The Winchesters, The Psychic, and The Fixation

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Dedicated to Alex – yet again! Lol.

Also, updates on the children (in age order – except Chris is older than Patrick by a matter of months):

Tommy: Sam and Alex's adopted son. Now age six. Medium.

Mary: Sam and Alex's biological daughter. Now age five. Telepath.

Taylor: Sam and Alex's biological daughter. Now age three. Empath.

Patrick: Sam and Alex's biological son. Now age two. Telekinetic.

Chris: Dean and Jess' biological son. Now age two. No powers.


Chapter One

o.0.o Dean POV o.0.o

"Dean Winchester," a man's voice asked.

I grunted from my spot on the jail cell's bed. "Yeah?"

I tried to be good for these people – maybe get parole. But no… Apparently, no one liked you if you get 'assault of an officer' charges. No matter how much you sucked up.

But I was nearing the end of my two and a quarter years in this stupid joint. Thankfully. Knock on wood. And all those other things that prevent you from jinxing something.

"You're free to go," the voice responded.

I shot up in bed. "You're joking?"

"No, sir. Since you've been a good inmate," the man said while letting a laugh escape his lips. "We gave you the last two days free. Don't let it get wind though. Sparks might get in trouble."

I smirked. Sparks was the lady cop that had taken a fancy to me. And just by coincidence, she was head of the jail.

"Let me get my junk," I said. I stood up and looked around the room, finding nothing to take with me. "Good to go," I smirked before slipping on my shoes.

"Follow me for your clothes."

I did as he told and roughly an hour later, I was a free man. No record following me, no reason not to live a normal life. Nope. I was free. And I wanted to see my kid.

So I was heading to Sam's.

o.0.o Alex POV o.0.o

"Sam," I moaned. "Sam, stop."

Jess had taken the kids – Tommy, Mary, Taylor, and Patrick, our newest addition – to her house. They were going to have dinner there and might stay over night – depending on weather or not Sam got his wish.

"Sam, unless you want a fifth child, I suggest you get your hands off!" Sam had my back against the bed. He was straddling my hips with his legs and his mouth was attacking my neck.

He smiled, "A fifth would be great." Okay, that was said a little too seriously for me.

"You're kidding, right?" I pushed him back.

He frowned, "No. Why?"

"Sam, we have four kids. Four! Remember when we got married? We agreed to just let whatever happens happen? I think we need to stop that. We tried it and received three great kids. But… five is a lot."

"I like having a baby around the house. Alex, we can have five children. It's no big deal." And he went back down for another kiss.

I pushed him away. "For you. I take care of them while you're at the firm."

"I still think we should have another one."

Okay, I was a little mad. I mean… I couldn't really be mad mad, but I was mad enough. Did he just assume I was having kid after kid after kid after kid? No. That was stopping right now.

"Get off," I said and managed to slip away.

"Alex," he called after me as I went downstairs. "Alex, wait!"

"Don't talk to me!" And that was that.

We were arguing.

o.0.o Sam POV o.0.o

I groaned and threw on my shirt before following her downstairs. Before I rounded the corner to the kitchen, I heard a very interesting conversation.

"Oh my gosh," Alex exclaimed. "We've missed you so much!"

I peeked. Alex was hugging someone.

"Yeah. I became Bubba's buddy for two years. Not going back to that."

She laughed and pulled away from the guy. Dean.

"Dean," I half asked, half said. "Where were you?"

I was in the kitchen now, walking toward Dean.

"Dude, step away from the goods," he said, gesturing to his figure. "Hug Alex, not me." As an afterthought he added, "Wait, you already did that today, didn't you?"


"Wrinkled shirts," he smirked. "Now where are the tikes? From the girl next door, I heard there's a new addition – Patrick?"

Okay, Dean was acting... talkative. A little too much for me.

Alex answered, "Patrick is our fourth. Right, Sam?" She put way too much emphasis on fourth. I knew what she was trying to convey.

"Yes, Alex. But I really don't think Dean wants to hear about our children. I think he'd like to see Chris."

"Chris," Dean asked with an arched eyebrow. "Don't tell me that's my son's name."

"Jess named him," Alex said with a nod. "Christopher Dean Winchester."

"Where is he?" Dean was trying not to act too excited. For his reputation's sake.

"I'll bring you," Alex said as she threw on her coat and grabbed her keys. "We'll talk later Sam." And they left.

God, I had a stubborn wife.

o.0.o Jessica POV o.0.o

"Calm down in there," I called to the kids.

I was in the kitchen cooking dinner. The kids were in the other room, playing. And I didn't realize my boyfriend was sneaking up behind me.

"Hey, babe. What are you cooking," Will asked as he came up behind me and kissed my neck.

"Dinner," I supplied. Will and I had been dating for about six months. He had dark brown hair and eyes to match. Gorgeous.

"Hmm," he said as he kissed my neck again. "When's dessert?"

I laughed. "Corny much?"

"Delicious much?"

"You know it," I said while leaning back into his chest.

"Jess," Alex called from the front door. "I brought a visitor!"

I fake groaned. "Not enough food! Tell them to go away!"

I heard her laugh as I entered the foyer. I found several things. One, Alex. All the kids were gathered around her, reaching up for a hug from their Auntie/Mom. And two, Dean.

He looked like a whipped puppy… err… stripper? He definitely didn't have the puppy look. Nope, that was Sam. Dean was more... I'm not sure how to put it. But he looked afraid. Like everything was foreign to him.

"Who's this," Will asked as he pulled me back into his chest. I jumped at his touch, but quickly relaxed into it.

"This is… This is Dean," I introduced.

"As in," Will asked, referring to the unspoken words – 'Chris's Daddy'.

"Yeah," I sighed. "Dean, this," and I gestured to my boyfriend. "Is my boyfriend, Will."

Dean nodded in Will's direction. And Will nodded back. I don't think either of them was too happy to see the other. Dean, I had a feeling, was trying to get back together with me and Will didn't care for anyone who did something bad to Chris and I.

"Well, who's up for dinner," Alex asked, trying to break the tension in the room.

And all at once, five kids shouted, "Me! Me!"