The Magic of Cats

When the Conjuring Cat meets the Conjuring girl…

Chapter 1- Lynn

Lynette Armestein Rogers trudged down the uninviting sidewalk to her house. She lived just a bit off of the main street, in a small, quiet neighborhood. Filled with old ladies.

And their cats.


Just the thought of cats made Lynn sneeze.

Lynn was terribly allergic to just about everything. But most of all, cats. Her mother made sure she didn't go near any cat. Of course, Lynn was well aware that if she went near a cat she would break out into a horrible allergic reaction.

The sidewalk was completely deserted. Lynn was the only person making the long trek back to their home.


"AHHHH!" Lynn jumped back and grabbed onto her hat. She held it tight.

"You still wearin' that hat? You wore the thing yesterday!" Standing next to her was none other than the notorious school bully, Jake Allen.

"What? You got another bad hair day?"

"Leave me alone. My hat's my business, not yours. So why don't you shove off?" Lynn snapped back, still holding tight onto the hat.

"Take off that hat right now, or else…" Jake pulled out a white puffball from his backpack.

It took Lynn only a second to realize what it was.


Lynn jumped away from Jake. She raised one hand to her mouth.

The little kitten mewed, it sounded hurt.

"Found this thing while I was walking home. I started to beat the thing but then I realized it might have some use. Now give your hat!" Jake chuckled.

"You monster!" Lynn didn't wait for an answer.

She gave him a swift kick to the groin.

Jake let out a groan and slammed into the ground.

The little kitten wiggled its way out of Jake's grasp. It walked over to Lynn and sat and stared at her for a long time.

"Go home little kitten. Your owner's probably worried sick about you." Lynn slowly scooted away from it.

Suddenly the kitten ran up to Lynn and began to rub her head against her leg. It purred in delight. Lynn thought to herself.

Maybe I should pet it. I have gloves on, so I guess it wouldn't hurt.

Lynn reached down to pet it when suddenly a loud meow was heard from behind. The little kitten lifted up its head and scampered off.

Lynn turned around to see a silver and black tabby waiting at the end of the street. The little kitten bounded up to it. It rubbed its head against the tabby and waited by its side.

The tabby gazed at Lynn. It nodded its head and walked off with the kitten right behind it.

Lynn gasped. The cat had acknowledged her! It nodded its head at her.

"I must be sick." Lynn mumbled to herself. She dashed off towards her house.

"Cats don't acknowledge you. Cats can't thank you. Cats can't nod their head, pleased. Cats aren't human." Lynn repeated to herself over and over. But somehow, it just wasn't sinking in.

When she got to her house, Lynn threw opened the door, rushed into the bathroom, threw herself into the shower, and turned on the hot water. In her haste she had forgot to take off her clothes.

"Oh…" Lynn groaned, now soaking wet with damp clothes on. She threw off her shirt, pants, and underwear and threw it into the hamper. Carefully she took of her hat and sat it on her bedpost. "I hope it dries."

Lynn got back into the shower and began to rinse herself off. The warm water helped calm her nerves a little.

The door to the bathroom opened and none other than Lynn's mom walked in.

"I don't even get a 'hello' anymore?" Her mom joked.

"Sorry. I kind of don't feel so well." Lynn answered.

"What's wrong? You sound like something happened."

"Had a run in with the school bully. And I think I might be catching a cold."

"I'll get you some medicine if you'd like."

"Nah, I think I'll be fine. I'm 15; I can take care of myself."

A long, awkward silence followed.

"Today would have been your father's birthday." Lynn's mom sighed.

Lynn looked painfully at the ground.

Her father had run off before she was born. He gave her mom no notice and one night, at the darkest hour, he got up and left. He left all of his things behind, including his baby daughter…

"Oh Dewy…" Lynn heard her mother choke. The next thing she heard was the sound of a door softly closing.

Lynn shook her head and turned off the water. She slipped into her pajamas and walked into her bedroom.

She lay down on her soft, comfortable bed in the corner of her room.

"Stupid Jake." She mumbled to herself. "If he hadn't of stopped me, none of this would have happened."

"I wish…I wish I could make people disappear."

With that she closed her eyes and went to sleep. The vision of the silver, tabby still in her mind.

Author's Note: This is my first Cats fanfic. All your favorite cats will be coming soon. I hope you'll keep reading!