horrible but the man was going to rape, torture and kill me. Jack saved my life. Oh and he rarely ever kids."
"What the hell have you gotten yourself into Freckles?" Sawyer turned his eyes to her. "Are you scared of this guy, is he keeping you against your will, I'll get you away from him if you want."

"He isn't keeping me against my will in fact when he suggested we go our separate ways I snapped and threw a temper tantrum. Nope I'm with Jack 100 percent. The only thing that has me worried Sawyer, is what he's going to do to you. You see we just got to New Orleans and I really love it here and I know if Jack kills you we will probably have to leave and I really don't want to leave." Kate said rubbing Jack's arm. She knew she sounded carefree and light but she really was terrified inside, she didn't want Jack to do anything that could cause himself harm.

"You've hooked up with a murderer, what has happened to you Kate?" Sawyer asked.

"Jack is not a murderer." Kate's eyes flashed. "He is a good and honorable man, something you would know nothing about. He killed a monster in order to save my life and his own. And you left me behind to be raped and abused by strangers. I got lucky though and Atid took pity on me and didn't make me turn tricks. I waitressed and all of my tips went to him. That was fine until he needed more of the money you owed him and then I was told I was going to have to start whoring myself out. I was blessed because Atid gave me away to a friend of his for my first time out, Jack. But Jack wasn't some creepy John, he didn't want sex from me, just to be left alone. I saw in him a man who I wanted to be with so I went with him and we're together now and thanks to him I never had to whore myself out for money not once. If Jack does kill you, or maybe I do it, no jury will ever convict when they learn about what you did. So don't you dare try to say anything against Jack's character." She was practically screaming so Jack took her by the arm and led her outside to get a breath of fresh air. Not knowing when to fold, Sawyer followed them out.

"I was coming back Freckles, I have almost all the money saved up. I was planning on getting the rest tonight and was going to leave in the next day to get you back." Sawyer insisted.

"Well you are a little late Sawyer, A psychopath shot up the place and killed practically everyone inside. I barely escaped with my life and wouldn't have if Jack hadn't been there." Kate said.

"Wait, Atid is dead?" Sawyer asked the wheels turning. "Baby that's great now I don't have to pay him the money and you and I can use it to…" he didn't get to finish the sentence because Jack's fist came out and smashed him in the face. Sawyer hit the pavement like a sack of potatoes. Kate had never felt so disgusted in her life; the man didn't care about what he did to her just that is debt was settled.

Jack knelt down and spoke darkly to the man. "The debts have been passed on to the Ruiz organization, they have taken over Atid's business. The guy Marco Ruiz who shot the place up is dead now for trying to hurt Kate but let me explain this to you he has brothers who are more vicious and cruel than Marco could ever be. They now own your debt and believe me they won't be as forgiving to you as Atid was. They will hunt you down, torture you in ways that you can't even begin to imagine and still make you pay the debt off. So I advise you get that money together real quick for them or you won't survive very long. And Sawyer you ever come after Kate again, or make her unhappy in any kind of way, you will wish the Ruiz boys got a hold of you before I do. Got it?" Jack asked. He didn't wait for an answer, he took Kate's hand and pulled her after him as he walked down the sidewalk.

His long legs took him in large strides and Kate had to practically jog to keep up with him.

"Jack slow down." She asked.

He came to a complete stop and she ran into him. "What the hell were you thinking being with a piece of shit like that?" he asked his voice harsh and angry. Kate understood he wasn't really angry with her but at the situation and probably the fact that he really wanted to kill Sawyer and didn't. So she chose to sooth him the best she could.

"Because I hadn't found you yet." She said simply. "You were the one I had been waiting for all of my life." Jack stared at her his eyes burning black. Jack leaned down and took her mouth hungrily. His tongue plundered her mouth with total domination.

He pulled away and gripped her hand. Minutes later they were in their hotel room. Jack didn't say anything but he checked the window and the locks.

"I don't think Sawyer followed us but I just want to be sure." He went over to his bag and pulled his gun out and set it on the nightstand.

"How did you get that through airport security?" she asked.

"It was in my suitcase so it wasn't like I could get access to it, that and I bribed security." he said with a grin and she rolled her eyes. "What? I love this gun." He said with a mock pout.

Kate looked around and sighed, "I can't believe we ran into Sawyer, hopefully he gets the point and leaves town, I don't want to ever see him again." She said. Jack walked over to her and turned him so they were facing each other.

"It doesn't matter if he stays or not, he won't be a problem any more." Jack said.

"You sound awfully sure of yourself." Kate said with a small smile.

"I mean what I said Kate." He said while he unbuttoned her top. "You belong to me and I protect what's mine. And tonight there is going to be no doubt about that."

