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I'll Be Your Daddy If You'll Be My Little Shinobi

Chapter 1 - Life and Death

Cries of pain and death echoed through a forest, which was once beautiful and lush, now burnt, crushed and filled with the stench of blood. Bodies laid everywhere and many laid injured, moaning for help.

It was a sickening sight. Even for the Jounin Hatake Kakashi.

He gazed around, his Sharingan eye covered and his other eye scanning for Arashi, the Yondaime of Konoha. It was maybe an hour or hours since Yondaime had give him orders.

" Kakashi, go defend the frontlines. They need help the most," Arashi commanded the Jounin.

" But sensei, what about you? They need you the most, not me." Kakashi glanced apprehensively at the distance and the forest. A fierce roar shook the ground. Villagers screamed in fear. Houses collapsed at the tremours.

" There is something I must do." Kakashi had never seen his old mentor look this haggard and strained. " Please, Kakashi. Protect Konoha. Protect this village. Protect what is most important to you." With a clap on the boy's shoulder and a smile, Arashi disappeared.

All the waiting was painstakingly long. The silver-haired ninja didn't mind being late himself and making excuses along the way. But this was a special case. Yondaime is never late. In fact, he usually arrives when he's needed the most.

Suddenly, a ninja appeared in a puff of smoke, covered in blood. " What news do you bring, Maito Gai?" one of the ninjas asked.

" Sandaime-sama and Jiraiya-sama are coming," the Jounin told the surrounding ninjas.

Jiraiya? One of the Legendary Sennin of the Leaf? The pupil of the Sandaime? The sensei of the Yondaime? Everyone was in awe when stepping out of the forest, was Jiraiya and Sandaime, followed by a huge group of shinobis, who carried the wounded and dead.

But their silent parade wasn't cheered or praised.

Yondaime was carried by his former mentor, his face the white of death.

Arashi had a peaceful and content look on his face, almost as if he was sleeping. The stillness and silence nearly overwhelmed Kakashi. He wanted his sensei to get up, laugh and assure him that everything was all right.

" Jiraiya-sama, is Hokage-sama - ?" Hyuuga Hiashi asked, half hopeful, half dreading.

Sadly, the Sennin shook his head. " Yondaime has passed away," Sandaime said solemnly. For some reason, he was holding a bundle of blankets.

Grief flooded into each and every shinobi. Yondaime was dead. The village was nearly destroyed. Many had fallen. How could such misfortunte happen in only one night?

The shocking part was that it was not Sandaime or Jiraiya that broke the silence. It was the bundle of blankets that did.

Wailing for attention and food, the bundle squirmed in Sandaime's arms. A round and chubby face poked itself from the blankets, its eyes blinking from the torchlight, even though the light was quite dim.

" Sandaime-sama, why is there a baby in your arms?" Shiranui Genma stared at the boy, who stared back at him fixedly.

" We found this child near Yondaime. I have no idea who his parents are or where he came from."

The baby looked at the body in Jiraiya's hands and began to raise his tiny hands towards Yondaime. Sandaime smiled wanly as he tickled his tummy. Squealing delightfully, the baby fidgeted, kicking the blankets off. It brought a tiny smile to Kakashi's face. Kinda cute for a baby.

However, a swirl of black on the child's stomach caught everyone's eyes. Seals spiralled around the belly and only a blind shinobi wouldn't be able to recognize what kind of seals they were. Shocked, it wasn't long until Kakashi realized what those seals meant. Everyone else also put two and two together.

" This boy carries the demon Kyuubi within himself?!"

" Get away from him!"

" He killed Hokage-sama!"

" I'll kill him myself!"

" Monster!"

" Kill him now before he transforms!"

" Cursed beast! Stay away from us!"

" He killed my brother!"

" Why does he deserve to live?!"

" SILENCE!!!" Sandaime bellowed. The child was crying loudly due to all the yelling. " I will not tolerate any misbehaviour against this child. He had nothing to do with the Kyuubi. Yondaime sacrificed his life so that this boy would be regarded as a hero, not a monster."

No one said anymore complaints but their eyes still hurled insults and curses at the baby.

Sighing, Sandaime dismissed the shinobis. " All of you are tired and injured. Return home. Many of your familes are worried."

They left, though grumbling could still be heard. Kakashi mentally shook his head. How could people harbour hatred at an innocent baby? He was the last one to leave when Sandaime called him.

" Kakashi? I would like a word with you."

The Jounin jogged back to the Sandaime, who was trying to coax the baby to sleep. " I'll return Arashi's body," Jiraiya nodded to Sarutobi. " It's the least I could do for him." With a pop, the Sennin disappeared without a trance, along with Kakashi's sensei.

