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"Brandy ?" ,Sheena called. She was looking for her friend Brandy.Sheena has brown hair and has natural highlights of dark and light,orange and light red that when in the right light you can see it. Just like the orange. The red though looks, like its dark pink(sorta like maroon or cranberry). She has brownish-greenish eyes, high cheekbones with natural blush. Her body was thin but it did have some mussels (F.Y.I. her body isn't anorexic thin just thin)Sheena is 5'2 ¾ and weighs 117 Lbs. She is 16 y.old.She also loves ice cream, strawberries,and cats(&kittins).She is kind caring loyall and wories easily and when it comes to her friends she wories more.Sheena is a good cook sewer clothes maker and good at panting.She has low self esteam and is verry shy so her friends try to help her.She loves alot of colors.

"I'm over here Sheena." Brandy replied.She had freckles and pail skin(like most ginger kids…SOUTH PARK RULES!) She has a more muscular toned body then SheenaBrandy is 5'3 ½ and weighs 119 Lbs. She is 15 y.old.She loves peachs, foxs,and pizza.Brandy loves herself more than anyone else.She is not shy and is verry peverted.She dosen't do much exepet eat pizza and peachs and rambels on & on about foxes.She also likes to show it (if you catch my drift if not show body).She trys to make Sheena be more "outgoing".She likes the color silver,red,and black.Her hair is strait on top and curly underneath.It's reddish-ornage with some brown.Her eyes are blue.

"Are you sure we should be out here with that rapiest running around?"

" What are you so worried about?"


"What ? I decided to go skinny dipping instead."


"I think you know the answer to that. Now get naked. You're going skinny dipping too."

"NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!", and with that the chase was on.

Sheena ran tell she found a tree to climb to hide from Brandy.

"Hello Sheena." ,someone said in a ire voice.

"AHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!", and with that Sheena fell out of the tree.

"Whats going on here ?"came a voice from out of no were.

The girls looked up to see to guys. One with red hair and green eyes. The other with blue hair four spiked sea green bangs and blue eyes.

"Who are you?"asked Sheena.

Red head went first "I'm Kurama and that's Touya." Kurama replied pointing to the blue haired one.

"I'm Sheena and that's brandy the one hiding in the bush .Nice to meet you."


"So why is Brandy behined a bush?"Touya asked

"Because she was going to go skinny dipping so she's naked.In fact i'm surprized that she hasn't come out yet."Sheena replied

Earth tremers start.

"WHATS THAT?!?!?"Brandy asked with her bathing suite back on.

"I don't know."Kurama and Touya say at the same time.

The tremers turn into a earthquake.

"AAAHHHHHH!!!!!!!!"Sheena and Brandy screamed.

Then theres a flash of white light.


Sheena woke up.She notieced that it was coolder in her room then normal.It also felt like someone was in her bed with her.Asumming that is was Brandy she started turing over so she see Brandy and while doing so she spoke in a agrivated tone,"Brandy get out of my bed before I-"she cut herself of when she seen that it wasn't Brandy.No.This isthe same person from her dream.The one with the blue hair and eyes.He seemed to have been awoke when Sheena was talking.Her bed sheets wher just barley covering his waist but it was still so low Sheena could tell that he was naked.She sat up quikley causing her bed to squeak as always.She jumped off her bed and sreamed.Then she heared Brandy scream.She ran out of her room and meet Brandy in the hallway."WHAT THE FUCKING HELL IS GOING ON HERE?!?!?!?"Brandy shouted."I DON'T KNOW! ALL I KNOW THAT THERES A NAKED GUY IN MY ROOM!"Sheena screached"THERE A GUY IN MY ROOM NAKED TOO!!!!!"

"Why are you yelling?"(touya)

"Yeah whats going on ?"(kurama)

Brandy and Sheena looked at the sorses of the voices.Down the hall right in frunt off them was a boy blue hair and one with red hair both naked.Instead of ansering they covered there eyes and Brandy said"Nice bods but""you know we wouldn't mind them being covered ethier"Sheena finished.They looked down and blushed 48 shades of red and ran back into the rooms and came out with blankets around thier waists."So who are you guys?" Sheena asked, "I'm Touya."said the blue haird one."And i'm Kurama.Who are you?""I'm Sheena.""And i'm Brandy.""Nice to meet you Brandy."Kurama said with a bow.""It's a pleasuer to meet you Miss Sheena."touya said while placing a gentle kiss on the top of her hand.Sheena 40 shades of red."Well, someones blushing."Brandy said in a sly tone."OH, SHOVE IT BRANDY!"Sheena replied in a angered and emmbarest tone.

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