Stars and Suns in Her Eyes by Peyton Halliwell Chapter One: Mayhem in the Midwest

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AN: Welcome to the sequel of Goddess of Time! I'm going to hold off on rewritten episodes for a while but I promise once I figure out how to rewrite School Reunion and Girl in the Fireplace I will deliver them with Nine to you. I wanted to start off this story with humor and fun, this chapter goes out to ms sardonicus hope it fulfills your dreams!

The year was 2010 and it was a clear summers day on the planet Earth when Rose Tyler stepped out of the Tardis and onto Navy Pier. Behind her the Tardis was poised between two small and colorful buildings. Grinning she looked around at the hundreds of people walking about on the historical dock. She shielded her eyes as she looked up at the Ferris wheel before turning to look at the massive roller coaster. "I still don't see what we're doing here." Jack whined as he and the Doctor stepped out of the Tardis.
"The Tardis detected a distress signal so here we are." The Doctor explained as he looked around the area. Jack looked up at the Ferris wheel and roller coaster clearly unimpressed.
"What year is it?" Rose asked, looking over her shoulder at the Doctor.
"The year is 2010 and we are on Navy Pier in Chicago"
"Really, this is Chicago?" Jack asked surprised looking around. "Thirty thousand years before you were born." "Wow 2010," Rose said softly, "I should be 24"
"Yep!" The Doctor said with a grin, "The roller coaster was finished in April 2007 and the water park was added only last year." He looked around, "I'm honestly not seeing anything that looks out of place"
"What is it you're looking for?" Jack asked, "What could be sending out a distress signal form Navy Pier"
"I don't know." The Doctor looked thoughtful for a moment, "Tell you what I'm going to have a look around." He looked at Rose who was staring up at the Ferris wheel. "Why don't you and Rose take in the local color." Rose squealed and hugged him before grabbing Jack's hand and dragging him into the crowd.

The Doctor grinned as he watched his two companions run off hand in hand, the brief flash of jealousy that would have once appeared didn't. He knew how they saw each other, Jack was the older brother that Rose had never had and Jack guarded her for much the same reason he did. She was a light in their dark worlds of fear and doubt, even if Jack hid his better. Smiling after them he returned to the interior of the Tardis. "Come on old girl." He coaxed as he ran the scanner again trying to narrow down the field of search. The screen beeped and bopped a few times resulting in his light smacks to the side of it until the picture cleared. "Works every time"
The Doctor's smile broke down to a frown as he located the signal. Without waiting another moment he was out the door and off onto Navy Pier.

Rose couldn't stop smiling as she looked over the Great Lakes from the top of the Ferris wheel. Jack sat across from her in their small car, with an amused smile on his face. "What?" She asked still smiling.
"Nothing Rose." She sat back in her seat and looked at him.
"Really Jack what"
"Just Rose being Rose." Jack said with a smile. Rose blushed a little at his comment, understanding the deeper meaning to it. She understood what she meant to her boys or at least she thought she did. "Sometimes it sinks in." She said, "I mean when we go to these amazing places no one of Earth has ever heard of, it can feel like walking in a dream but jumping four years into the future to Chicago." She paused, "That's when it really hits me, the things I've seen, how far I've come and how much I've changed"
"For the better." Jack said. Rose grinned as the cart started to move back down,
"Definitely." They reached the bottom and the door opened to let them out.
"Then I say we grab a drink and toast the Doctor." Jack said offering her his arm.
"Any reason is good enough for you isn't it Jack"
"Naturally Rose."

Jack pulled Rose into one of the restaurants, he nodded in approval at the decor and at the staff. Rose hit him lightly on the arm when he leaned over to examine a bus boy's back. They sat down at the large wooden bar, both ordering. "Here's to the Doctor." Jack said, "For giving us the universe." Rose grinned.
"And making it fun." They clicked the glasses together and drank.

The Doctor dropped down the hole silently, he had traced the weak distress signal to a deserted building on the pier. It was undergoing renovations judging by the tools and plans that were about but it was clear no one had been in the building for months. The large hole in the middle of the room had caught his attention and he had naturally gone down to investigate. It was ship but he could tell it was low on power. He had dropped through the top hatch.

Taking everything around him in, he examined the structure and what he could see of the computer systems and other basic technology. It was a rather simple ship, simple crystal core engine and designed for brief trips but almost everything was switched off. Grinning at a new challenge and mystery the Doctor moved towards the front of the small ship. From what he could tell, the small shp was pulled up under the dock to hide, using the construction site as a hidden entrance. Reaching the cockpit of the ship he examined the markings and setup: military and judging from the labels and controls a Zenatolian ship. That added to the mystery: the Zenatolians were disciplined warriors of honor, they wouldn't abandon their ship on a primitive planet. They were a non interfering race which gave way to the question of why they were here in the first place.