He patiently waited as Sandaime finally got the child back to sleep. " You are one of my most trusted shinobis, Kakashi," Sandaime began. " What I am about to tell you must not be mentioned to any, besides Jiraiya and myself."

Raising an eyebrow, Kakashi kept his face emotionless. If only Jiraiya and Sandaime knew of this, it must be important.

" Another reason why I am telling you this, is because I sense no deceit or hate from you towards this boy." Sandaime sighed, looking more older, as if the years had taken a toll on him. " This child is Yondaime's newborn son."

Thankful that he was wearing mask to hide his surprise and the night to cover his jaw dropping, Kakashi spoke calmly. " But Yondaime never married or had any children."

" That is where the secret comes to truth," Sandaime revealed. " A few years ago, when Yondaime travelled to the Hidden Mist Village for a delegation, he met a kind and beautiful woman, Kojika. Both of them fell madly in love. Though he couldn't be with her since he was from another hidden village and she couldn't since she was the last of her clan and was reduced to a simple village girl. But secretly, they wed two years ago in Konoha."

" I don't understand one thing," Kakashi rubbed his temples. He was trying to absorb all the information at once. " How did you know of this? I thought this was a secret."

Sandaime smiled slyly. " It was I who gave my blessing at their wedding. As was Jiraiya and Kojika's foster sister.

" But fate had to be cruel to tear them both apart. Shortly after Kojika's foster sister had passed away, Kojika decided to come to live in Konoha, where she wanted to give birth her's and Yondaime's first child. It happened to be tonight that her labour began. That was why Arashi was delayed. He arrived just before she passed away."

No wonder Arashi-sensei was so distracted, Kakashi bowed his head. He was ashamed he had thought ill of his sensei.

" It was a sad loss." Sandaime softly caressed the baby's golden hair as he spoke. " Torn between grief and sadness, Yondaime knew he had little time to waste. So he made his choice. He would seal the Kyuubi inside his son."

" But why seal in the Kyuubi within a mere child? And his own son?"

" Yondaime told me before he left, he wanted to give his son the honour of carrying the Kyuubi. People would respect him and he would have another heritage for him to cherish. Arashi wanted his son to be proud of him and hoped he wouldn't hate him for leaving him like this."

" I know what you mean." Kakashi still vividly remembered when his father had passed away so suddenly. It never seemed possible that Hatake Sakumo would commit seppuku.

Didn't Sakumo know how much his family suffered because of his suicide? Did he know how his wife became mad with grief and gotten fatally ill? Did he see his son go through hard times, often looked down upon?

At least, Yondaime's son would remember his father as a hero, while Kakasih's father was remembered as a disgraced ninja. He resented his father for abandoning him and his mother. Slowly, he pulled himself back to the present.

" At her deathbed," Sandaime was saying. " Kojika named the baby and also gave her love to both Yondaime and her son. But to protect this little one, we decided to give him his mother's maiden name. Arashi's name is too known and famous for others not to realize the relation between son and father."

" What is his name?"

" Naruto. Uzumaki Naruto."


The funeral was carried out a few days after the Hokage's death. Clad in black, Kakashi stood next to Jiraiya and Sandaime, who was holding baby Naruto. Many had argued against bringing the boy to the funeral. By now, the entire village knew of the cursed demon child.

Sandaime ignored them and declared that Naruto had the right to pay his respects to Yondaime. And to see his father one last time.

Nearly everyone wanted to stay as far away from him but they didn't want to risk insulting Sandaime by standing away from him. So they resulted to throwing the baby cold looks.

Fortunately, Naruto was too busy opening his eyes wide and gazing at the world for the first time to notice the glares.

Kakashi was thankful too. He didn't want the boy to be exposed to hatred and fear so soon in his life.

Women wept, only to be comforted. Children, too young to understand, remained as quiet as their parents. The shinobis of the Leaf stood tall and silent as the sky reflected their mood: cloudy and rainy.

The tormenting rain slapped Kakashi's face, drenching him in its coldness. He felt oddly numb. This funeral was frightfully similiar to the ones he had went to in his short, fourteen years.

His father. It was short and straightforward. Most of Sakumo's friends and companions were ashamed of him and wanted nothing to do with him. The thing Kakashi remembered the most was his mother's tears. As if she knew he was going to do this and it was all her fault that she didn't stop him. At that moment, the boy knew his mother was dying.

His mother. Even more simple and straightforward. Hatake Naomi had simply gave up on life and went to join her husband. This time, he had his sensei and his team members to give him a little comfort to ease the pain.

Obito. He was the first real friend Kakashi ever had. He stood up to him and gave him a big turn-about in his life. Obito wasn't afraid to make mistakes or admit them. He was brave and loyal till the end. Shame choked down on Kakashi that day. It was his fault that brought Obito's death. If he was never so arrogant, Obito might still live.

