Title: Nobody's Perfect

Author: Amethyst Hunter

Word count: 100

Warnings/Spoilers: None

Rating: G

Disclaimer: I'd own him if I could, but 'Bane isn't mine and neither are his cohorts.

Summary: Akabane indulges in one of those time-honored rituals of winter…only to find it's not such a great idea.


Well. This was embarrassing, he decided.

Perhaps it hadn't been the greatest idea…but he'd been thirsty, and the ice was available. Akabane glared at his fellow transporters, somewhat thankful that they were true professionals; otherwise he would have had to kill them. And that would have been a shame.

"Thith ithn't hunny," he said to a snickering Maguruma. Lady Poison at least had the grace to try to withhold her giggling, futile attempt though it was.

Note to self, Akabane thought as he gingerly wiggled his still-stuck tongue. Never lick anything from a scalpel left extended in very cold weather.