Chapter 6- Jennyanydots vs. Lynn

Lynn shielded her eyes from the sun as she exited the pipe. A second later Misto popped out. He took a minute to brush off his fur and then he looked at Lynn.

"Do you get it yet?" he asked.

Lynn began to stretch all of her limbs. She was glad to be able to move them again, after Misto's little display of his powers.

When she was done she turned her attention back to Misto. "No."

Misto groaned. "Okay, let's go over this again. Magic is a very special gift. Only a handful of creatures have it. I was the first of the Jellicles to have magic; hence I am the original conjuring cat. I have a vast array of abilities I obtained from years of practice. Some magic surfaces when a person is under extreme emotional stress, in your case it was the fear of being beaten up by the school bully. It will take a while but I believe I can teach you how to master your powers. Would you be willing to do this?"

Lynn thought long and hard about this. The cloaked guy told her that Misto could take her power away. But Misto's display of powers had intrigued her. It made her want to learn more and more, like some unquenchable thirst.

"Yeah," Lynn answered nonchalantly. "I'm willing."

Misto smiled that smug little smile of his. "Glad to hear it. I am the best of the best when it comes to magic."

"You are the most egotistical jerk I have ever met." Lynn growled.

"Wait until you meet Tugger, then try to tell me that." Misto examined his paw.

"Who is Tugger, anyway?" Lynn asked. Misto started to laugh.

"He's a riot. He is, as you would put it, the most egotistical jerk you will ever meet. Trust me, when you meet him, you'll know it's him." Misto giggled.

"He's that obvious?" Lynn inquired.

"He's that obvious."

Lynn gasped out loud. That was Misto's voice…

But his mouth didn't move!

Misto laughed a hearty laugh. "Sorry I scared you. You'll have to excuse me, the last time I did that I made Skimbleshanks scream like a little girl."

"How did you do that?" Lynn gaped.

"Telepathy. All people who have magical powers can use it. Give it a try. All you have to do is picture the person you want to send the message to and then think what you want to say." Misto explained.

"Like this?" Lynn thought.

"Yes! You catch on quick. I'm quite impressed." Misto beamed at his pupil. "If we have anything important to say to each other we should use telepathy. I'll tell some information about the other cats you meet. Plus it's much safer than talking if we should happen to run into some trouble."

"Well, let's hope not." Lynn sighed. "I should probably go and meet some of the other cats. It would seem rude if I just hung around you all the time."

"Go right ahead." Misto said. "I'll tag along, just incase…"

"Just incase?" Lynn asked, a little worried.

"Something should happen." Misto clarified. "I doubt it will though."

Lynn nodded her head and began to wander the junkyard.

It was empty for the most part. A little further ahead Lynn could see a crowd of cats, but she couldn't make out any distinct figures. She headed toward the crowd of cats.

Suddenly someone grabbed her arm!

Lynn shrieked. She whirled around to see the tabby cat from before, Jenny. Behind her stood the orange cat with the funny blue vest and an older, white female cat. They were all glaring at her menacingly.

"I can see right through you girl." Jenny hissed between her gritted teeth.

"Huh?" Lynn was absolutely shocked. "Misto, what's going on?"

"No idea." Was the response.

"I know you came here to try to take us away." Jenny accused.

"I have no idea what you're talking about." Lynn was completely confused.

"It's the reason all of you humans come to the junkyard. You're nothing more than bad news! Stay away from our kittens…or else!" Jenny threw Lynn onto the ground.

"You've got it all wrong. I wouldn't hurt your kittens. I saved one for crying out loud! And I have no intention of taking any of you home or starting trouble or anything else you think I might try to do!" Lynn retorted.

"We'll see about that." Jenny turned to her companions. "Let's go."

Lynn watched as the three older cats left in the direction of the crowd.

The cat with the blue vest whispered something into Jenny's ear. Lynn was able to hear it.

"Don't you think you were a little harsh on her? I mean she hasn't done anything yet."

Jenny shook her head. "Whose side are you on: hers or mine?"

Skimble turned his head to look at Lynn. He mouthed the word sorry and turned back around.

Misto sprinted to Lynn's side, grabbed her hand, and helped her up.

"Are you okay?" Misto asked. Lynn nodded her head, but Misto could tell she was upset.

"I'm sorry about that. Jennyanydots doesn't like new people in the junkyard. She thinks they'll try to stir up trouble. But she'll warm up to you, in time." Misto comforted.

"Who were the other cats?" Lynn asked.

"The white cat is Jellylorum. She's one of the older queens in the junkyard. She's Jenny's best friend; the two are inseparable. She not fond of very many people, it usually takes a lot to get her to like you.

"The orange cat is Skimbleshanks, the railway cat. He's Jenny's mate, if that doesn't surprise you any. He doesn't like mischief, disturbances, hilarity, or riot. But he's very reliable, nonetheless. Hey…"

"What?" Lynn looked up at Misto.

"Your hat's ruined, it's all torn up." Misto sighed apologetically. Suddenly his face lit up. "Hold on."

Misto snapped his fingers and a new hat appeared on the ground next to him. Lynn went to reach for it. Suddenly, she realized Misto was being pulled down with her.

They had been holding hands the entire time!

Lynn immediately retracted her hand. She was so embarrassed. How couldn't she have noticed that?

Lynn picked up the hat Misto had created for her. It was black with one white stripe around the middle. She took off her old hat, which was blue with yellow stripes (something her mother had made for her), and quickly placed the new one on.

Misto, who was busy looking at the clouds, didn't even notice her put it on.

"How do I look?" Lynn asked.

Misto examined Lynn. "Fine. I'm glad it fits."

Misto began to lick the paw Lynn had been holding. "What's that for?" Lynn wondered.

"I was cleaning it, you might have gotten some of your human germs on me." Misto stated.

"You lousy, rotten…" Lynn fumed. Misto began to giggle.

Perched on top of a mound, overlooking the chaos stood a figure submersed in shadow.

"What can you tell me about her?"

"Well sir, 'er name's Lynn. She rescued Victoria from a crazy 'uman."

"An' de best par' is she can do magic!"

"Another conjurer, eh? This makes things very, very interesting…"