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Devi stared at her freshly wet painting. The teeth on the painfully distorted face outstretched to the bottom corner. She thought about painting something inside the mouth, to give it something more interesting.

She pushed her paint brush on the white, glimmering dollop of paint on her pallet. She spread it around inside the mouth, it began to take the shape of a skeleton, a very cartoon looking skeleton. It reminded her of something.

She was curious for a moment and searched her memory. A squeak and a giggle arose from

her distracted mind.

Tenna...where is she?

It had been about a week since she'd bugged her last to go out, and Devi had won to stay in, but Tenna always showed up sooner after a defeat than a victory to try again.

But Tenna was not there this time to bother her and try and drag her out.

For a moment Devi was happy, and she fell back into her painting, happily making strokes around. But then worry began to set in and she wondered if she should go check on her.

The curiosity sets in on what she might be doing.

Maybe she's out with some friends...

Does she have any other friends?

Curiosity and anxiety flooded her.

What if she hurt herself weeks ago...and couldn't cry for help?

She laughed at this assumption, she saw her last week for one, and she was not an old lady. As an image of a commercial with an old woman lying at the bottom of the stairs saying 'help...I've fallen and I can't get up.' she decided maybe it was best to call her.

Devi dialed the number, knowing that she was just asking to be dragged out, and waited for an answer. After eight rings, the answering machine finally picked up.

"You've called Tenna! Hehe, yaaay. Just leave a message after the squeak...Squeak!...beep."

Devi decided to leave a message, maybe she'll get back to her later.

"Hey, it's me, Devi. I just wanted to call...and check up I guess. It's not like you to leave me at peace. Well, just give me a call back later tonight. Doesn't really matter how late when you get in, I'll be up." Devi hung up and sighed, maybe Tenna had found someone that liked to go out as much as she did. Maybe Tenna and her were drifting away. Nonsense, unless Tenna moved away, and Devi became mute, it was hard for them to be separated.

Devi turned to her nearly finished painting. She was enjoying it, though the center of the mouth did worry her, even thought the cartoon skeleton was much more different than what Spooky looked like.

Maybe I should start another painting, or do something else.

She sighed and put her paintbrush down. There really didn't seem like much to do with the whereabouts of Tenna circling her head. She searched her apartment for something to do. She supposed she could sleep, but she didn't feel much of the need for it, as she had slept earlier this day. And she said she would be up to answer Tenna's call.

She huffed, everything lead back to Tenna. Yet she still looked around her apartment for something to do. She circled the few rooms and sat on the couch. Her gaze wandered over to her bag and her coat.

I could use a walk.

She shrugged off her familiar fear quickly. She strolled over to her bag and coat, picking them up, and preceded out the door.

Maybe Tenna wants to come along.

Ignoring her thoughts that she had just called, she went down a small flight of stairs and began walking down the hall to Tenna's apartment.

She was watching the carpet go past her feet when she glanced up at her destination.

Hmm...the door is open.

She looked back up in confusion, the door was standing partly open, with Tenna's keys inside the lock.

Something's not right.

She ran over into the apartment calling Tenna's name. No one answered. She took a few steps in and something squealed under her foot. She looked down, there lay Tenna's beloved Spooky doll.

Something's definitely not right.

She watched for a moment as the doll reclaimed it's previous state. She picked it up carefully. It looked normal, well as normal as a doll does. She slipped the doll into her pocket.

This is very strange, Tenna wouldn't leave that doll for the world.

Fear for her best friend gripped her. What if someone kidnaped her? Tenna wouldn't be the one to put up a fight, thinking it was a friendly gesture as they dragged her away.

Devi dialed the police at once. A drowsy operator picked up. "Police Station, how may I help you?"

"My friend might have been kidnaped. I need to file a


"State your residence and where the crime was committed." The secretary lazily pushed pencils across her desk.

Devi told her the location of Tenna's apartment and said they should come right away. The secretary said she'd notify the chief at once. Devi hung up, pleading to whatever god was up there to help her find her only friend.

She paced back and forth for twenty minutes, the worry filling every part of her thoughts. She imagined the worst things for Tenna, with every one she begged that it wasn't the situation.

An hour had passed and she shook the phone violently as she pleaded with the secretary to let her speak to the police directly.

"Officer, my friend is in huge danger. It's not like her to disappear like this."

"We'll have to wait twenty-four hours since she was reported missing. We don't want to go on some goose chase." The officer told her.

"Twenty four hours!?!?! She could be dead by then! She's been missing for almost a week now! I thought she just went out! But she's gone!" She exclaimed.

"I said twenty-four hours since she's been reported missing. Now I advise you to calm down, lil' missy. We will be there tomorrow to help you find your daughter."

"My daughter? Were you even listening to what I just said?!? My friend Tenna, is gone." She paused, the fury of trying to report Johnny to the police returned. "I tried to report six months ago someone that tried to kill me and you people continually ignored me! I called numerous times and you said you had no idea what I was talking about!!!!" She was becoming so frustrated. Not acting on protecting her own safety was one thing. But not protecting a loved one, that was unforgivable.

"Mmmhm." The policeman poured himself a cup of coffee. "I told you ma'am. We can't do anything until twenty-four hours pass. It's national law." He stirred his coffee and looked to the ceiling, annoyed when she spoke again.

"If you all aren't here tomorrow, I swear that I'm going to march down there myself and take everyone of you out!!" She screamed, and hung up. A part of her mind that she quickly locked away seemed to give a muffled squeal of glee when she said this, Devi ignored it and plopped down on the couch angrily.

She needed to find Tenna.

Even if it meant facing her worst fear.