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"Congrats dear Kisha!" exclaimed my mother, Misha.

"Mommy, will I be able to meet daddy?" I asked and I wish I didn't. The smile she had on her face left, replacing a deep frown… "Just don't Kisha," was all she could say.

I quickly spread out my pink wings. Somehow I hated them. Every angel had a pair of white wings, mine had to be pink. Mom told me it was because of my being born. I was born from an angel and a human. Everyone always treats me differently. What's so wrong about loving a human? Oh well. I had to officially become angel and I had to leave to an office now. "Bye mom…"

She kissed me on the forehead, "Bye and become a full-fledged angel!"

I smiled from ear to ear, "I will!"

And I flew with my crappy pink wings.

Somehow… I was lost. I walked all over the hallways, but it seemed I was getting lost even more. I looked around frantically, searching someone to help me. Then I saw a really hot guy. He had that cold sexy look and dark ravishing sapphire hair. And damn it-- he had white wings! He examined me and said sexily, "Hey there…" he was cut short when he saw my pink wings, "Pink wings? HAHAHAHAHA!"

Okay… I know pink wings may be unusual to normal angels, but I never knew they were this unusual…

I clenched my fist tightly, "SHUT UP!" I screamed. He stopped laughing. I… suddenly started crying.

"Whoa, whoa, don't need to go there! To make it up to you, can I treat you to something?" He asked slyly.

"No, I just need to know where the office is…" I said calmly. He started his fits of laughter. He pointed behind me. I turned around and felt really embarrassed… IT WAS BEHIND ME!?

"I gotta go!" And I ran!

"Hope we meet again!" He yelled after me. I turned with a fumed face, "I HIGHLY doubt it!!"

He left with a satisfied smile. I sighed and went up to the lady.

"Welcome new angel, Kisha! You will start right away and this is your person," The lady said. She handed me a piece if paper and I looked at the photo.

It was a boy my age, with sun-blonde hair. And he had the most beautiful emerald eyes.

"Oh, and since you are a beginner, you will have a partner… his name is Roy…" and he came out and was surprised to meet me again.

He smiled, "Why hello partner, we meet again!"

It was the end of the world! He was my partner!?


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