"Tonight?" Kate asked with a moan when his hand moved inside the fabric to cup her lace clad breast.

"Tonight you are going to know that you are min, no questions asked. I noticed you took offense to that when I said it to sawyer, but too bad." He gripped her and kissed her deeply. Kate couldn't fight him if she wanted to. She wrapped her arms around his neck and let him make love to her mouth with his. He lowered her onto the bed and quickly stripped her of her clothes. When she was naked she watched as he undressed and she felt the moisture gathering between her legs at the sight of his naked body. He gave her an arrogant grin when he noticed her staring hungrily at his enlarged penis.

"See something you like?" he asked and she nodded licking her lips. He moved to the side of the bed and she sat up and took him into her hands. She stroked him lovingly and then licked his tip gently. She looked up to watch his expression when she took him into her mouth. She was rewarded as his eyes rolled back and he let out a groan of pleasure. Kate worked her mouth up and down him sucking and licking his every inch. She was amazed as he grew harder in her mouth. She massaged his balls and knew he was getting close. He pulled away from her and Kate let out a protest. She wanted him to come in her mouth.

Jack had enough messing around he hauled her onto the bed so her head was resting on the pillows. He stretched atop of her and Kate quickly spread her legs so he rested at her apex. Jack led himself to her entrance and before thrusting inside he could feel her heat and wetness and knew she was ready for him.

He gripped her chin and tilted it so she was looking at him.

"You're mine Kate" and with that he pushed deep inside her. Kate let out a moan as he penetrated her deeply. Jack swore she was so wet, tight and hot for him. It didn't matter how many times he took her she fit him perfectly. He pulled out so the head of his cock dragged across her entrance and he thrust back inside of her. Kate's legs lifted higher on his waist so that he sank deeper inside of her. Her nails dug into the muscles of his back and he pushed in and out of her. Kate tilted her head back to let out a cry of passion and Jack took advantage of the position to bury his face in her neck. He nibbled the sensitive skin her scent driving him into oblivion. Kate could feel her orgasm building so she thrust up against him hard and was rewarded by his moan of pleasure.

"Jack, oh god Jack" she moaned "I'm so close please oh fuck" she screamed as the waves of release washed over her body. The tightening of her internal muscles sent him over the edge and he gritted his teeth as his release exploded deep within her. They collapsed on the bed in a tangle of legs and arms. Kate held him close with her arms and legs loving how his weight was covering her like a warm blanket. They were both exhausted and they fell asleep in that position. Many times during the night, Jack woke her up by moving inside of her thrusting, sometimes slow and softly and other times hard and fast. Kate wasn't sure if they ever stopped making love the entire night as Jack stayed deep inside of her even when they were sleeping.

Kate awoke to feel Jack on top of her. She smiled he was still within her even though he was soft. The only time he had left her body the entire night was when he was changing their positions. There was no doubt in her mind that she belonged to him. She couldn't tell if Jack had been disturbed by seeing Sawyer in a jealous way, could he imagine Sawyer's words coming true and her going back to him? Never would that happen.

She sensed he was awake when she felt him harden inside of her. She smiled she was sore but had one more go in her. She stroked his hair and he raised his head and kissed her deeply as they rocked into a gentle rhythm that brought them both to a beautiful release. When they had recovered Jack looked at her.

"I'm sorry you are probably crushed and sore" he said. Kate shook her head.

"Don't be sorry. I loved sleeping with you while you were inside me, it was so wonderful." She stretched beneath him.

Jack slowly eased out of her and they both moaned. Jack lay on his side and stroked her belly and moved his hand down to cup her center. He didn't penetrate her just massaged.

"I think it's time for you to take a warm bath." Jack said.

"You are probably going to have to carry me to the bath, I don't know if I can walk." She said.

Jack looked at her, "Are you in hurting bad baby?" he asked.

"No just sore, I think I'm going to have to put a stop on sex for a day or two Jack, we've been making love non stop since we met. I think I need a break." She said stroking his hair.

"It will probably kill me but ok." Jack said with an impish grin, "Though I think making love to you with my mouth wouldn't be too bad." He said evilly.

Kate giggled and smacked his arm and then let out a loud laugh as he hauled her off the bed into his arms and carried her into the bathroom.


Sawyer stared up at the hotel he saw his Freckles enter with that guy. His mind was turning and spinning with ideas of how to get her back. He needed to get rid of this Jack character first. He went back over their conversation, from the night before. Jack had killed this Marco Ruiz and Sawyer's debt just happened to be owned by the Ruiz family now that Atid was dead. He wondered if they would go easy on his debt if he gave them information on the man who killed one of their family members. Bye Bye Jack and hello Kate. And they thought he was stupid. He smiled as he walked away from the hotel a smile on his face.

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