What can I say that would make you understand how fucking wonderful life was when Sapphire was back in it? As you know by now, I'm a skimmer.

Sapphire's parents were ecstatic to hear she was in New Jersey and everyone in Miami instantly came down as fast as they could.

But that still left three or so days for Sapphire and I to spend together, in various interesting ways.

Gerard went mental when he saw her. I swear I've never seen him so hyper. In return she was freaking out because she recognised him.

But when the others arrived, she didn't remember them. She didn't know Mikey beyond his name and something to do with a heater in a shower (I've got to ask her about that…). As for Ray and Bob, she was completely clueless. It was a depressing day, but she was determined to be friends with them again, she spent the entire time reforming ties.

Bob moved down to New Jersey without his dad's permission, and he and Ray moved in together, somewhere near us.

Kay's still in the Pit, but he's here nearly everyday. He's usually on something, but we love him nonetheless. Gerard and he get on ridiculously well.

As for Chamber, she's still in the Pit too, and hardly ever visits us, even though Sapphire goes to see her all the time. I hope she works out all right; she's a decent girl under the harsh black clothes exterior.

It's about a year on and Sapphire's at that creative college in town. I'm with her every second I can be, I hardly ever leave her side. And when I do, I kiss her like it's goodbye every single time. I've never felt so happy.

The band we formed ages ago has become the central focus of our group, we're always singing and playing these days, always together. And there's always doughnuts. We even got a name a while ago: My Chemical Romance.

I think it's great, because I feel I'm in a chemical romance with my love drug, Sapphire. Corny, but I've ceased caring. All I need is her and that's enough. Although she has some competition in Pansy.

On Sapphire's 18th birthday, her parents surprised her all by renting her an apartment in the same place as Bob and Ray and that's where we are now, lounging on the couch, eating pizza and watching Titanic. Gerard's in the kitchen, making something fatty and loaded with sugar. Mikey's trying to juggle balled up socks and Bob and Ray are asleep on the other couch, just as entwined as we are.

We're all in our Powerpuff PJs. As usual.

Only problem is, we've got a show in fifteen minutes.

"Holy fuck New Jersey, we're here!" screams Gerard, exploding onto the stage in his PJs, closely followed by me and Mikey, grinning our heads off as the lights hit our PJs. Ok, yes, we didn't have time to change, but not a problem.

"We are My Chemical Romance and you guys love us! That's Frank Iero with the Blossom, my little brother Mikey Way in the Bubbles, Ray Toro in Buttercup, alongside Bob Bryar in the same and I'm Gerard Way! Remember our names New Jersey because you'll be screaming them for years to come!" he promised into the mike, grinning dementedly as the lights make sweat break out over our excited bodies already.

"Everyone I want you to rip your lungs out for someone very special! She's the coolest girl in America and she's screwing that guy there!" yelled Gerard into the mike, pointing to me with an insane grin. He's so different onstage. I grin back, holding Pansy close and unable to keep the grin off my face. I glance into the side wings.

"Come on New Jersey! Scream for her! Scream for Sapphire!" ordered Gerard wildly, as the small club erupted in screams. Everyone knows her, everyone loves her, and everyone knows she's mine.

I can't stop grinning as she runs across the stage into my arms, the Blossom's on our clothes rejoined as she jumps at me, her beautiful black and blue hair spilling around her in waves. Every time I see her, she's even more wonderful. The club goes insane as I kiss her, nibbling on her lipring and she on mine, our tongue touching.

"We've got a little song for you all tonight, which we usually play last, but I'm gonna do it now, cos we just can. If you know it, sing it with us! It's changed a bit though! Just for Frank and Sapphire!" laughed Gerard into the mike and we all cheer. I don't know exactly how I managed it, but Sapphire jumped on my back and I held her there whilst playing my part, grinning happily as she kissed my ear, whispering the words along with me.

Words we'll always treasure.

"Hand in mine, into your sapphire blues!

And then I say to you, we can take to the highway!

With these trunk of ammunition too, I'd end my days with you!

In a hail of fucking bullets!

I'm trying! I'm trying! To let you know just how much you mean to me!

And after all the things we've put each other through!

I would drive onto the end with you!

A liquor store or two keeps the gas tank full!

And I feel like there's nothing left to fucking do!

But prove myself to you! And we'll keep it running!

But this time, I mean it! I'll let you know!

Just how much you fucking mean to me!

As snow falls on desert sky!


"I love you. I mean this," I tell her on the beautiful music.

"Forever," she promised back.