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" Shi - Shinomiya! "

Iwai had cried out, sitting up quickly, face bright red.

But the answer he recieved was a devilish smile from Shinomiya, who continued to press further, Fingers curling
around soft hardend flesh.

Iwai bent forward, resting his sweatedy forehead upon Shinomiyas shoulder.
Breathing Heavily.

" Shi - "

" Trust me Takuto. "

Iwai turned his head further into Koujis shoulder, Balling his fist against Shinomiyas torso, as he attempted to quell the sounds that were gathering in his throat.

With his un-occupied hand.
Shinomiya unfastened Iwais pants.

Button first.

Zipper second.

But having trouble hauling them down off Iwais slim hips, and lean legs, abandoned his comfortable grip on Iwai underneath the security of his Boxer shorts, and let it assist
his other hand in removing the clothing.

He could feel the heat radiating from Iwai, warm and sticky against his shoulder.

He trailed his hands along Iwais sides, earning himself a gasp from the slender boy as he gave a slight shiver.

Turning his head into the top of Iwais , Shinomiya smirked, mumbling incoherent words into the soft grey.

He felt Takuto relax against him, as his hands trailed along the pale flesh - a sensual message.

But while iwai was content with light touches. He was not.

Daring once again, those hands sneaked downward.

Down the lightly muscled back. Further still until they disappeared once again beneath the fabric.

Iwai gasped as he felt Shinomiya squeeze him gentley. He had to quell himself from squirming out of Shinomiyas grasping fingers
and to let himself instead, enjoy the minstrations.

Shinomiya on the other hand was being thouroghly careful not to hurt Iwai, but it was hard. The more his hands lingered
the more he wanted to just rush into it.
But didnt.

He felt Iwai shift in his arms, before the voice laiden with embarrassement choked out.
" Its alright Shinomiya."

And with those words said, Shinomiya removed the rest of his own clothing.
Before he could even begin to remove Iwais remaining clothing.
A tentative hand reached out shyly, and touched him.

A simple touch.
But one that sent a river of hot molten lave coursing through him.

While his mind was lost in his own sensual bliss, he was reverted back to a decent state of mind when Iwais hand left him.

He shiverd. The loss of touch pained him. But he opened his eyes, aware that Iwai was looking at him intently.

He in turn reached out and trailed his finger tips along Iwais heated flesh, leaving goosebumps in their wake.

Then swiftly he removed Iwais boxer shorts, revealing a part of Iwai hed never seen.
He didnt leave enough time for Iwai to be shocked, but gentley reached out and clasped his hand around Iwais ascended member.

Iwai gave no objection but instead let a amorous moan escape.

This Shinomiya was content with, for the mean time.
But he was astounded when Iwai lifted his head up with his slender fingers and kissed him.

Iwai although thoroughly embarrassed by all means, was enjoy the pleasurable kiss & few friendly strokes.
Takuto began to return the gentle favour back to Shinomiya.

But soon small touches became agonizing, and they gave up prolonging the act.
As his hands rushed over his torso and legs, Iwai was reclined further down unto the bed, before he felt a heavy pressure on his
waste as Shinomiya straddled him.

He watched dumbly as Shinomiya wet his own fingers, and reached behind him. Positioning carefully and probing in lightly.

Iwai gave a silent scream at the intrusion.
Unknowing if the action was normal or...
But none the less; as Shinomiya probed deeper, the more he whimperd.

Shinomiya comforted Iwai gentley as he continued his 'examination'

Iwai after time began enjoying the sexual minstrations, and even began to rock gentley.

Shinomiya pleased with his preparations, discreetly reached for the bedside drawer, removing the contents that he wanted.
Applied a genorous amount to all needed parts without much acknowledgement on Takutos part.

But as he removed his fingers from Iwai - he heared Iwai give an audible groan of displeasure.

He smirked to himself.
Gentley he eased himself into position, and when ready, eased himself inside.
He almost gave over to his animalistic instinct, but quelled his quivering muscles to hold himself still for Iwai.

When he felt Iwais body relax around him, he moved tentativley forward.
And with no other state ment of pain from Iwai, continued to move.

Iwai gripped tightly unto Shinomiya.
The pain on first was almost excruciating but the gentleness and concern Shinomiya was showing him, eased away the brunt of it away.

Shinomiya placed gentle kisses upon Iwais shoulder quietly made his way up to Iwais gasping mouth.

Loving that mouth with his own, he caressed the smaller body with his hands.

With a final kiss on Iwais lips, before he focused the rest of his attention to his minstrations below.

Iwai felt like the world had come to an end.
The pain had become unbearable pleasure that was shoving him to the edge quickly.

The feel of Shinomiya inside him, hitting 'that spot', is what sent spots before his eyes and violent shivers down to his toes and along his spine.
The tender kisses Shinomiya adorned him with, finally drove him past the edge into unknown bliss.

Shinomiya felt Iwais crossing from the known territory, into the cosmic bliss.

Knowing also that Iwai was able to reach the pinacle of pleasure because of him, gratified him into his own state of Euphoria.


Shinomiya lay contentedly next to Iwai like a sleeping leopard.
His arm drapped heavily across Iwai.
A soft sigh escaped his lips as he curled closer to his lover.

Iwai gingerly rolled over into Shinomiys arms, curling around him also.
He grasped with trembeling hands, Shinomiys own, which rested up by his head.

He explored Shinomiyas palm, feeling the roughness caused by calluses.
The same hands that had earlier caressed him. Rememebering those touches brought the first blush to Iwais face hed had in hours.

He laughed as he realised, despite those circumstances, he hadnt found the time to actually blush.
Shinomiya drew him closer, with an awakening sigh.

"...Im sorry Takuto. I...I couldnt help it. It just - " Shinomiya had begun apologising as he propt himself up next to Iwai.

" Dont apologize. T-there is nothing really be sorry for." Iwai explained caressing Shinomiyas hand.

" I love you Iwai Takuto. I really do. "

Iwai blushed " I - love you too, Shinomiya Kouji."
Both lovers nestled down into the duvet next to each other again.

Shinomiya had his strong arms wraped around Iwais middle.
The calloused hands massaging gentley.

" I could stay here like this all day..but I have to get to dorm duties." Shinomiya smiled, reluctantly releasing his hold on Iwai.

" mn..alright" Takuto mumbled, falling asleep again.
Still smiling, Shinomiya slipped from under the duvet.

Iwais sleepy eyes never left Shinomiyas muscled form.
He blushed as his eyes picked out four long red scratches on each shoulder.

I did...that.

" Ill bring you up something to eat later. - Bye " Shinomiya stated as he peaked around the corner.

Iwai gave a non-enthusiastic wave before sleep took hold.


Takuto awoke almost ten minutes later, and discreetly rolled out of bed.
He almost flopped back down, when he made the move to stand.
There was pain that shot up along his spine.

He sighed. Stupid Kouji.
grumbling as he painfully laboured his way to the bathroom.

As lazy soap-suds drifted down the drain, so did Iwais thoughts

Tommorrows laundry day...Good. He had thought about his soiled sheets in remorse.
Hed get Shinomiya to get him another set for tonight.

He dressed himself in a loose flannel shirt and Pajama pants. And towled his hair dry, before sitting on the bed.

Then wordlessly and as fast as he could, made his way over to his art supplies.
Easle, canvas, paints , brushes...

Iwai spread some colours out, before methodically he began painting.

Not a scenery .. But of a figure hed sketched in secret so many times.

Poised in a perfect stance, aiming an arrow.

Before letting it fly.

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