As Long As You're Mine.

Chapter Twelve: As Long As You're Mine.

Naru sat between her parents in their living room. She stared down at her skirt playing with the hem not wanting to look and meet the eyes of Sasuke who sat in front of her. Naru wasn't exactly sure why her parents had invited the man in their house so she remained silent.

Sakura took in a deep breath, her green eyes landed on Naruto's blue eyes. She looked down at her wedding band before spinning it a few times. There was only so long before she needed to start this meeting.

"Sakura," Naruto's voice broke her thoughts and she finally looked up to meet Sasuke's eyes. She smiled before moving slightly so she was facing Naru.

"Naru," the pink haired girl looked up to meet her mother's eyes. "There is something that daddy and I want to tell you," Naru nodded. "Sasuke," Naru looked over at the dark haired man. Her dark eyes met his before she averted her eyes to look back at her mom. "Sasuke is your biological father."

Naru stared at her mother for a long moment unsure of what was going. The pinkette look back to Naruto her dad and then to Sasuke who sat a good way from them. "So… daddy isn't my daddy?"

"Naru," Naru turned to face the dark haired man who was talking to her. "Naruto will always be your daddy, I'm just…" he trailed off not sure what to say.

"Does this mean I have to live with him?" Naru cried turning to face Naruto. She latched on to him. "But you're my daddy!" Naruto smiled before picking up his daughter and placing her on his lap.

"Naru-chan," Naru stopped crying for a moment to look at her father. "You will still live here with your mom and I. What we're trying to tell you is that you got blessed with two daddy's," Naru stared at her father for a moment before looking to Sasuke. She then looked back at Naruto.

"Do I have two mom's too?" She asked only to earn a loud laugh from Naruto.

"No. Just one,"

"That's good. Mom grounds me enough as it is," Naru said earning another laugh from Naruto. Sakura gave Naruto a punch to the arm.

"Do I have to call you dad?" Naru asked turning her attention to Sasuke.

"No you don't. We just want you to be happy," Sasuke said with a small smile.

"Okay. So I have a mommy, a daddy and Sasuke-san," Naru smiled.

~Three years later~

"Come on Naru. Focus," Sasuke said. He was standing in front of Naru and kunai in hand. Naru slumped forward panting.

"Come on dad. The Chunin exams aren't going to be this hard," Naru whined before plopping down on the ground. There was no way she could keep going. She had already pushed well past her limit and thought for sure she was going to die if this training continued.

"Two more times," Sasuke said.

Naru let out a loud groan. "One more," Sasuke rolled his eyes.


"One!" Naru yelled jumping to her feet and running at her father with intense speed. Sasuke through the kunai in his hand as well as a few more at her. She dodged them perfectly. Sasuke smiled at his daughter.

"Okay. One,"

Naru slumped to the ground once more. Her pink hair was pulled into two pony tails. She continued to wear the same orange jumpsuit that had been Naruto's. After a few moments of catching her breath she stood up.

"Daddy should be home by now," Naru said looking up at the setting sky. Sasuke nodded as the two walked out of the training grounds and to Naru's home.

"I would imagine so. We should probably get you home before your mother has my head for keeping you out so late," Sasuke joked as the two walked to the house. Once they reached the main road the saw Naruto walking home.

"Daddy!" Naru yelled before racing off to her dad. Naruto turned around just into to catch his daughter in a hug.

"I see you got some training in today?" Naruto asked. Sasuke caught up to them and the three began to walk down the street.

"Yup yup!" Naru smiled. It wasn't long before the group arrived at the house. "Mom! We're home!" Naru yelled.

"Go wash up before dinner!" Sakura called from the kitchen. Naru rolled her eyes before walking to the bathroom.

"How was work?" Sakura asked as the two boys walking into the kitchen. Sasuke sat down at the table while Naruto walked to Sakura and gave her a kiss.

"Good. Slightly busy with the upcoming chunin exams," Naruto said before moving to sit down at the table.

"Well I have some news to tell you all," Sakura smiled before placing a large bowl on the table. Naru walked into the kitchen and grabbed the milk out of the refrigerator. She poured herself a cup before sitting down at the table.

"What's the news mama?" Naru asked shoveling a large helping onto her plate.

"I'm pregnant," Sakura smiled placing her hand on her stomach. Naruto jumped out of his chair before running to Sakura and picking her up. He spun her around before placing her on the ground and kissing her. Sakura laughed. Naru cheered.

"That means I get a baby brother or sister?" She asked a large grin on her face.

"That's right!" Naruto cheered.



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