Title: Fatal Error

Author: Amethyst Hunter

Word count: 150

Rating: PG (violence)

Warnings/Spoilers: None

Disclaimer: Me no own GBers.

Summary: A thug learns the hard way why picking on Ginji is a very BIG mistake.


Two men have followed him into the alley. One is smoking a cigarette, fingers curved into ruthless fangs. One saunters shadowlike behind him with an eerily pleasant smile. Weapons flash through the night with thundered words and steely lightning.

It's over in seconds. Seeing his enemies none the worse for wear, Tetsuiga senses liquid heat dripping down his torso and looks - his clothes are stained red with what appears to be the bloody outline of a letter. He gags, drops his gun, feeling something suddenly break and split further apart inside him as if a vise has crushed his bones, and collapses on the ground.

"Why?" he chokes out at the attackers, just before the last of his blood drains into the gutters.

The hat-clad predator smiles charmingly, yet lethally, as he stoops and explains to the corpse while his partner, all blue ice, nods.

"You made Ginji-kun cry."