Stars and Suns in Her Eyes by Peyton Halliwell Chapter Fifteen: Better Forgotten III

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General Reinbeck jumped back when a blue box began to materialize in his main war room, sounding the alarm he watched calmly as his guards poured in and raised their weapons. The doors slid open and the General's face colored in shock as his daughter stepped out and into the room. Knowing Kayla, the guards lowered their guns and opened a path between the daughter and her father. Kayla laughed as her father held her tightly in his arms, everyone smiled and didn't notice Jack, the Doctor and Rose stepping out of the blue box. Smiling at the display the Doctor locked the TARDIS back up and turned to the General. After another moment Kayla regained her wits and stepped away from her father. "Father we've discovered a hidden tunnel into the city."

They spent the next twenty-four hours resting up and moving troops. The plan called for Jack to lead in a small squad and the Doctor. Once inside the Doctor and Jack would disable the rest of the systems and cut power to the city. From there it would be all out war unless Jack could force a surrender. Kayla lead Rose to her bedroom in the General's quarters. "Sorry about the mess." Kayla said with a shrug. Rose nodded,
"Well you haven't been able to clean it for a few months." Kayla nodded and pulled out a cot for Rose. Watching the other women Rose frowned, she could see the worry in Kayla's eyes. "They'll pull it off, don't worry. I've seen them get out of worse situations than this." Kayla nodded and finished setting up the cot. "Really." Rose insisted touching Kayla's shoulder. "This, all this will be in the past soon."

Standing up again Kayla turned to Rose and looked over the other girl seriously. "Who are you three? I mean really, this seems so easy to you." Rose considered her answer and smiled,
"Just some friends, passing though. This is what we do." Kayla gaped at Rose for a moment in mild shock at her brushing off of the situation.
"You all could die." Rose shrugged,
"Yeah we could but that's life, you can't really live it without the possibility of dying." She smiled at Kayla, "And if I died tomorrow I wouldn't die unhappy." Rose took the offered blankets and pillow before laying down on the cot. Kayla watched her for a moment before shaking her head at the strangeness with which their guests approached lights. None the less Kayla flicked off the lights and climbed into her dusty bed with a small smile.

The Doctor followed Jack carefully, keeping a safe guarding eye on his companion, so far the man was holding up very well against the strain of the events surrounding him but the Doctor was still worried. He sighed silently and kept close to the troops. Someday he'd find a companion that didn't get themselves into trouble. He scratched that off right away, that would be no fun. The perfect companion would be one that just limited the trouble they got themselves into. He didn't have one of the those: Jack flirted with everything and upset the locals and Rose... well Rose was Rose. The Doctor halted when they reached the inside of the tunnel, he rolled his eyes when a few of the soldiers stopped breathing when Jack opened the hatch. The lights in the tunnel went out as the door opened into the dark city.

They climbed out carefully and the Doctor watched as the troops spread out, using stun guns to take down the guards. In perfect silence and unison the men took down and tied up the guards. He smirked in mild pleasure as the guards took their instructions from Jack, now without question, the military mind was a very interesting thing. Jefferys guided three men around one of the bunkers while Jack and the Doctor slipped up to the outer walls of the palace. A sharp nod form Jack to Jefferys gave the order. Two of Jefferys men set a small device against the bunker before they all joined them against the wall.

James Marks leaped out of bed, pulling his blaster out from under his pillow as an explosion roared through the compound. Pulling on a pair of pants, he rushed to his communication pad. "What is happening"
"We're under attack sir! The rebels have entered the base. They've destroyed all the building in quad three." Marks growled low in his throat, feeling a small spark of something else rise in him, something a part of him recognized as fear.
"Nicely done Jack."

An all out gun fight erupted the moment they stepped into the palace, the palace guards opened fire without any consideration of their own men. Ducking behind anything nearby, the rebels and Jack opened fire. Looking around the Doctor noted the service corridor hidden behind a tapestry. Nodding towards it he locked eyes with Jack, indicating his destination. Jack nodded and opened cover fire allowing the Doctor to enter the passage. Once inside the Doctor shook his head at the sounds of the gun fight in the main hall. At least no one had been killed yet, this only reminded him of why he hated guns.

