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"If I would've knew the girl next door would've been you, I would've been a little more kind to you…"Musiq; Aijuswanaseing (I Just Wanna Sing)

Lesson 1: Teach Her, Teacher!

"Thank you so much, sir." Nineteen-year-old Yagami "Kari" Hikari bowed her appreciation to the man sitting in chair at the desk in front of her. "I won't let you down. I'll pay everything on time, you have my word; and I…"

The handsome man who did not appear a day over twenty-one waved his hand and chuckled at the young, optimistic woman sitting before him. "There's no need to give me your word; I trust you completely." Ichijouji Ken shuffled through the stacks of papers that cluttered his desk. "Alright it looks like everything's set, just give me a minute to make copies of these for you, and I'll give you the keys so you can move into your new apartment."

Kari's hazel eyes brightened with excitement, thinking about her new apartment. "Thank you," she smiled.

"You're quite welcome." Ken rose to his feet and stacked the papers together. He also collected the deposit check Kari signed. "I'll be right back." He walked inside another room to make copies of the lease agreement to give Kari.

She could not hide her excitement. Kari was overjoyed and giggly all over. She wanted to shout to the heavens that she found an apartment all on her own. It was actually a one-bedroom flat was above a local restaurant She found out the owner of said restaurant was renting out the place, and Kari jumped at the first chance at owning her own home.

My family will be so proud! When she entered the small rent office she expected to find the restaurant owner, but instead she met Ichijouji Ken. He told her he and the restaurant owner were best friends, and that he handles the apartment for the entrepreneur. Kari was not going to complain; she was just happy to find a place on her own.

She decided to wait a year after she graduated high school before applying to college. Therefore, Kari lived at home and found a job working at a local market to save money. Now with school starting, she would be attending Satsuki College, and she did not want to live on campus in the dorms. Instead, she opted to rent her own place, not wanting to deal with the rules and regulations that came with living on campus. She wanted to feel more like a responsible woman.

Ken returned to his desk but did not sit down. Kari also stood. He handed her the copies of their lease agreement, along with two silver keys. "Enjoy your stay here, Miss Yagami."

"Thank you, again Mr. Ichijouji." She nodded her head and with one more smile, she turned and exited the office.

- - - - -

Kari opened the door to her flat and released a squeak of surprise. The apartment was completely furnished. Closing the door, she stepped inside of the living room, and her eyes widened at the blue décor. The sofa and love seat were dark, royal blue, matching the lamps on the cherry wood end tables and plush carpet. The coffee table was also cherry wood, and a tinted blue glass candy dish rested in the center, displaying a few caramel chews.

"Yum," Kari walked towards it and picked up the sugary treat from the dish. Opening the wrapper, she popped the candy into her mouth and sucked on it. She glanced at the expensive, colorful oil paintings that decorated the walls and nodded her appreciation.

"Hmm, nice." Walking around some more, she entered the small kitchen and noticed that everything was blue. There were blue countertops, blue and white linoleum floor, stove, and a blue refrigerator? Okay…obviously this person favors blue.

Kari's trail led her inside of the bedroom. "Not surprising, everything's blue." She walked towards the bed and relaxed against the goose-down comforter. "Ahh…so soft…and it saves me some money from buying furniture." She jolted upright finally realizing…

"Oh, no, I'm broke! I need to find a job first!" Placing the papers on the cherry nightstand, Kari clutched her handbag and exited the apartment. "My savings is only going to last for so long, and I don't have a job anymore." Locking the door, Kari pocketed the keys and headed downstairs. "Well, since I live above a restaurant now, the most logical place is to start there."

Stepping outside on the sidewalk, Kari took a few steps to her left and stood in front of, "Noodles, Noodles? That's it, that's a very unusual name." However, her heart filled with hope when she noticed the "Help Wanted" sign posted in the window. Opening the door with an air of confidence, Kari entered and immediately her confidence faltered.

Feeling her face heat from her oncoming blush, she noticed the waitresses were only wearing body-hugging baby tees with the Noodles, Noodles logo printed on them, black high-cut bloomers with the Noodles, Noodles logo printed on the seat, black fishnet panty hose, white sneakers, and a smile. Their uniforms matched the black and white interior of the restaurant.

She watched in horror when an exotic brunette took a male customer's order, and after she wrote it and began walking away, he swatted her backside. The waitress only grinned and proceeded with her task.

I gotta get outta here! Kari spun on her heel and touched the handle on the glass door. Before she could open it, she felt a hand on her shoulder. Facing the person behind her, Kari stared at an attractive woman who appeared to be in her mid-to-late twenties. She had long, dark maroon that was curled. Her face was free of any artificial cosmetics, displaying her natural beauty.

Kari blinked twice from the intense gaze the woman was giving her from those piercing brown eyes. She noticed the woman was not dressed like the waitresses in the restaurant. The woman wore a crisp, black, short-sleeved shirt with the Noodles, Noodles logo on the left breast pocket, khaki pants, and black work shoes.

Narrowing her eyes a bit, Kari read the nametag underneath the logo: Jun.

Motomiya Jun smiled at Kari and spoke. "You seem lost. Can I help you?"

"I um…" Kari toyed with her fingers and looked at her shoes. "I wanted to apply for a job here, but…" She gazed up again, and noticed the half-naked, large breasted women around the place. "But I don't think…"

Jun's laughter interrupted Kari's speech. "Oh, hon; don't you worry about that. It doesn't hurt to fill out an application. Come." She grabbed Kari's hand and led her behind the counter, past the kitchen where workers were preparing meals, and inside a tiny, corner office.

