Chapter 22

Mark walked hand in hand with his professor, his excitement for the expedition added by the comfort of the hand in his, he felt like the luckiest man on earth. This was it, with each step they were getting closer and closer to the tomb of the fabled Kiwai, A king among slaves. He'd heard stories, fantastic tales that twisted his mind. All in the voice of the passionate man beside him. Jared was so close to proving that Kiwai was no way but a fanatical tale woven by slaves, but that he was a real live being. Jared was going to clear his tarnish name with this dig and it filled Mark with joy. He deserved it, Dr Jared Polenski deserved every fucking bit of recognition. Eat your hearts out Cambridge Scholars!!

"Mark.." Mark was so lost in thought he never noticed that they had stopped. Had they walked two floors already? He looked up at his professor who was staring at the wall before him. Was it a dead end?

"What, we hit a dead end?" he questioned. Jared shook his head and as he removed his hand to rub his hand against his chin in thought, Mark mourned the lose of heat. His now empty hand felt cold and lonely, holding Jared's it gave a comfort that only a lover could give and they weren't even together!

'I've got it bad' Mark thought as he watched the hand he had just been holding rub rhythmic circles against the professors chin. Mark bit his lip as the professor moved the hand to run it through his hair, Mark wished he were the hand. 'Oh ya, Mark Leaner, you are in deep.'

"Here hold this" said Jared as he handed the flashlight over to Mark. Mark raised a brow and held it, what was he to do with it?

"Can you shine that on the wall please" Mark did. Was Dr P onto something? He watched in baited breath as Jared ran his hands along the wall. Jared was groping the wall and Mark fleetingly wished he was in the walls place. The professor crouched.

"Ah there you are?" came the whisper.

"What, what is it" he said frantic, his nerves frazzled in anticipation and wandering thoughts. Jared chuckled at Marks enthusiasm and turned to grin at him.

"Come and see." Mark crouched beside the professor, his eyes roving over the complex symbols of the Egyptian language. "What's it say?" he whispered, unaware of just how close he was to the professor. Oh Jared defiantly noticed, he could feel the heat pooling off him in waves, his skin was feeling sensitive, Jared found that he had always been sensitive to Mark, even before he developed this forbidden love for the man.

"I'm a little bit rusty…" he whispered bringing his face closer. Mark turned and raised a brow, and paused. He never noticed before but there were little flecks of gold in Jared's chocolate brown gaze.

"Pretty….." he whispered, then blushed as he realized what he said. He cough quickly covering his tracks, "You! Rusty? Not likely…" he said, his voice a higher pitch than before.

Jared chuckled at Marks cover, he felt flattered that Mark found his eyes…pretty. Such a feminine word.

"Yes well, I am a bit obsessed" he admitted.

"I wouldn't call it obsessed, more like passionate" Mark said. "Now what does it say."

Passionate. He's been called obsessed, crazy, daydreamer, but never passionate. He smiled, oh he can be passionate alright…he promptly closed of that train of thought.

"It say's .. 'this is the resting place of…' hmmm…that's strange.." Jared murmured as he ran his hand over a the scratched of symbols. The Egyptian didn't usually something like this unless the person buried here had done something exceptionally bad. His brow creased in a frown. Had Kiwai done something terrible in his life, or was this someone else's grave?…

"The names crossed out" mutter Mark, while Jared rubbed his thumb over the ridges. Jared hummed in agreement.

"Come on, help me push" he said standing up. Mark shrugged and stood beside his professor, on the count of three they pushed…and pushed and pushed some more…Mark panted.

"Dr P are you sure this isn't just a wall?" he said. Jared stared at Mark mid-push and paused.

"I'm almost positive it isn't" Mark raised a brow, sweat dribbled down his chin. Jared continued pushing.

"You sure? Cause it seems like a wall to me…." his voice trailing off as the wall creaked and caved a little.

"Told you it wasn't just a wall" Jared panted, "Now stop stalling and start pushing…" As the wall began to cave from both there efforts, a question filtered through Jared's mine….Who lay beyond, if not Kiwai?


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