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Title: Feelings

Summary: putting truth to the statement, 'Shino is like a cat. He does not necessarily /come/ when his name in called.' ShinoShika

Warnings: Yaoi Cussing

Couple: ShinoShikamaru

Written By: Shino

Inspired By: Why this couple? Because they don't get enough lovin'! The quote in the summary? I said that one day when trying to explain why Shino was a neko . . . didn't think of it dirtily until Rah burst out 'Oh-Mi-Gawd. Your perverted.' :shot repeatedly in the head:

Comments: Proofed

Noise- is, well, a noise in the story.

Lyrics (centered) – people in story are listening/can hear it.

Lyrics (centered) - put in fer moi amusement. (AKA, they can't hear it)




"Nuh," Shikamaru raised a hand to his mouth trying to stifle his moans. "Ah!" His other hand grasped desperately to the sheets beneath him, threatening to rip under his iron grip. "Uh." His hand was moved and another mouth covered his, helping his cause. "Hmm," A tongue ran against his own and he tried to focus on that instead of the movement south of the border.

Suddenly he twitched, his whole body arched upward, his mouth broke away, and a cry tore from his throat.


He panted heavily, waiting for his body to relax. Then, he fell back against the bed, the other still leaning over him, a slight smirk present on his lips.

When he caught his breath, he glared up at the other. "Bastard. You never . . ." Shikamaru could not make himself say it aloud. "Even after I . . ."

The silent Nin dropped down next him, and curled around his body. "And . . . ?"

"It's just . . . ." His eyebrows furrowed. "Nevermind . . . Just do what ever it is you usually do."

Lips pressed against his temple gently, "Ja Ne."

"Yea, whatever." Shikamaru watched as the other disappeared though his open window. He watched for a few more moments, then rolled over and muttered.

"Feelings . . . tch . . Troublesome."


. . . . Wut? Wut just happened?? I'm kinda out of it . . . Shoot me?? Please??


Yea . . . maybe I should get some cough drops . . . :cough:cough:

GAWD DAMNIT!! I CAN'T THINK STRAIGHT!! I'm listening to 'Fack' by Eminem and it's pretty fucked up so. . . Yea, I'll do some story and put it in. However, it really really really fucked up. . . . . . 'SOUTH OF THE BOARDER!!' :lmfao:


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