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Now let's see how Jin fairs during a normal day during mating season!

-Wakey Wakey!-

Blankets shifted and moved somewhat like a worm trying to move through dirt. They would settle only for a moment before they would move again. Then somewhat like one of those tiny miracles that you hear on the news, you know the ones that you don't really care about unless it involves you some way, a tiny puft of red cherry pie colored hair peeked out above the twisted sheets. And then a small white horn peeked out quiet in contrast to the red hair. A groan escaped from the mass of the cherry pie haired creature. Then he sat up, yet another small miracle for the creature. He hopped out and off of his bed only to have the sheets and blankets wound around his ankles making his face kiss the floor good morning. He lied there for a moment contemplating whether or not to just lay there and sleep the wretched hormone filled day away. But the he decided food was more important than a horrid attempt to sleep. He tried to kick the blankets off of his feet but had to push them off only to realize he had no pants, underwear or undergarment to speak of on at all.

'Holy Mother of Jesus how much did I drink to loose my pants?' the man thought to himself.

As he walked down stairs he tried to remember the night before. So far he only got to the barbecue sauce and leaving the house…

" Good morning Jin!" A soft voice said. He looked over and saw Sheena sitting at the counter alone.

"Morning lass, eh wher' is everyone?"

"We're the only ones up."

"Wha' time is it?"

"Only about 9:00 o'clock."

"Eh don't mean tah send a odd question yur way but where and when did I go last night?" a small amount of hope was in Jin that maybe she knew why he woke up without pants and not that far into detail. Sheena looked at him funny,

"Jin you don't remember?"

"Remember what?"

She looked at him angrily, "We had sex you moron!" She said rather loudly.

"WHAT! HOLY SHIT TOUYA IS GOING TO KILL ME!" Jin had a look of horror anf fear upon his face for Touya would slaughter him.

"Relax Jin I was just messing with your head." Sheena said sweat dropping completely oblivious about his comment. Jin about fell over and also almost had a heart attack.

"Ya trying to kill me?"

"What's this I hear 'bout someone getting laid?" Shishi said coming down the stairs.

"Oh nothing Shishi just messing with Jin is all." Sheena replied.

"Then where is he?" Sheena looked around only to find Jin gone.

"Hm I guess I was talking to myself."


Jin fell backwards onto the tile. After the mini freak-out he just had it stirred something in his stomach did a few flip and he had to barf. Oh if only his family good here this. The great wind master, a great prideful Irishman, got DRUNK while SKANK HUNTING and the best part he managed to get a HANGOVER. He would never live this down. Ever. As the wind master drank water running from the faucet he started think if the other guys did anything yesterday. But in all honesty the only things he likes to here are this and as follows; hearing that Shishi didn't score, Chu's rejection stories, Touya doing very non Touya like things, and hearing that Suzuka was getting laid because than he would lay off those god awful inventions for awhile.

After he pretty puked his intestines out and decided that it would be wise to never drink again during mating season, AND took a shower, he went outside for some fresh air. Damn this summer heat. It's nearly fall! As Jin laid down on the grass in the backyard he heard someone sit down next to him.

"eh Jin Wanna Drink?" the Chu asked.

Jins faced turned vivid green, " Ah no thanks Chu."

" Ah Jin?"

"Ya Chu?"

"How do ya give a child the 'sex talk'?"

The question threw Jin off guard in a way he didn't think was possible. Let alone for Chu to be the one to do it.

"Wha' the hell ya asking me fer?" Jin said face the same color as his hair. Asking Jin these things was nails on a chalk board. It was pleasant for no one.

"Well I al'eady know what Suzuka what would say, Shishi would jus' say no, an Touya aint awake yet, and I got ta tell him somethin cause I think 'e saw me an me shiela last nigh'."

Jin mentally dropped his jaw. Seriously? Freaking seriously? Really? Jin was having trouble wrapping his head around the concept that Chu was that dumb and or drunk to leave his door unlocked. A thought that just might save his "arse" popped into his head.

"How do ye' know the lad don' be already knowing?"

"Hehe Jin yer sly as a fox I say!"

