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It's been almost three years since Tohru became a novice. But wouldn't be a full fledge novice until she was sixteen.

"You're growing more accustomed of a geisha's life aren't you Tohru-chan?" Hana asked one day as they were going through all their kimonos.

Tohru liked keeping her kimonos at Hana's house for she didn't want Rin to get near her stuff and ruin it all. Superstition is what you may call her. Megumi was also there helping but stayed quiet most of the time.

"But you still have a lot to do before we crush Rin and Kagura," Hana said rather fiercely. "Sure they don't follow us any longer but I've just heard Kagura won the apprenticeship award for the second time."

"I don't understand. There's an award for being an apprentice?" Tohru asked rather confused.

"Well it's any apprentice who had earned the most money in the previous month. They say Kagura might win it a third time as well," Hana said hanging some kimonos that wouldn't be used until next winter. It was currently summertime.

"So, why is this important?" Tohru asked rather cautiously.

"Because, Tohru-chan, it means that she's winning so far. You're supposed to be number one not her! But I can see as though in about five years, no on will remember who she is, except some of a few loyal customers," Hana said.

"Meaning that, she won't be as successful? But how is that possible when she's already won two awards?" Tohru asked.

"It means that Rin is pushing Kagura to her limits. Meaning that she'll do anything to make Kagura look good," Hana said.

"What's the point of making her look good?" Megumi asked this time.

"The more Kagura looks good, the better chances of her becoming adopted by that mother of yours Mayu-san. If Mayu-san adopts Kagura, there's no way that Rin will be thrown out. After all she is Kagura's older sister," Hana said.

"So you're saying is I must work harder to achieve some award?" Tohru said wrapping the last of the winter kimonos up before giving them to Hana.

"No, much harder than that. We need you to become world wide known and get your chances of becoming adopted," Hana said. "Just because Rin doesn't follow us anymore, she still probably has some plans waiting to be cooked to see us fail. So in the next two weeks or so, we'll be going to an engagement. A very important one so be prepared."

"Ano, may I ask where this engagement is taking place?" Tohru asked politely.

"I won't tell you when or where. Just be ready for me to summon you. We can't risk Rin finding out for this is an engagement that she hasn't heard of yet so far," Hana said shutting her closet.

For the next two weeks or so, Tohru spent most of her time at home looking through any special dates in the almanac. Of course she would rather be prepared that to be unexpected for the event.

Days passed and the two weeks were almost gone that is until one day, Hana summoned Tohru.

When Tohru got to Hana's house, only Megumi was there.

"She had some morning appointments to attend. She should be back in a few hours. Although she already has a kimono picked out from your collection," Megumi said. He led Tohru to Hana's dressing room where he showed her the kimono that she would wear today.

It was gorgeous and marvelous as usually. But this one happened to be one of Tohru's favorite. For it was a gold kimono with a black obi. On the back were the Chinese Zodiac animals in a circle. It was Ayame's Christmas gift last year to her. But since it was a summer/spring kimono, Tohru had to wait for winter to past to use it. Then Tohru noticed something also on the kimono. In the middle of the circle was the year of the cat – even though it wasn't included. Tohru smiled at this for she always felt slightly happier when the cat was always included not being left out.

"This is very beautiful," Tohru said out loud after changing with only the obi to be tied.

"Actually I picked it out, for Hana-san was in the morning rush and told me to pick something that you might like to wear for the engagement you're going to attend," Megumi said feeling somewhat embarrassed. Face it, he was always feeling awkward around Tohru.

"Well you chose wisely Megumi-chan. It's one of my favorites," Tohru said happily. She motioned him to tie her obi.

"Ah yes, sorry for dazing out. I have a lot of things going through my head at the moment," Megumi said wrapping the long obi around Tohru. He firmly tied the knot before being satisfied.

"Arigato Megumi-chan," Tohru said bowing. Megumi blushed slightly and excused himself.

"I'll leave some time to you for I have some work to be finished," Megumi said before leaving the room.

Tohru nodded and went to fix her hair a bit. She brushed it slowly for she liked taking her time. When feeling that her hair was smooth as silk, Tohru put half of her hair up, and wrapped it into a tiny bun. She put some golden chopsticks to make it stay in place.

