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Chapter 1

Troy Bolton looked at the girl that lay in his arms. Kim. They have been dating for about two years now but he doesn't love her. She is no Gabriella. Gabi. He hasn't seen her in over three years. After high school they went their separate ways and never talked again.

But he did dream of her—a lot. Was she a teacher? Or did she follow her heart and start acting and singing? Where did she live now? Was she married?

"Probably." He said to himself "Who wouldn't want to be with Gabriella?"

He finally fell asleep thinking about her smile.


Gabriella Montez took another sip of her cold coffee; she was sitting in her kitchen grading papers of her 5th pd. Pre-algebra class. She was working at East High in New Mexico. She had so many memories there. The Scholastic Decathlon, Twinkle Town and all her friends and Troy. Troy.

Troy Bolton the basket boy.

She could never for get him. He was her first true love. He was her love.

"NO!" she said to herself "you can't love Troy. First of all you have a boyfriend, and second you haven't seen him in over 3 years! He is probably married with kids." She scolded herself for thinking that he might love her too.

She went back to checking papers.

Tim Johnson

The name was scribbled on the top of the paper. Tim was so much like Troy. Basketball was his life. His father, Tom Johnson, took over coach Bolton's job after Jack was hurt in a car wreak. Tim knew what it was like to have a father for a teacher. She graded the paper in red pen and mentally kicked herself for thinking about Troy again.

She graded another paper and sat it aside. She then found a note with her name written across the front. She opened it and a tear ran down her cheek. The note was from her boyfriend, John.


Troy walked to his kitchen to get a glass of water. He had another dream about Gabriella. She was married and had kids. The husband was not him. He knew he shouldn't be like this but he hated thinking about his Gabriella with another guy. He could never talk about Gabi in front of Chad or anyone else because it would get back to Kim and they would get in another fight.

Troy was not happy with Kim. She was so different from Gabriella. He just wasn't in love with her.

The tune of "Breaking Free" filled the room. He quickly picked up his cell phone before Kim woke up.

"Who the heck would call this late? It's after Midnight!" he said as he glanced at the clock on the wall.

"Oh, I'm sorry Troy. I dint mean to wake you up." Said a shy voice, she was about to hang up when he started to talk to her