Those words made the giant man pause and think. What if Rinku ,did in fact, already know? That would certainly be great….

"Wait ah' minute there Jin."

"Ah crap…"

" 'Ow do I know that your na' tryin to pull a fas' one on meh' jus' so you don' hav' tah explain sex tah' rinku?"

" 'Ey come on now Chu! I wouldn't be doin' tha' ta yah! Just think Chu, Riknu has been with you for who knows how long, an the lad bound to be seein' or at least kowin' somethin, bein his age an living with a bunch o' men who bring home lassies every now and then. An' don be forgetting how we all turn inta horny sex craised maniacs at least once a year! I'm telling ya kids' boun' ta know somethin!" The poor red head was praying so hard he that his head would expload.

" That is true," the giant of a man replied scratching his face stubble," but than again he should be talked to. Se' 'im straight on what's what. In fact I think am gonna go round up me troops an all us guys, his pals. Are gunna talk to him! Thanks Jin fa clearing my 'ead!" Chu shot up as jumpy as a kangaroo and ran to the house, running into the door, then forgetting to duck under the frame. He could be heard yelling a Suzuka that the door was to small. Jin looked to the blue sky. He was bored, hot, still tired, and although he didn't want to admit to, horny. He floated up and crossed his legs thinking about what he could do.

-30 minutes later-

There sat our favorite red head (AN: Ahhhhhh! Angry Kurama fan-girls!) on a stool at a bar. You see your typical male demon get very territorial during mating season and, Gods forbid, if the mating was um shall we say "successful." He loves his friends but at this point in the year not being around them was a good thing.

He sat on his stool with a neat glass of Irish whiskey cupped in his hands. He took a potion to hide his horn and change the look of his ears and of course his little fang. He just got at the bar and the second he walked he knew eyes where on him. He sat down and has been there for only a few minutes and already a girl gave him her number.

Normally he would be happy but every now and again during some mating seasons he feels like it's pointless without love behind the action. He once confided to Suzuka about the situation with him being older and all. He said it was normal but when he tried to compare it to something the only thing the rainbow obsessed demon could come up was, is that it was like erectile dysfunction. Oh that made Jin feel so much better.

"Hey hun. Drinking alone tonight?" the voice belonged to a slim, black haired blue eyed girl.

"Yes lassie yes I am." Jin said trying to keep his eyes on his glass.

"Mmmk you know, I find your accent quiet sexy. Would you like some company stranger?"

-20 minutes later-

Jin flopped down on his bed naked, sweating, panting and tired. What just happened swam through Jin's mind trying to order itself in a timeline instead of just a blurry, singular thought.

*knock knock*

"BWUAHH!" Jin yelled as he fell of his bed, " Ow."

" Jin its Touya can I come in?"

" Hold on boyo!" Jin tried to get up to put clothes on but grabbed the sheets which cause him to slide back to the florr and get tangle in the bed sheets once again those Jin hating sheets.


Touya burst open the door when he herd Jin scream, only to a still pretty much naked Jin twisted in a bed sheet making him look like he escaped from a physic ward.


" Hehe heya Touy." Jin said face red.

"Uh hey Jin."

" 'Ey come its not that bad bein shinobi and all. I been seein you naked lots of times!"


"Yes Touy?"

"Please never say that again. And what happened?"

"Well as far as I remember I went to a bar a lassie ga' me her number, then another girl came up an' flirte' and then amother and then another and the started fight snd then I remember being chased by other girls forever 'cause I couldn't be flyin' in front of em and then I managed to get away and come back home."

"And your clothes?" Touya said raising an eyebrow.

"I 'ave no idea."

"Oh and Jin" Touya began, while walking to the door, "take a shower. You reek."

As Touya left Jin's room Jin sniffed his armpit and fell over. When he got and took a shower and crashed into bed, pajama bottoms not even really covering his ass.

-Down Stairs-

Touya told Suzuka and Sheena what happened. Sheena giggled like a mad woman trying desperately in vain not to laugh.

Suzuka smirked and said, "Sounds like everyone had an eventful day."

- Chapter Fin-

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