Chapter 1: It's Time To Graduate

The time is finally here, they have finally done it. Raven, Eddie and Chelsea standing in line together patiently in their baby powder blue graduation gown's and caps. Raven, Eddie and Chelsea finally get to walk across the graduation stage and Dr. Stuckerman is about to call their names and hand them their high school diploma's. Cory and Victor watches in the crowd as his daughter is about to grab her diploma and Cory is video taping this. Dr.Stuckerman finally says Raven's name and the next thing you know Victor is standing up and yells at the top of his lungs, so everyone can hear, "That's my baby walkin' across that stage!" He says excitedly clapping his hands and as Raven pretends she didn't know him. "Dad will you sit down? Your embarrassing me!" Cory begs. "I don't care if I'm embarrassing you. That's my child walkin' across that stage. And when your graduation comes, I'm gonna do the same exact thing so everyone can hear me." And he continues to clap. Soon Eddie and Chelsea also both have their diplomas and they sit down beside Raven. Raven, Chelsea and Eddie move their tasals to the other side of their caps as they sat down. Principal Stuckerman says "Now by the great state of California, I announce you as the graduating class of 2006 of Bayside High. Congratulations seniors." Every graduating senior grabs their cap on top of their head and they all toss them into the air.

The Graduation is over and Raven, Chelsea and Eddie walk into a darkened Baxter house to a fully decorated living room full of family members and friends. Everyone yells out, "Surprise!!!" Even Cory and Victor yell's it out too from behind. Chelsea's parents were there and a bunch of her cousins, and her friend Jennifer from veggie camp was their as well. Both Eddie's parents were there and his favorite aunt and uncle from Chicago were there as well (Because FAMILY MATTERS (tv show Harriette and Carl)) with their 4 children. Three of them who were much younger than Eddie, they still haven't even hit puberty. And then their's Raven's family. A lot of uncles and aunts and a litter of cousins as well including Andrea. And the famous Donna Cobbonna and her assistant Tiffany.

"What is this you guys?!" Raven says. Chelsea, Raven and Eddie all have surprised but confused looks on their faces. Chelsea points to a giant hanging hand painted white banner that reads "Congratulations Raven, Chelsea and Eddie!"

"We just wanted to throw you guys a little graduation party. You only graduate from high school once." Victor says.

"How did you guys do all of this?" Raven asks.

"It doesn't matter sweetie. Just enjoy yourselves. You three deserve it."

"Okay then. Let me get my swurve on!" Chelseas says. Raven and Eddie just looked at her.

After about 30 minutes into the party everybody is eating cake, drinking punch and dancin' to the music, except Raven. Raven is feeling a little sad. She misses her mother, more than anything. She wishes that she never took that scholarship to study international law in England.

"Hey, Sweetie. Is something the matter?" Victor says as he approaches.

"Dad, I wish mom were here. I missed her so much today."

"I know you do Rae. I do too." He hugs and comforts his daughter for a couple moments and kisses her on her forhead. "Will you stay here for just a minute? I'll be right back, I have to check on something."

Chelsea and Eddie suddenly appear on either side of Raven after Victor went and talked to Chelsea's mom. Chelsea's mom snuck off and did something through the kitchen doors.

"Hey Rae? Aren't you gonna enjoy this great party your dad put together for us?" Eddie asks.

"It's nice. I just miss my mom so much today. I wish she could have been here for the graduation." She leans her head on Eddies chest, with tears running down her face. Eddie didn't know what to do at first. But he slowly but surely puts his arms around her to let her know that he was there. There as only a friend. Eddie thinks to himself "This makes asking her out even harder, when she is upset and sad about something." Chelsea joins in by putting her hand on her Raven's shoulder and rubbing it back and forth.

"Raven, we're here for you if you need us." Chelsea says. Raven lifts her head up and stands erected. "Thanks you guys." Raven faces Eddie. "My face is a total mess!" She giggles. Eddie uses his thumb to wipe her runny tears and mascara away from her beautiful face. "Everything is gonna be okay, Rae. You look just fine." He says as they both stare deeply into each others eyes. He starts to lean in for a little kiss. And Chelsea covers her eyes just like she was a little kid playing hide and go seek. He just wanted a peck on the lips, when all of sudden Victor yells and gains everyone's attention. "Everybody! Please all eyes up here." Victor yells out. Eddie, Chelsea and Raven all walk towards Victor at the front door.

"In honors and celebration of Raven graduating." Victor says getting cut off by a fake cough made by Raven. "Eddie and Chelsea too." He adds. "Raven, I got you a little something." Victor says. "What is it dad?" "Why don't you open the door and look for yourself." Raven opens the door looks down into the drive way to see a brand new 2007 BMW black with a big red ribbon on top. "Ohhh... You got me a car?" Raven tring to sound enthusiastic.

"Thanks dad."

"Man that's a sweet ride!" Cory yells out. Victor looks over at Raven, and noticed disapointment on her face.

"What's wrong honey? Is it the wrong car? Wrong color? Wrong model?"

"No dad it's fine. It's perfect. I just can't stop thinking about mom."

"I know Honey." Actin' bummed out. "Rae. Can you go to your car?"

"Why Dad?"

"Some lady has been sittin' in your back seat all day. I just can't seem to make her come out." says smiling Victor. "And she says she know's you from some where."

"Okay then dad." Raven says as she is handed the keys to her car.

Raven goes out to the car, unlocks it and opens the door. And out pops a pretty familiar face.

"Hi Honey." says a familiar face.

To be Continued...