"You're looking rather lovely as usual," Hana said behind Tohru.

"Ah, Hana-chan you're finally back from your appointments!" Tohru exclaimed.

"Well I got most of my appointments done except my last one was canceled so I obviously came home and we can leave early also," Hana said going to her closet to pick out a kimono for the engagement.

"Ano, will you tell me now where we're going yet?" Tohru asked anxiously.

"No, you'll just have to be patient until we get there. I still can't risk of letting one know. But this doesn't mean I don't trust you," Hana said coming out of her closet wearing a purple kimono that matched the color of her eyes. The obi was white and had beautiful graceful swans flapping their wings like they were doing a dance.

"Megumi! Come and help me tie this for me will you?" Hana called out. In an instant, Megumi came to the dressing room to help tie Hana's obi.

"So why are we so dressed up?" Tohru asked. She knew that some of Hana's kimono - like the one she was wearing - was saved for only rather special occasions.

"It's a secret Tohru-chan! Don't try spilling it out of me because I still won't tell you," Hana said winking. She then changed the subject. "I see that you picked a rather nice kimono out for Tohru-chan Megumi. You sure have great taste."

"Eh I don't think I have that much of taste in clothing. It just seemed to suit Tohru-san very well," Megumi said feeling embarrassed as usual.

"Ah don't be embarrassed Megumi-chan! I really like this kimono!" Tohru said giving one of her heart warming smiles.

Megumi felt flustered seeing this, but calmly said, "Well I'm glad that you liked what I pick."

"Maybe, you can become Tohru's assistant someday," Hana said winking as if she were up to something. Megumi just stood there speechless not knowing how to respond.

"Well let's get going shall we?" Hana said already heading out the door.

"I'll see you later okay Megumi-chan?" Tohru said hurrying up to slip on her shoes and catching up to Hana.

The engagement was probably rather far, for Hana said they had to take a train to get there! Either that or she just didn't want to be seen by Rin and be followed. Tohru hadn't been on a train since the day she was taken away from her parents. So it sort of scared her of going on this giant monster that moved at a quick pace.

"Are you afraid of trains Tohru-chan?" Hana asked worriedly seeing the expression of Tohru's face.

"Ah, I'm not that scared. It just brings up some bad memories is all," Tohru said quietly.

"Like what? Almost being hit by a train?" Hana said trying to lighten up the mood.

"Nothing like that. It's just that I think this is the same train that took me here to Gion from Osaka for the first time when I was separated from my family," Tohru said sadly.

"Oh, I see," Hana said letting the subject drop.

The rest of the train ride was pretty quiet but they were getting there rather quickly.

"Well, we're almost there. I guess I can tell you where we are now," Hana said. "We're in Tokyo going to see the Shii Sumo Wrestling Tour. We'll be meeting some very important people. One of my most important clients and he will be here with his son. Your job is to win over his son, for he just take over the family business once his father retires."

"Ano, may I ask how old he may be?" Tohru asked curiously.

"Hmm you're only 15 right? So he should be around 17 or so. Very handsome I hear," Hana said winking teasing Tohru a bit.

The train ride finally abrupt to a stop. They were finally at their destination. Tohru and Hana got off the train and went to hail down a carriage to take them to the Shii Sumo Wrestling Tour.

It only too about 15 minutes to get to the stadium, Hana was describing on the way there. Yes it was massive. It looked like bio-dome on the outside. As Hana paid the driver, Tohru stared in amazement at the stadium. She also watched all the people making their way inside. But one particular person caught her eye. As Tohru got a closer look, she saw that it was Rin's geisha friend Kimi.

"Hana-chan! That's Rin's friend Kimi! If she sees us, she might tell Rin where we're at!" Tohru said on the verge of panic.

"Well, let's wait until they disappear. And I didn't know Rin could have any friends being the witch that she is," Hana chuckled.

They waited a few moments before Kimi was out of site. Then they made their way inside the huge stadium. After taking off their shoes, Hana led Tohru to an arena where there were sumo wrestlers fighting. Tohru didn't see who the people they were supposed to see until she saw a man waving his arms wildly.

As Hana and Tohru made their way to the people, Tohru saw that Kazuma was there. Meaning Kyo should be there hopefully!

