Thank Heaven for Little Girls

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And since I began with Raven I thought it would be nice to end with Gar.

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Garfield couldn't remember ever being that small. Couldn't remember a time when he'd ever been as tiny as the girl in his arms was now. He couldn't remember ever being so perfectly formed either. Every finger, every toe, every freckle on her tiny body, was perfectly placed to him. She was perfect. She was beautiful. She was his oldest daughter, Zuri.

Raven had told him he could name the child who came first. She told him this before she went into labor and before she began threatening to shove certain parts of his anatomy where they didn't belong, as well as threatening him with other forms of bodily punishment that he didn't think he deserved. Before she began feeling the birthing pains and before she'd nearly broken his hand with her squeezing, all the while trying to breathe in that funny hee-hee-hoo way she'd been taught by Kori's Lamaze tapes. Before he'd been removed from the infirmary, out her reach and out of her sight. Kori claimed it was because he was making them nervous with his constant questions about how long it would take. Dick, and Roy, who were waiting in the common room with the rest of the Titans and the Doom Patrol, claimed it was so Raven wouldn't kill him before he got to meet his children. Before he got to meet his daughters.

Zuri was first. Her name was Swahili for beautiful. It fit. Gar could already see that she was going to be gorgeous. In a twist of genetic fate, in a freaky cosmic dip in the gene pool, Zuri looked like neither of her parents. She wasn't green and she wasn't grey. Instead she was the palest of ivories. Her eyes, neither jade nor amethyst, were the brightest shade of sapphire, vivacious and intelligent. Her hair wasn't bottle green and nor heliotrope, instead it was the darkest shades of midnights. Raven had once shown him a picture of her mother as a girl and in Zuri, Gar saw Arella. Beautiful. And human. According to Victor and the doctor that Bruce Wayne had flown in to help him, this child was completely human. She contained neither one of her parents amazing Meta genes.

Nearly thirty seconds after Zuri came her fraternal twin sister, Elektra.

It had been decided that since he was naming the first one, Raven would get to name the second one. She'd had two names picked out, because while she was sure that the first child would be a girl, the second child had been a mystery to her and to the ultrasound. If the child were a boy, she would name him Lir, after the Welsh god of the Sea and a character in one of her favorite books. If the child were a girl she would name her Elektra, after one of her favorite Greek myths.

Elektra carried traits from both her parents. While her skin mirrored her sister's in it's paleness, her eyes were the sharpest of emerald, intense and luminous. Her hair was the palest of purples; although Raven knew in time it would darken to a deeper shade of indigo. She was the perfect blend of both parents. She was also a Meta. She carried both the ability to shape shift into any animal and the mental powers of her mother. The doctor and Victor were at loss to explain how one child had ended up with both sets of Meta genes. Not that Gar cared. Looking down at three most important people in his world, Gar knew he wouldn't have cared if his babies had come out spitting fire with four fulsome crimson eyes, as long as they were healthy.

As he watched them, sleeping oh so softly, he begin to think. He began thinking about the choices that had brought him here that brought him to this moment in time. Began thinking about the decisions still to be made and the questions still to be answered. Began thinking about when exactly would be the right time to ask the mother of his children to marry him. When would be the right time to ask the woman he loved if she'd like to spend the rest of her life with him. When should he ask her to become Mrs. Garfield Logan?

It hit him then. Just how big and crazy an adventure he and Raven had decided to embark on together. They were now parents to two very special little girls. They would be in charge of assuring that these two very small, very fragile beings would be okay, would be able to survive in this world. They would be in charge of watching every shaky first step, listening to every stuttery first word. They would be in charge of kissing every skinned knee, soothing every hurt feeling and mending every broken heart. In charge of easing every fever, erasing every doubt and chasing away every nightmare that came and scaring away every monster under the bed. They would have to know when to hold them close and when to let them go. When to cuddle and coddle and when to let the world teach them it's lessons. They would have to know when to admonish and when to comfort, and sometimes when to cry with them and for them. They were now parents.

He knew it wouldn't be easy. Knew that raising one child was hard, let alone two. Just getting through their terrible twos would be a feat in and of itself. Adolescence would be a nightmare. There would be fights and arguments about clothes, about movies, about boys, (Gar swore that he'd never let them date anyone, till they were 40.) fights about lifestyles and the choices they made. There would times when they would be angry with him, be angry with their mother. Times when he wouldn't know the answer to their questions, the solutions to their problems. Times when it would seem like nothing he said or did for his children would be enough. But there would also be times when they would look at him, would hug, would kiss him. Times when they would make him feel like he was their world. And Gar knew that it would be enough. Knew that this journey he and Raven were embarking on would be amazing, be worth it. Though it wouldn't be easy and the path wouldn't be so straight and clear, it would be worth it. It would be the journey of a lifetime. He knew that in the end he would be thanking heaven for the girls who held his heart.

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