The Winchesters, The Psychic, and The Fixation

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Chapter Nineteen

o.0.o Dean POV o.0.o

"This is not fair," I grumbled. Jess just smirked. "Shut up," I growled, but without any real anger.

We had just gone to the doctor's office. And found out something was wrong with me. Damn it.

We got to the Impala and she leaned against the driver's side. "Come on," I mumbled. "I'm not in the mood."

She rolled her eyes. "Dean…"

"Be quiet."


"Don't say it." I tried to move her to get in the car, but it didn't work too well.


"What," I asked, getting irritated.

"You need to take that medicine."

I rolled my eyes. The doctor prescribed meds. Meds that had to do with the dysfunction of a certain body part of mine. Apparently, I was getting overly aroused. How do you do that? "I need to get rid of this medicine. I'm living every man's dream. But I have to take medicine to calm that dream down."

She rolled her eyes again and pulled me down harshly toward her. Her leg slid between my legs. "Feel that," she asked, referring to my throbbing.

"You do," I remarked with a smirk.

"That's why you need the meds. To keep that," she pressed gently against it, "under control."

She pushed me back and got in the car.

I bit my lip to keep from letting out a moan.

Maybe she was right.

o.0.o Sam POV o.0.o

"Alex, did we do the right thing," I asked. "I mean… we decided to take him in kinda quickly."

We had sent the kids to the playroom downstairs while we waited for Emmett and Bobby in the living room. They'd be here any second.

Alex put down the book she was reading on the couch. She got up and walked over to me in the lounge chair before sitting on my lap.

"Sam," she sighed, putting one arm around my neck. "Listen. Remember when we decided to bring in Tommy and Alyssa? It felt like the right thing to do, right?"

"Yeah," I nodded. "But… this is different. We already have four kids."

"And if Alyssa was still alive, we would have five. Sometimes we have to just let things pan out. Giving Emmett a home is one of those things."

"Okay," I agreed. "I just don't want to…"

"I know," she told me. "But it won't happen."

"What will happen," I asked with a smile.

"Emmett and Bobby will get here. I'll get him cleaned up and show him his new room. By the way, Sam, I think we're going to need a bigger house. I mean seven people in a four bedroom house? And we definitely need a guest room in case, you know?" I tried to protest, but she continued. "So I'll show him there while you, Dean, and Bobby talk about the curse. Jess will keep the kids under wraps. Then we'll all meet Emmett." She smiled at me. "Sound good?"

I nodded. "Sure. But I disagree about the house."

o.0.o Alex POV o.0.o

I smirked. "You'll agree sooner or later."

"How," he asked in a tone that suggested there was no way I'd win.

"I have my methods." I gave him a too sweet smile. "Dear." Then he started to attack me. He was tickling me. I was laughing and squiggling, trying to get away. "Sam! Sam," I laughed. "Sam!"

He stopped his offense and cradled my head with one hand before kissing me. I pulled away with a smile. He leaned back in the chair and I put my head in the crook of his neck, relaxing with him.

Ten minutes later, the doorbell rang. I climbed off of Sam and he got up as we listened to four little children run up the stairs to meet their 'new big brother'.

Sam opened the door as we all watched, patiently for some, not so patiently for others.

There was Bobby. Three-day old stubble on his neck, clothes that looked like he's been sleeping in them. And to his right was Emmett. He looked similar to Bobby without the stubble. His skin was tanned and he was tall for his age. His hair was cut similar to Dean's, but held a lighter version of Sam's color. His eyes were not green… but emerald.

"Sam, Alex, kids," Bobby said. "This is Emmett Williams."

"Emmett," I said. "This is Mr. Sam and I'm Mrs. Alex." I gestured to each child, respectively. "This is Mary, Patrick, Tommy, and Taylor."

There was a second of silence before Emmett spoke. "Winchester," he piped up, shyly. "I want to be Emmett Winchester."

That's when I shared a look with Sam.

We had made the right choice.

o.0.o Jessica POV o.0.o

I woke up the next morning. We were going to meet Emmett today. We decided to give him a day to get used to everything before meeting the whole family. Kind of like taking it one step at a time.

Dean was sleeping on the opposite end of the bed, stomach down. He had one arm hooked under the pillow and the other was hung over the bed.

I propped myself up on my elbow and looked over at him.

His back was tanned from swimming with Chris and me yesterday. The muscles that I remembered were still there, toned a little more – if that was possible.

His back rose and fell gently.

I leaned over and placed a kiss on the back of his neck. He shifted in his sleep.

I climbed out of bed carefully, threw on a night robe, and walked toward Chris' room.

I opened his door and leaned on the doorframe. I watched my son.

He slept exactly like his father. Down to the last hair placement.

As each day went by, Chris was turning more and more into Dean. Chris was trying to imitate his father. He followed Dean around all the time. And every time Dean went somewhere, Chris wanted to come. If he couldn't, he would sit by the door so that when Dean got home, Chris would know first.

And Dean was just as bad… or good. He wouldn't let Chris out of his sight when the boy was home. He even helped Chris sneak out once or twice, late at night, so the pair could go for ice cream. And he reminded his son, daily, that Dean loved him.

He didn't remind me of that. But I already knew.

I jumped a little. Dean had surprised my by coming up behind me and wrapping his arms around my beginning-to-grow stomach. He set his head on my shoulder.

"I woke you up," I asked him, quietly.

"It's hard to sleep when a pretty girl's kissing your neck." He must have been smirking.

"Really," I asked. "I thought you liked to sleep that way."

"If you're that pretty girl." I smiled and it was quiet for a second as we both watched Chris. "Come back to bed," he said. It was more of a beg than a demand.

I nodded. "Okay."

This was happiness.

And we finally had it.

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