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Naruto's Body Switch

Chapter 1 – Naruto 'dies'


"I'm dying, and nobody is around…" thought Naruto as he lay in his bed. Recently he had come down with a deadly disease, as Kyuubi had told him, and he wasn't sick long enough for anyone to notice his absence. At first he didn't believe the fox spirit inside him, but after awhile he grew so sick he could only believe him. Kyuubi couldn't do anything to help.

"I'm sorry, Naruto." Kyuubi said to the blonde boy.

"It's okay…" Naruto replied. "I guess it was my destiny to die lonely all along…"

"What? So I'm not good enough company?" Kyuubi snapped.

"It's not that, I just wish Sakura and Sasuke…maybe Kakashi-sensei too, I wish they were here…"

"…" thought Kyuubi. "What can I do to help Naruto?"

Naruto stared idly up at the ceiling above his bed. According to Kyuubi, he only had approximately 5 hours left to live.


"Oh hi Sasuke!" Sakura approached the Uchiha. "Want to go out tonight?"

"No I alre…" Sasuke fell to his knees.

"Sasuke are you ok?" Sakura knelt down to see what was wrong. Sasuke's eyes were open wide, as was his mouth, after a moment he fell to the ground. Sasuke had fainted.

"Sasuke!" Sakura rushed him to her house where her mother cared for him until he regained consciousness.

His eyes blinked open. Sakura and her mother stood happily over him.

"Sasuke you're ok!" Sakura said happily. "I knew my mother could help you!"

"Are you alright, Uchiha?" her mother asked as Sasuke sat up. He shook his head swiftly to get the blood flowing.

"Yeah I think so…" he said finally.

"Hey, Sasuke!" he heard Naruto's voice. "Kyuubi told me all 'bout it! Did he tell you yet? Apparantly I'm going to be living in YOUR body! Ain't that great?"

"Did I just hear Naruto's voice?" Sasuke thought as he looked around. "No…couldn't have…but he said something about living in MY body…creepy…"

"Sure thing, pal!" he heard Naruto speak again. "But how is that creepy? We're best friends aren't we?"

"Shut up!" Sasuke screamed. "I have no idea what the hell you're talking about but I've heard enough! Get out of my head!"

Sakura blinked. Sakura's mother blinked.

"Uh…Sasuke?" Sakura asked. Sasuke shook his head, and came up with the solution that

he was imagining it, then apologized for yelling.

"Ohh yeah sure!" Naruto said offended. "I'm JUST your imagination! Fine think that, or you could ask Kyuubi………………hey Kyuubi!! Back me up here!"

"I'll just ignore Naruto's voice and as soon as I get out of here I'll see what the hell is going on." Sasuke thought. "Oh no thanks, I've got to be going home now. Thanks for

the offer anyway."

"Come for tea anytime, Sasuke!" Sakura called after him as he left the house.

He hurried to his apartment so he could think freely…

"Now…about that voice, it seems to have calmed down…" he thought as he sat down on

his bed.

"What do you mean CALM???" Naruto yelled. "I just finished freaking dying!!! You think I'm calm?"

"Alright," Sasuke admitted, "You won, Naruto. Somehow you managed to follow me undetected in Sakura's house and to my apartment, but the joke is over. Come out of hiding."

"Wish I could, dude." Naruto replied. "But I'm in your body, we're gonna have to share, y'know."

"I said you won! Stop it now! It's not funny anymore!" Sasuke yelled.

Naruto sighed. "Alright, if you don't believe me, go to my apartment I keep a spare key under the mat. Open it and in my bed will be me…I know it sounds funny but I'm dead, and my body is still in my bed. It really should be burned since I died from a disease, hey! I'll be the first to ever attend my own cremation! Sweet!"

"What are you talking about?" Sasuke demanded.

"Go to my place and find out!"

Sasuke did as he was told, thinking it was the only way to shut Naruto up and end the stupid prank.

He unlocked the door with the key under the mat and went in, closing the door slightly behind him. Sasuke walked softly in the unnaturally quiet room until he got to Naruto's bed, where Naruto's lay corpse lay dead.

"See?" Naruto said as Sasuke's eyes opened wide. "What did I tell you? Now are you ready to hear my explanation?"

Sasuke walked over to the lifeless body and felt for a pulse, there was none. "What the hell?" Sasuke nodded his head.

"Alright," Naruto began, "Yesterday I developed a disease that made me die. Kyuubi transferred my soul to your body, that's why you fainted. He told me I only had 20 minutes left to live and I 'thought' my farewells, because well I couldn't talk so yeah, I thought my farewells, 'good bye, Kyuubi, Sasuke, Sakura…etc.', but then Kyuubi said I might still live IF I get transferred into someone else's body. He has a jutsu that does that I guess. So I picked you. He said that I'll always be conscious and can talk to you at any time, and I can hear you innermost thoughts too. Kyuubi said that he'd stay behind in my body, because he won't die there, and try to heal it so I can go back. So I'm stuck with you until then!"

"Y-You're actually…dead?" Sasuke stuttered. The loss of his best friend overwhelmed him.

"Hey! Hey! Sasuke don't cry! …were you even listening?" Naruto asked.

"Naruto…" Sasuke asked. "If you're dead and in my body, does that mean you can move my body too?"

"Dunno." Naruto mused. "Guess we'll have to find out!"

"Hey!" Naruto heard Kyuubi's voice.

"Fox?" Naruto said with joy. "What's up? How can I hear you? I thought you stayed back in my body."

"I did." He replied. "But since I'm connected to you, I can 'teleport' from your body to Sasuke's…hey is it a little crowded or what?"

"A bit."

"Anyway," Kyuubi continued. "Sasuke, your spirits are both in this body now (including mine but whatever) and though Naruto can't get tired when you control your body and you can't get tired when he controls your body, your body still gets tired, ok? That means that since there are two of you, you have to SHARE the time in this body. So let's say Naruto/Sasuke had a date tonight as Sasuke, he will go there and date the girl while Sasuke 'sleeps', In other words when Sasuke's spirit is sleeping. That will happen whenever Naruto trades with Sasuke, but not when Sasuke trades with Naruto."

"Let me simplify it," Kyuubi said as he noticed neither of them got it, "When Naruto is

controlling the body Sasuke sleeps but when Sasuke controls the body Naruto doesn't sleep; he doesn't have to because he is the 'guest'. But both of you will sleep when the body sleeps."

"You mean that Naruto can control my body, and when he does I sleep?" Sasuke asked.


"But he'll make a fool out of me! It's not like we'll tell anyone about this, and if we do they won't believe me, so whatever Naruto does in my body it will make me look bad!" Sasuke yelled.

"Alright, alright!" Kyuubi plugged his ears. "Naruto, will you promise that when Sasuke is sleeping and you control the body, you will use the transformation jutsu to change into your body?"

"Sure, whatever." Naruto agreed.

"Ok then!" spoke Kyuubi. "I'll be going back to Naruto's body and I'll check up on you two every week on Sunday night. Now no fighting!"


Well did you all like it? It's going to get funnier later, but the thought of Naruto in Sasuke's body and the possibilities of it is waaay funnier…yeah anyway please R&R!!!