Kayla handed the glasses to Rose who focused them down on the city. General Reinbeck stood with them overlooking the city with the rest of the rebel troops. Men from all over had been called up to aid them, resulting in the army behind them. Rose estimated there was well over two hundred of them. "As soon as the Doctor shuts the gate security down we can help them." General Reinbeck informed his second in command, Coronel Grey who asked,
"What if he can't?" Rose gave him a sharp look, handing the glasses back to Kayla.
"Trust me that's not what you need to worry about."

The Doctor grinned in his usual manic manner when he entered the main control room. With the battle downstairs, everyone had pulled out leaving the whole place to him. With a slight flourish he pulled out his trusty sonic screwdriver and strode over the main computer. "Let's see now, computer sub frame... security systems." He used the sonic screwdriver to access the base computer programs, "And there." He grinned as the new program kicked in and the whirling that had been filling the air as the alarms went off died down sharply. Outside the guard towers lost power, rendering their larger weapons useless.

Rose grinned and spun to face the officers, "They did it!" Small shouts of cheer echoed in the area as the troops began to rush down the hill side. It was a full out revolution with military rebels and peasants unleashing themselves on their oppressors. Rose grinned as she climbed into the General's jeep with Kayla, watching a world change was something she'd never tire of. Sitting next to Kayla, Rose grabbed the support bar and held on tightly as the jeep and several other vehicles began descending the hill.

Jack knocked the guard hard with the butt of his laser rifle, sending the last of the palace guards to the floor. With all alarms and power out in the palace, lit only by back up self fueling lights, a heavy silence filled the area. Pausing Jack listened to the sounds of the battle waging outside, motioning to the men he lead them forward. He intended to find Marks and call off his troops quickly before too many lives were lost. Moving cautiously they reached the throne room doors and Jefferys moved opposite of Jack. "One... two..." Jack breathed raising his rifle again, "three!" They shoved the doors open and stepped inside. Nothing happened, nothing moved. Lowering his rifle slowly Jefferys looked to Jack.
"Where is he?"

The Doctor did nothing to hide the disgust on his face when he stepped into the room. Marks sat across from him at the desk with a rather large bottle of whiskey and he was downing it quickly. "Your men are fighting for you and you're getting smashed?!" Marks focused on the Doctor slowly and grinned,
"Who are you?" The Doctor clamped down the urge to punch the man, he wasn't violent, not really but the whole situation had thrown off his companions and he really really hated that.
"I'm the Doctor?" Mark frowned as he raised the bottle again, before taking another swing he asked,
"Doctor who?" The Doctor walked around the table and took the bottle.
"Just the Doctor." Marks looked up at him with glazed eyes and the Doctor's blue eyes fell on a small bottle half hidden in an open drawer. Turning his sharp gaze back to Marks he shook his head and his frown deepened. "Coward." Marks shrugged, leaning back in the chair.
"Hitler did it." The Doctor shook his head and handed Marks the alcohol after a moment.
"Alcohol will only speed it up." Marks shrugged, not really listening but rather swaying his chair, sipping from the bottle. "He's not like you." The Doctor said more to himself than Marks as he turned to leave the room.
"I wonder if he believes that."

Marks grinned as Jack and the troops burst in. He raised the bottle up in a toast. "Congrats Jack, you always were a clever devil, guess not everything changes." Jefferys raised his gun but Jack was still, not even aware of the Doctor's watchful eyes on him. Marks swayed again in his chair and hiccuped loudly before falling forward. Jafferys leaped forward and began to check his pulse. "Don't bother." The Doctor said drawing their attention, "He's dead, killed himself rather than face what happens next"
"What does happen next?" They turned to see the General walk in with Rose and Kayla. "The troops have all surrendered and the planet is the people's again but what happens next?" The Doctor smiled and looked around the room at the assembled faces before looking back to the General with a grin.
"You rebuild and try not to make too many mistakes." The Doctor grinned, "But you're human so you'll make some along the way but in the end." He smiled and glanced at Jack, "You'll be fine."