Kari sat in a metal chair in front of the small, cluttered desk. Jun rummaged through a forest green file cabinet, looking for the job application. "Ah, ha, here you go!" Placing the sheet in front of Kari, Jun handed the college student an ink pen. "Just fill this out for me, okay?"

Slapping her forehead, Jun cried, "How could I forget? I didn't even introduce myself. I'm Motomiya Jun, and I'm the manager here."

"Yagami Hikari." Kari whispered shyly. She picked up the pen and began to complete the application for employment.

Jun sat in her tattered, leather chair and studied the girl in front of her. She appears shy.

"I'm finished." Kari handed the application and pen to Jun, who accepted them.

"Why do you want to work for this company?" Jun asked her pointedly.

"Well…I…I just moved into my new apartment, and I need to afford a way to take care of myself. Plus I'm in school and you know college can be pretty expensive."

"I see," Jun nodded as she noted the appearance of the girl. She certainly was not dressed for an interview. Kari wore a thick, faded blue sweatshirt, jeans, sneakers, and her honey-colored hair was in a simple ponytail, displaying her classic features.

"You don't seem…comfortable here. Why?"

"Well, the waitresses are…" Kari felt her face warm from her blush, again. "I just don't think I…" sighing dejectedly, she said, "I'm sorry, I don't think I could wear that…that…" she trailed off, not completing her sentence.

"I understand." Jun nodded again. "Well, you don't have to worry because there are plenty of positions available here." Leaning forward and resting her elbows on the desk, Jun suggested, "We sure could use a hostess here. You seem like a nice enough girl; we need someone with a friendly and open personality to meet and greet guests, so how about it?"

Kari's eyes lit up for the second time that day with excitement. "Yes, yes," she nodded eagerly. "I can do that!"

"Then the job's yours." Jun smiled. "You'll have to wear a white dress shirt, black slacks, and black dress shoes. We'll discuss payment and the start of your employment. Are there any questions you'd like to ask me?"

Nodding, Kari asked, "Why are the waitresses dressed…like that…?"

Jun rolled her eyes and snorted. "Because my brother's an egotistical hentai, that's why. He's the owner of this place, but he's hardly ever here, so you don't have to worry about meeting him any time soon."

"Don't they get offended when the customer's…" Kari leaned forward and whispered, hoping no one would hear them. "…touch them?"

Jun had to hold her breath to keep from laughing aloud. She's so cute, and a bit naïve. "So far it's been peaceful. We haven't had any problems, yet; this place appeals to both men and women. The men come for the eye candy, and the women come for the food. I'm sure you noticed there were an equal number of men and women here when you stepped in, right?"

Kari only nodded.

"Our waitresses have the appeal to keep the men on their toes, and they also have the personality to be friendly, and open to the female guests. And that's exactly what we're looking for."

"I understand."

"Great." Jun stood and Kari followed suit. "I'll give you a little tour so you'll know where everything is. After that you can go. I expect you here first thing tomorrow morning at ten o' clock dressed properly, okay?"

"Yes." Kari nodded, again.

"We only serve lunch and dinner; no breakfast." Jun explained. "We open at eleven in the morning and we close at ten o' clock at night. Come with me and I'll show you around."

Before they could leave however, a tall, muscular figure stood in the doorway, blocking their escape. Jun scowled, and Kari stared in awe. She did not need Jun to tell her about the identity of the mysterious man. She already knew this man was her brother.

He possessed the same thick, maroon hair like Jun's, except it was messy in a sexy way, and a few bangs fell forward, covering parts of his face, giving him a mysterious appearance.

He wore a tailor-made gray blazer, with the collar up, a white dress shirt that hung casually outside of his pants. The top four buttons were undone, exposing his neck and a bit of his naturally tanned chest. He stuffed his hands in his black, tailor-made slacks, and crossed his ankles, showing-off a pair of expensive, black, patent leather dress shoes.

Jun's brother casually leaned against the doorjamb not smiling, appearing extremely cool and confident. When those piercing brown eyes glanced in her direction, Kari felt her insides turn to mush. He looked like he just emerged from the pages of GQ. Never in her life has Kari seen a more handsome man.

Unknowingly breaking the tension in the air, Jun reached for her brother's arm and dragged him inside of the office. "Davis, I have someone I'd like you to meet."

Ah, so the GQ model has a name.

"Davis, this is Yagami Hikari," Jun motioned her hand in Kari's direction.

"Please, everyone calls me Kari." Kari told them.

"That's fine, Kari." Jun agreed. "And this is my annoying little brother Motomiya Daisuke. Everyone calls him Davis."

Little? Kari noticed that Davis stood almost a half meter above Jun. She would never have assumed Jun to be the oldest. There is nothing "little" about him!

Greeting Davis with a bow, Kari said, "It's nice to meet you, Davis."

"Uh, yeah…likewise…" Davis replied a bit uneasily, looking at Kari with his brow rose.

Kari became confused from his response.

"How was Australia? I didn't expect you back so soon." Jun casually made conversation, completely forgetting about Kari for the moment.

"It was hot. But I'm back in town for good this time." Davis replied, never taking his eyes off Kari.

"Well, that's good to hear." Jun cheered. "So, are you planning…"

"Jun, who is this girl," Davis interrupted his sister to remind her of the strange girl in their office.

Gasping, Jun wrapped her arm around the nervous college student. "I'm so sorry, Kari. I completely forgot. It's been almost a year since I've last saw my brother."

"There's no need to apologize. I understand." Kari softly replied.

"Davis, Kari's going to be working with us! She's our new hostess!"

Davis inspected the girl's worn, faded clothing and frowned disapprovingly. He did not share the same optimism as his sister.

"I see, well, thank goodness she's not a waitress."

At that moment, Kari wanted to vanish in the air and cry from humiliation.

- - - - -

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