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"You had a box that was yellow and purple, and that represented today and Chad and all that stuff. But how did you know that Chad was going to propose to Taylor?" Zeke asked curiously.

"I kinda helped Chad pick out the ring." Gabriella gave out a little laugh.

"But Chad, when did you realize you wanted to propose to Taylor?" Zeke was now looking at Chad.

"Man, I bought the ring the morning after the club!" Chad smiled and looked over at Taylor. She kissed him and hugged him.

"When did you and Gabriella buy Kelsi's ring?" Zeke asked now looking at Jason.

"A little before you guys got here from California." Jason shrugged.

"What?" Kelsi asked surprised.

"Hey I told you I loved you ever since the Championship game, it's just that now I could finally buy you the ring of your dreams!" Jason smiled and they kissed.

"Picture perfect!" Sharpay stated and took out her digital camera from her purse. In the middle of their kiss Sharpay snapped a picture of the two love birds.

"It's still not fair!" Zeke pouted.

"What's wrong babe?" Sharpay asked her boyfriend.

"I didn't take part in ANY of the plans." Zeke sighed.

"Awww will this make you feel better?" Sharpay grabbed his face and placed a passionate kiss on his face. Zeke ended up picking her up and they ended up in the closet again.

"Someone's getting busy right now." Chad said chuckling.

"Gross." Ryan took a bite of one of the chocolate boxes and shook his head in disgust. The gang laughed hysterically.

"I better call my mom!" Kelsi exclaimed forgetting all about the big engagement. She knew her parents wouldn't be mad, they always wished Kelsi and Jason would stop being so stubborn and go out. Her mom once told her that they should just get hitched.

"Oh me too!" Taylor called out, grabbing onto Kelsi's arm as they made their way to the regular part of the club so they can talk on their cell phones privately.

"Yeah I better call my parents and tell them Taylor said yes!" Chad stated smiling.

"Don't worry Chad, I think they know!" Gabriella stated as Jason turned on the television nearby and showed him the news/espn.

"Congratulations to Chad Danforth, who recently got engaged today to the famous wedding planner herself Taylor Mckessie! We wish you all the best!" The announcer stated as they showed the replay of his proposal. Chad had turned on his phone and saw 39 missed calls, 27 messages, and 52 text messages.

"Oh this is going to be a lot of fun!" Chad said sarcastically and walked out with Jason. A minute later Ryan's phone went off and he left the room.

"Exciting day huh?" Troy asked sitting next to Gabriella on a couch.

"Yeah! It was! I'm glad everyone is happy and in love!" Gabriella sighed sounding a little bitter.

"And what about you Gabriella Montez?" Troy asked looking at Gabriella.

"What about me Bolton?" Gabriella turned to look the other way of Troy's direction, tearing up a bit now.

"Well I just thought someone would have caught your eye and proposed to you the second we.. you know." Troy said still staring at the back of her head. He saw a few tears splash to the ground. He knew he had upset her but couldn't take the intensity anymore.

"I just never found anyone that I love full heartedly." Gabriella shook her head.

"I've only been in love once. It doesn't come naturally to me. I don't pick random people to just give my whole heart to!" Gabriella was now staring at Troy with teary blazing eyes.

"Once?" Troy asked nervously looking at the ground.

"Only once, and that was a long time ago. The guy made me feel like I was the most precious item in this entire world. We were each other's best friend, shoulder to lean on, support system, you name it! He was always there for me. But in college, when I went to visit him for a weekend he called us off. He told me we wouldn't work out! He told me that this would never work. I guess he lied when he said love conquers all. He broke my heart and my heart never healed. And when you have a broken heart you cannot love anyone else! Did you hear that Troy? Did you hear me?" Gabriella asked furiously looking at Troy. In the midst of her speech she stood up in front of Troy and poured her feelings on the floor. Troy had placed his head into his hands. He had no idea he had hurt her so much.

"And then the guy comes waltzing back into my life a couple days ago. I told him I loved him and he replied. We kissed. Then the next day I found out he was marrying my client! And now, he told me he met the love of his life at a ski lodge. Goodness Troy am I some kind of doll, one that you can throw around and come back to when you're bored? Do you know what? Doll's break! They tear, they get dirty, they disappear!" Gabriella yelled louder and louder.

"Do you know what else Troy? I can't take this anymore. Me and You! I'm sorry, but I'm officially through with you. I thought I could wait for you forever. But I'm tired of watching you and another girl have the life and dream I always wanted. I'm tired and I'm over this, I'm over you." Gabriella stated walking toward the door. Troy stood up and didn't know what to do. But he stood frozen.

"Tell Anna she's an amazing girl and I'm sorry I couldn't fulfill my duty as her wedding planner. But also tell her fiancé that he is a lucky man, because that girl seems like she'll be a great wife!" Gabriella opened the door and slammed it shut. Troy sat back on the couch stunned. Everyone was now surrounding the room, they were in total shock of what they had witnessed.

"That was not apart of the plan." Jason whispered to the gang.

"Yeah but it was apart of Gabi's" Taylor sighed and looked down.

"I'm going to check on her." Jason said as he started to walk towards the door. But someone had grabbed his arm.

"No man, I know Gabs and right now, she just needs to get her thoughts in order." Zeke stated letting go of Jason's arm.

"Please be okay cookie monster." Zeke whispered under his breath.

With Gabriella

Gabriella was in tears. She was crying and crying. She did not plan on exploding her feelings to Troy like that. But it was good to get it off her chest. She walked back to her apartment and went into her bedroom. She got her clothes and took a warm bath. Once she was finished she laid on her bed in her comfy pajamas. She just closed her eyes and tried to forget about everything. Gabriella decided to make a quick phone call. She took out her cell and took a business card out of her purse. After the call that lasted a couple minutes she called someone else.

"Hello?" A woman's voice answered the phone.

"Mommy?" Gabriella stated with a soft voice.

"Gabi, baby. Hi honey I missed you so much!" Gabriella's mother exclaimed.

"I missed you too." Gabriella stated.

"I saw Chad and Taylor on the news! I am so happy for them, give them my blessings!" Gabriella's mom said happily.

"Yeah, and Kelsi said yes too." Gabriella giggled. She had told her mom about shopping for a ring with Jason.

"Wow, I am so happy for all of them! Give them ALL my blessings." Gabi's mom exclaimed.

"Oh yeah I will." Gabriella's voice sounded a little raspy and very sad, as if she had just been crying.

"Gabi what's wrong?" Gabriella's mom could hear her daughter's sadness.

"Nothing." Gabriella quickly replied. She sighed, she knew she couldn't hide anything from her mom.

"It's just, life's getting really chaotic mom, I mean I just need a break from reality!" Gabriella didn't want to tell her mom that it was Troy but her mom knew it was him anyway.

"Well baby, I have an idea!" Gabriella's mom had a huge grin on her face.

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