The Doctor grinned as he unlocked the TARDIS with his key before turning back to his companions. Holding out his hand, he smiled as Rose took it and they looked to Jack. The Captain smiled at them before looking almost longingly at the TARDIS but he dropped his eyes to the ground after a moment. "Jack?" Rose asked carefully, fear creeping into her voice as he made no move towards the TARDIS.
"I'm staying." Jack said after a moment, forcing a smile for Rose. The Doctor's smile vanished but he nodded to Jack in understanding after a moment. Rose however, let go of the Doctor's hand and stepped up to Jack.
"Jack that wasn't you. You get that right?" Jack reached up and cupped Rose's cheek gently.
"Do you believe I'm a good man Rose?" "I know you are." Rose said firmly, making Jack honestly smile but it faded a moment later.
"I wish I could Rose but I don't understand." He paused, "I probably never will but I need to help, I need to rebuild what I destroyed." Jack swallowed to keep his voice even. "I need to know that I'm a good man and to do that I need to deal with this." He brushed a tear from her face softly with his thumb. "Do you understand?" Rose shook her head and tried to smile.
"No." She took a deep breath, letting her weak smile vanish, "But if it's what you need then I'm behind you and I believe in you." Jack grinned at her and pulled her against him in a fierce hug.
"You can't understand what knowing that means." He slowly released Rose who stepped back.

The Doctor joined them and gave Jack an encouraging smile. "Do I have to deal with a kiss again?" Rose giggled but Jack grinned,
"You know you liked it." He smirked, "Although probably not as much as you like kissing her." He titled his head towards Rose and grinned when they both looked away from each other. "Next time I see you two, you'd better be snogging and shagging regularly"
"Captain!" The Doctor snapped as Rose blushed, but Jack still smiled before sighing.
"I'm gonna miss you two." The Doctor nodded and regarded him for a moment. He never liked to look back, never liked reunions but he understood Jack... mostly. He understood the man's doubt, his fears and his need for some kind of answer. He knew it all too well. After a moment he reached into his pocket and pulled out a small device. "Here, if you ever want to join us again just activate this," He indicated a button. "And I'll come." Jack blinked in surprise at the gesture but nodded.
"Thank you Doctor. Thank you for everything." The Doctor nodded and went into the TARDIS to avoid another goodbye. Rose looked after him and shook her head before looking back to Jack.
"He doesn't do good byes well does he." Jack shook his head and pocketed the device the Doctor had given him. "You'll do great Jack, I know it." She tried to smile, "I'm just gonna miss you"
"You'll be great Rose." He hugged her again, "And keep him out of trouble okay." She laughed as he let go of her, she sniffed and wiped away her tears with her sleeve. "I will." They stood in silence before Jack motioned to the TARDIS.
"Go on, the universe and the Doctor are waiting."

The Doctor gave Rose a small smile when she stepped into the TARDIS. She shut the door behind her and walked up the ramp to him. After a pause the Doctor hugged her, giving her a moment before he returned to the controls and set their course. Rose leaned against the railing, staring at the floor lost in her thoughts as the TARDIS thrummed and moved. Once they were safely in the vortex, the Doctor turned back to Rose and watched her for a moment. "He'll be okay." Rose looked up at him and blinked before smiling.
"Yeah I know." The Doctor waited, hoping she'd tell him what was wrong. A strange fear filled him, maybe she had cared more for Jack than he realized. "It's just..." Rose sighed and sat down in the chair, "I grew up an only child, I always wanted someone else like my friends did. My best mate Shareen had this older brother, he was annoying but he was always there when she needed him." She smiled and leaned back, tying to ignore the tears still clinging to her face. "Jack was the brother I never had and now he's gone." The Doctor smiled and nodded, hesitating for a moment before he reached out and brushed the tears away. Managing a real smile, Rose looked up at him and met his blue eyes. "Well I've still got you." The Doctor didn't miss the tiny spark of fear in her statement and the tiny hint of a question. Taking her hands for only a brief moment he nodded and gave her a warm smile,
"Yeah you've still got me." Rose nodded and smiled before looking at the TARDIS controls.
"So where we going next?" He gave her a manic grin as he leaned over the console,
"Let's find out!"

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