I do not own Sailor Moon nor Kamen Rider Kabuto. Those belong to their rspective creators and not me. This is done for the sole enjoyment of the writing process and not for any kind of monetary gain. I hope you all enjoy reeading this as much as I did writing it.
-Ten-Faced Paladin

Kamen Moon Rider

By Ten-Facd Paladin

Prologue: Characer Explanation

I don't expect many to know about Kamen Rider Kabuto because I only found it by accident so you can ask me for the website. It is a real TV show. If you want to see what the characters to it are like then you can go ahead and find the episodes. My story contains some spoilers so keep that in mind as I explain. If you do know about it then you can skip this part.

The main story is that a meteor had crashed into Earth and destroyed a portion of Tokyo. The meteor had released alien insectoid creatures dubbed worms. The basic ones look like cocoons of some sort and they have the ability to mimic humans. After an amount of time they evolve into more powerful forms. They retain their ability to mimic, but they also gain the ability to Clock Up. This ability lets the worms move at speeds so fast that everything else is standing still. The worms for the main part seem to be content to infest the planet and take it over.

To combat this threat the Japanese govrnment created the orginization Zect. These people hunt down worms and attempt to destroy them for the good of the people. However, they quickly discover that the worms are too powerful. With that, the Riders are created. Rider's are poeple who are chosen by zectors, insect-like machines, and gain their powers. he riders were actually created by creatures called Natives 35 years ago to help fend off the worms.

The riders have their own set abilities. When they initially transform thy are wearing a suit of armor which protcts them from the worms but limit their physical attacks called masked form. Should they decide to, they can Cast Off the extra armor for a smaller but faster version. When a rider Casts Off the extra armor, it becomes a projectile weapon which hits all targets in a 180 degree radius. While in the lighter armor or rider mode, the riders can Clock Up to match the speed of the worms. They can also use their most powerful technique to destroy an evolved worm in this form. It varies from rider to rider.


Tendou: He was the first rider. He is codenamed Kabuto because of his beetle zector. He is arguably the strongest of the riders. He is not a member of Zect so how he obtained the zector is still a mystery. He constantly quotes his grandmother in battle and states that as he walks the path of heaven then one day, he will rule over everything. He is the only rider able to use Hyper Clock Up. More on that as the story progresses. Tendoh comes off as arrogant but he has the skills to back it up and he is truly a good person at heart who manages to teach a life lesson to everyone close to him. He lives at home with his little sister.

Yaguruma: He was the second rider. Formerly codenamed Zabee. A hornet-based zector. He led the elite Zect team Shadow against worms. His latest mission was to destroy Kabuto who wouldn't join Zect. However, Zabee rejected him when he strayed from his path in life and thus lost his job. He is now his own fighter who managed to get the Kick Hopper zector. He is not a big fan of Tendou, who he believes is responsible for his failure.

Daisuke: A professional make-up artist. He was chosen by the dragonfly zector to become the rider codenamed Drake. He is more of a lover rather than a fighter and prefers to leave the fighting to the other riders if he can help it. He constantly travels with a girl named Gon who can't remember her past. Daisuke doesn't have many enemies with the other riders and he is always a sucker for a pretty face. He can't help but want to make it more beautiful.

Tsurugi: The fourth rider codenamed Sasword. He is the heir to a rich and noble house and is very skilled in everything he does. He wields the scorpion zector. He takes jobs from Zect but is not a formal member in a squad of his own. He sees Tendoh as his personal rival in life. He cannot stand being beaten but does enjoy the finer things in life. He personally says that he will walk the path above and one day stand over everything.

Kagami: He is the fourth rider. Gatack. Stag-beetle based. His brother was killed in the metor crash. Tendoh frequents at the bistro he works at and helps cook sometimes. Kagami also joined Zect to protect people but his greatest dream was to become a rider. His dream came true when Zabee took to him as it's master. He gave it up however when he couldn't complete his mission to destroy Kabuto. Later, to help a child, he took up an exprimental zector which put him in the hospital before taking to him. He has the most firepower of all the riders. He and Tendoh are also friends but neither will admit it.

Kageyama: He took up Zabee after Kagami abandoned it. He took his misson of destroying all non-Zect riders very seriously. However, he was finally defeated by Kabuto and lost the power after so many failed attempts. He then left Zect after he was almost killed by worms that were working with Zect. He teamed up with Yaguruma and recieved the Punch Hopper zector. He stilll has a bone to pick with Kabuto.


Kamemaru: He is chosen as the new wielder of Zabee. He usually jokes around on the battlfield to try and get his opponents mad enough to make a mistake before taking them down. He enjoys life as a rider and will never abandon it. His older brother died in the meteor crash so he feels as if he is doing justice by killing worms. He has had extensive training in martial arts and feels as if he is good enough to take down Kabuto once and for all. Even though he holds no hard feelings towards him. He feels that Kabuto is a true hero and is reluctant to fight him but he must if he wants to continue dispensing justice on the worms.

Yagami: He is a high school student who was at the wrong place at the wrong time. He was minding his own business as a Zect convoy was driving past and was attacked by worms. He was stunned by the battle that followed and watched helplessly with Gon. The worms apparently couldn't find what they were after and left. What was inside was a new zector. Hakabuto. A Hercules Beetle zector. He didn't want it but it took to him anyway and now he's stuck with it. He only fights when he sees worms to fight. He'd prefer it if Zect didn't find him. He's a little paranoid about the govrnment.