Sitting down in the pilots seat, the Doctor switched on the basic power to access the computer banks. Using the sonic screwdriver he reconnected the circuts and looked up as a message began to play. His gaze softened as he watched a very old Zenatolian in a command uniform appear. His green skin was bleeding with silver blood very badly and he was grasping the controls desperately. "Whoever you are, thank you for your concern but I fear you will arrive too late. We were forced to land on this primitive planet when a satellite interfered with our preset flight. I am Commander Regemitive and I was escorting a team of our scientist back home. We landed and used a deserted building as cover and basic image displacers to operate as humans while we attempted to repair the ships programs. However I fear the work of our head scientist Nevelidorn brought the Falkeons down upon us. They attacked us and captured the scientist after killing most of my men." The image flickered, "Please if you can rescue the scientists, I fear they may turn Nevelidorn's peaceful research against us and others." The hologram vanished leaving the Doctor sitting in the cockpit.

After a moment he stood and began examining the damage to the ship, it was clear that they had nearly repaired it. It would be ready to go in just a few hours, but for now he had to focus on finding what remained of the crew. He had never met the Falkeons but he had heard of them from a fellow Time Lord and according to Brevolingtonrantia they were very unpleasant creatures who operated as space pirates. A quick scan of the system told the Doctor the basic information of the research. Apparently Nevelidorn had figured out how to use the energy of planetary motion to power practically everything and had created a new engine that powered up as a ship moved with a planet in orbit. It was brilliant really and could save many dying planets but now it was in the hands of the Falkeons.

The Doctor quickly used the sonic screwdriver to open the hallways to the deeper levels of the ship. He frowned when he entered the first hallway and found seven dead Zenatolian warriors. Moving around them carefully he opened the other doors to discover the medical wing and barracks. Taking a few minutes he carefully moved the bodies of the warriors into the barracks and onto the beds. "I'm so sorry." He whispered, closing the eyes of what appeared to be the youngest of them. He gave a moment of silence before he entered the medical wing. After a few moments he found what he was looking for. A sample of Zenatolia blood.

Rose and Jack were still talking about a recent adventure to Sirius 5 when came up to the Tardis. It was then that they noticed the open door, Jack slipped Rose behind him and started for his gun when a strange roaring noise came from inside the Tardis. Their jaws dropped when the Doctor came out a moment later, on a motorcycle.

"Captain we've got a group of alien pirates on Earth, I need you to monitor their communications from the Tardis." He said to his grinning companions. "Rose," He grinned at her, "Jump on"
"No fair." Jack whined as Rose laughed in excitement and climbed onto the back of the motorcycle, she slid on the helmet that Doctor handed her. "That's a 2009 Harley Sportster"
"Couldn't have said it better myself." The Doctor said grinning before he and Rose took off.

Rose held onto the Doctor tightly, completely unable to suppress her grin. She tightened her arms around his waist as they took a corner, careful not to grip too tightly. She watched him for a moment before returning her attention to the scanner he had mounted on the bike. At a stop light he had explained that it was tracking for an alien race known as the Zenatolians using a drop of their blood. She found the 'scanning for alien tech' very amusing. The scanner beeped loudly causing the Doctor to return his gaze to it. He motioned for Rose to lean as they took a sharp corner and pulled into an empty lot. The Doctor stopped the bike and turned it off, looking around sharply. Rose pulled off her helmet. "You sure this is it"
"The scanner says that there are five living Zenatolians here." Rose nodded and climbed off the bike and pulled out her phone as it rang.

"It's the Tardis." She said handing the phone to the Doctor who followed suit in climbing off the Harley. The Doctor put the phone to his ear,
"What is it Captain?" Inside the Tardis Jack was leaning against the controls watching a signal playing on the scanner.
"Listen to this." Jack held the phone up near the screen. The Doctor listened to the signal. "That's enough Captain, now listen carefully."

Rose followed the Doctor, treading softly in her trainers behind him but still trying to see around him. The thrill of the adventure filled her and despite the knowledge that they were walking into a hostile and dangerous situation she smiled. This was her life now, danger, adventure and helping others, she wouldn't trade it for the world. Motioning for her to stop, he turned and they entered another dark tunnel of the underground complex the Doctor had discovered a few minutes ago. Rose followed him after a moment, staying close just in case. In the low light she could see the Doctor's usual thoughtful face but the spark of excitement in his blue eyes.