Rin. The gentle soul of the team. She always looked up to Kakashi with shy respect and often with blushes. He had promised Obito that he would protect her. He had failed. Rin passed away, defending the Leaf and him.

And now, Arashi-sensei was gone too. His fatherly mentor and brotherly comrade. Yondaime was always kind and patient with his team, no matter how many times they argued or screwed up. He looked after everyone and was the one who taught Kakashi about teamwork and friendship. There was always a goofy grin on his face after every mission and he would occasionally treat them to ramen.

Everyone was dead. Gone from Kakashi's life.

It was unbearable to stand here and see his sensei laid down to rest in peace. A jumble of emotions all squeezed his insides, fighting to win the war inside him. He wanted to cry but he bit it down with pride. Acceptance collided with guilt. Bitterness fought with peace. Self-hate was flooded with dignity. Kakashi was torn between the conflicting emtions, each one rising like bile up his throat.

Naruto began to whimper, as if he understood the Jounin's feelings. Sandaime gently rocked him back and forth to shush the baby. But Naruto gazed at him with watery eyes and a trembling lip, his whimpers growing louder but not loud enough to disturb the funeral.

A few shinobi scowled at him. But they couldn't do anything while the baby was in Sandaime's safe arms.

It was four days ago the Kyuubi had attacked Konoha. It was four days ago when Naruto was born. It was four days ago when Yondaime had died. It was four days ago when things were still normal.


The next morning, Sandaime called for a meeting in the Hokage's office.

Kakashi made no attempt to be early. In fact, he moved as slowly as possible. He didn't want to see the familiar scrolls or smell the scent of ramen, like so many times he had done when Yondaime was still alive.

But when he arrived, his eye caught a glimmer of bright green and yellow. That's strange. I never saw that room before. Frowning, Kakashi entered.

The room was thrown into colour and light. Baby animals pranced around in the wallpaper. Soft music was played in the corner. Toys and books were set neatly aside on the carpet floor. And sitting in the rocking chair beside the fireplace, was no other than Sandaime and Naruto.

" Ahh, Kakashi, good to see you," the old man inclined his head, as his arms were wrapped around the baby. " I expected you to arrive four hours later."

A slight blush lingered on the Jounin's cheeks, luckily covered by his mask. " How's Naruto?" Kakashi asked.

" Come see yourself."

Naruto was fast asleep, cuddled to Sandaime. Tuffles of golden hair spiked upwards. His tiny hands held tightly to Sandaime's cloak. He shifted his position, instintively whining softly for warmth.

" This reminds me of when my children were still young," Sarutobi smiled. He carried Naruto to his crib and gently placed him there. " He's been such a good child. He hardly ever cries."

" Sandaime-sama?" Gekko Hayate poked his head through the door, looking quite drunk and sickly. " All the shinobi are here."

" Good." He covered Naruto with a fuzzy, yellow blanket that the child immediately liked and curled up in. " Don't be late, Kakashi," Sandaime warned the silver-haired teen playfully as he left the room.

" You coming?" Hayate called. " The meeting's starting."

" Yeah. Hang on." Kakashi turned to look at Naruto. He looked so peaceful, sleeping like that. He stroked the baby's chubby cheek before leaving.

Sandaime stood in front of the group of the top shinobis of the Leaf village. Kakashi and Hayate managed to slip in, without disturbing Sandaime. " Due to the current Konoha situations," the old shinobi was saying. " I'll once again take the role of Hokage until I find one fit to replace me."

Relief and smiles were greeted by this announcement.

" However," he continued steadily. " I want no one to tell the baby, Uzumaki Naruto, of the demon sealed inside his body. In due time, I will tell him. If anyone tells him, they will be severely punished. Understand?"

" Hokage-sama, that boy is a danger to our village!" a Jounin shouted. He was met with a murmur of approval.

" If we keep him here, who knows when he will betray us?" Akimichi Choza growled.

" How could you say that about an innocent child?" argued Gai. " He's only an orphan."

" An orphan with the Kyuubi inside himself," retorted Ebisu bitterly. " That boy is a demon punk, that's what he is."

" He'll kill all of us," spat Uchiha Fugaku.

" A cold-hearted monster," another Jounin agreed.

" Shut up!" Kakashi snapped. He had enough of their complaints and taunts. " Naruto is just Naruto. He isn't some demon as you all claim."

" Naruto deserves to have a normal childhood," the Third cut in, his voice flicking like a lash, ending the arguements. " I will see that everyone treats him with care and respect."

" Hokage-sama ..."

They were interrupted when the breaking of glass and the cry of a child was heard.


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