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~Chapter 1~

Iwai Takuto held the worn piece of charcoal between his index finger and thumb –comforted by the familiar sensation of the soft powdery feel of the stick, just firmly enough so that it would not fall out of his hand, but lightly enough so that the burnt black path on the page was airy and not oppressive to his simple sketch.

He had done this so often that he almost needn't look at the page; for it seemed to him as though his very hands had eyes enough to know their own position on the paper, and each stroke of the charcoal was placed with utmost acuity.
For as long as he could remember, he had always had a tremendous talent for any kind of art.
Or so he was always told.

While he usually stuck with still life or depictions of nature –flowers in particular, the object of this particular drawing was Shinomiya Kouji, captain of the archery club and head of the dorms.

To Iwai, Shinomiya was, in every aspect, a beautiful person. And he was never more so than when he was holding the bow and arrow together, poised to aim with a deadly perfection.
This profile of Shinomiya always held Iwai breathlessly captivated; eyes glued with rapt attention to the others form.

Today was no different as his hand stopped and moved of its own accord, regardless of how its owner was more involved in watching the muscles in Shinomiya's forearms and how they tensed sharply as the bowstring was brought back along with the feathered end of the arrow.
Iwai had a methodology to how he studied Shinomiya when he was practicing archery. He would always watch those strong forearms first, then he would let his eyes travel upwards to the clenched muscle of Shinomiya's jaw, watching further as the others eyebrows drew close in concentration over the ceaselessly dark and calculating eyes.

When the arrow was ultimately shot loose across the distance of the yard, impaling itself deeply and soundly upon the middle of the target, Iwai would release a shaky breath in correspondence to Shinomiya's own stance which relaxed by varying degrees.
There was something in watching Shinomiya practice, and watching that arrow fly and embed itself into its target so assuredly that Iwai found exhilarating.
So much so that he usually lost himself in the moments afterwards.

He was jostled out of his thoughts by Shinomiya's measured voice, and at which Iwai looked up sharply, seeing that the object of his intense scrutiny had somehow moved and was no longer in position to fire another arrow, but was, in fact, calmly standing in front of him.

Embarrassed, and with a rush of scrambled paper and hands he hastily shoved the charcoal sketch into his bag; hoping that the rough movement had not damaged the paper any.

"I-I'm sorry Shinomiya." He was stuttering, he always became so much more awkward with the other during conversation, and so with increasing embarrassment and discomfort he knew that his familiar pointless apology was only going to cause Shinomiya to chuckle at his already doubtlessly flustered exterior.

"Sorry for what Iwai?" Shinomiya paused, grinning only slightly at the other.

"I'm done with practice for today. You should head back and get something to eat – I'm sure that you didn't have breakfast again this morning, am I right?" He repositioned his bow to the crook of his arm as he began loosened his obi.

Iwai could feel his face glowing in a new embarrassment. Shinomiya and the King were always checking up on him to make sure that he had eaten as his health wasn't all that great. So it was with trepidation and guilt that he avoided Shinomiya's imploring eyes as he answered the inquiry.

"…Sorry, I-I forgot again". He winced, hand gripping his bag tighter as he heard Shinomiya sigh, as he always did when Iwai confirmed the other's suspicions.

"Iwai," Shinomiya paused, reigning in his frustration before continuing, "I am going to change and when I get back to the main building I had better find you in the cafeteria, in line, ordering something. If I don't," He gave Iwai a knowing look, "I will drag you there myself and make you eat – don't think that I won't." He paused, picking up the remainder of his archery gear before turning back to Iwai, who stood with head bowed apologetically. "Besides, the King is always at the cafeteria; he'll make sure that you get something good".

Iwai nodded in mute acceptance of the others words. He was used to Shinomiya's threats and subsequent reassurances to lessen the harshness – which is what Iwai perceived Shinomiya thought his threats were. Honestly, Iwai didn't blame the other for mother-hening him at times; he knew that it had become second nature for the other to be concerned over someone as Shinomiya was used to taking care and watching over his younger brother who had cardiac problems.

So it was with a soft smile as he shrugged his bag up onto his shoulder that Iwai confirmed that he would head to the cafeteria after depositing his art supplies in his room.

"Don't worry, I will go." Iwai said again as he let himself out of the gate before heading back up towards the dorms.

Shinomiya sighed heavily as he watched Iwai leave the archery grounds before making his way into the locker-room area.
He really hoped that Iwai would learn to take better care of himself; he understood that the other often lost himself in his work, but in his opinion it often went too far and happened too often to be safe.

Shinomiya sighed again, he was only a little unnerved by how much he worried for the quiet artist at times but, as he stepped out of his hakama, he admitted that he just couldn't help it when it came to Iwai Takuto.