They moved down the halls until they heard some machinery and some voices. The Doctor pushed Rose back against the wall and into a small closet before ducking in himself. Rose stepped back to let him in before crouching down so she could see out the small crack. She held back a gasp when a large being covered in scales walked past them. It walked upright and was in what almost appeared to be a space but it's head was like that of a snakes. Once it was past the Doctor said softly, "That's a Falkeon"
"It looked like a snake." The Doctor smiled down at her.
"They are, their limbs are just robotic attachments connected to their brain. Think of a cobra and put it inside a machine, that's a Falkeon except they're very smart." He took her hand as she stood, "Come on."

The Doctor lead Rose down a flight of stairs where they found a laboratory of sorts, the Doctor grinned but Rose looked around confused, it wasn't like any laboratory she had ever seen. Large machines filled the room with a smaller machine in the center of the room. "We need to find the power control." The Doctor said softly, he could hear Falkeon guards outside the door.
"What about that one?" Rose said pointing to the machine in the middle of the room.
"Why that one?" "It's small, shiny and in the center of the room." She said with a shrug, the Doctor beamed at her as he stepped up to it and saw that she was right.
"Fantastic." He pressed a few buttons on the square machine with a manic grin plastered on his face. After a moment he grabbed Rose's hand and pulled her back behind on the large machines. "It's volcano time."

The machine spurted and exploded, sending a shower of sparks around the room just as alarms began going off. Guards rushed into the room and one started yelling orders. The Doctor pulled Rose slowly along the wall towards another door. "The scanner says the prisoners are down here." As the last of the guards rushed away, the Doctor pulled Rose down the stairs and into the prison hall. At his signal Rose shoved the down open and ducked as the Doctor fired the locking circuits with the sonic screwdriver.

The Doctor and Rose started opening the doors and helping the five remaining Zenatolians out of their cells. Four were in fine condition but one of the scientist was badly burned. Two of his fellow Zenatolians helped him stand. One of the men stepped forward, "I am Nevelidorn, I assume Commander Regemitive sent you." The Doctor nodded,
"I'm afraid your military escort is dead but we need to get you out of here and wrap up this little mess." The Doctor started leading them back through the tunnels and up towards the exit.
"Halt!" The Doctor groaned as they were surrounded by four Falkeon guards. Rose looked up at him as she raised her hands in surrender.
"So much for easy."

One of the Falkeons stepped forward, a gold collar identified him as the leader. "Who are you"
"I'm the Doctor." The Falkeon hissed at him,
"What is your business here"
"I am here to negotiate the release the non militant prisoner under article seven of the Token Convention." The Falkeon guards hissed as him, their long tongues snaking out.
"We are the Falkeons, we do not answer to the laws of others." The Doctor's friendly grin vanished. "Release these scientists or things I will." "You forget Doctor that my men are armed while you are not." "I'm not forgetting, this is your last warning. Let them go or deal with me." The guards laughed and raised their robotic arms, laser at the ends rolling into active position. The Doctor reached into Rose's pocket carefully, giving her a warning look as he hit the speed dial on her phone, followed by the two.

Inside the Tardis, Jack grinned as the message arrived. With a manic laugh that he could only have picked up from traveling with the Doctor he hit a series of buttons and turned one large knob on the Tardis control panel. "And we have liftoff!"

The Falkeons hissed all at once as their suits drooped, control over them lost. Grinning, the Doctor and Rose watched all the machines and lights turn off. After a moment one of the Zenatolian scientist held up a hand held lamp, giving them some light. Within their suits the Falkeons were still hissing things that apparently the Tardis didn't see fit to translate for Rose. The Doctor laughed and at the questioning looks he threw on a grin,
"I had Jack use the Tardis to realign some local satellites, the signals all converging on one spot turned off their power supply. No power supply," He bit over and one of the Falkeons tried to bite him, "No movement." The Zenatolians sighed in relief, a few started laughing as the Doctor grabbed Rose's hand and lead them out.

Jack smiled as he heard the sound of a motorcycle even from the Tardis. Shaking his head he finished the communication to the Zenatolian and Falkeon governments explaining the situation that was now their mess to clean up. He looked up as the doors swung open and the motorcycle came up the ramp. "Now see, what I'm now left wondering is what else are you hiding in this ship?" Jack said unable to stop smiling as Rose climbed off the bike.
"That's for me to know and you to try and find out." "You won't make it easy on me will you?" "Never." Rose laughed at the two of them and grinned at the Doctor who was still sitting on the bike.
"Well, I for one have to admit to preferring traveling in the Tardis"
"Are you saying I'm a bad driver"
"Have you ever actually passed a driving test?" Rose asked, looking at him doubtfully.
"Jack any reply from the Zenatolians or Falkeons"
"You didn't pass did you."

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