"Tohru-chan?" Hana said breaking Tohru out of her daydreaming. "Meet Mr. Sohma the president of the Kyoto's Electric Company. One of the best business ever. And this is his son, Yuki-san. Charming boy isn't he?" Hana said.

"It's an honor to meet you President-san," Tohru said bowing rather formally than usual. Hana said the key was to impress this guy and son any way or other.

"The pleasure is all mine. You've met Kazuma right?" the president asked.

"Ah yes, I've met Tohru-chan and Hana-chan plenty of times," Kazuma said.

As Hana and the president talked, Kazuma whispered, "If you're looking for Kyo, I'm sorry to say that he isn't here today for he caught a bug that's going around."

"Ah how did you know? But arigato for informing me," Tohru said bowing.

"Tohru-chan! Introduce yourself to Yuki-san! We need to have good impressions like I've mentioned before," Hana said whispering before turning back to the president.

Yuki was indeed a 'charming boy' as Hana put it. He had soft silver hair with mysterious silver/purple eyes to match. His personality seemed rather cold for some reason. Tohru tried her best to be kind to him.

"Ano, it's a pleasure to meet you Yuki-san," Tohru said bowing. "I'm Tohru Ho-" she was cut off and didn't get to finish.

"Can you please be quiet? I'm trying to concentrate on this match you know," Yuki said rather coldly.

"Ah, I'm very sorry!" Tohru said bowing in apologies.

"I said please be quiet!" Yuki said turning to Tohru. Then the crowd cheered as one of the sumo wrestlers fell down.

"Great, now I missed it," Yuki said like if he didn't see somebody fall down, it'll be the end of the world for him.

"I'm very very sorry Yuki-san," Tohru said apologizing like crazy.

"Well, it doesn't matter that much until I see my favorite wrestler fight," Yuki said calming down a bit.

"So what is your name again novice?" Yuki said coldly.

"Ah, I'm Tohru sir," Tohru said bowing once again. "It's a pleasure to meet you."

"Hmph, but shouldn't your name start with 'Hana' something like that older sister of yours?" Yuki asked.

"Well, the fortune teller tried to work things out, but in the end, they thought my name is good enough already," Tohru explained.

"Fortunes, such a waste of time. Going to them for every little thing. Someday you should stop listening to such nonsense," Yuki said shaking his head.

"Now Yun-chan, you shouldn't be so cold hearted to the girl," Kazuma said teasingly.

"I'm not cold-hearted. I just think it's stupid is all. So you're name is Tohru huh? Well that's a pretty name even though it's a boy's name. But not all pretty names are good together with pretty girls," Yuki said.

At first Tohru was thinking that Yuki found her 'ugly' but was relieved when he said, "But in your case, your name and you go together perfectly. You look prettier than Hana-san possibly."

"Ah that's no fair Yuki-san. No girl ever wants to hear that she isn't the most beautiful girl in Gion," Hana said jokingly.

"But she has something that most people don't even have. Look at her eyes, I've never seen anyone which such a color for eyes," Yuki said.

He looked more closely at Tohru's eyes as if he were inspecting her face. "Such startling eyes. They even give off a slight shimmer if it was possible."

Tohru just felt rather flustered about this whole thing but didn't let it get passed her. Before she could say anything the uproar of the crowd interrupted everything. For two sumo wrestlers made their way to the middle of the arena.

"Ah that's my favorite wrestler, Musashimaru. Most people call him Maru for short," Yuki said.

"Ano, would you care enough to explain the rules of sumo wrestling?" Tohru asked. She thought of what Hana said earlier about first impressions. Tohru also had to pretend at the least to be absorbed to whatever Yuki was saying.

"As if I've never seen a geisha like to be interested in sumo. I thought geisha rather dance or sing than listen about sumo rules," Yuki said chuckling in a mean way. "I can tell you one thing though; sumo wrestling and samurai fighting are the two most important things in my life. And war if you want to count that. But tell me why I should explain these rules to you? For you look like a girl who doesn't even care."

"Well here's how I see things. Sumo wrestling is like a dance between two different people. Samurai fighting is like a dance between two warriors. War is like a dance between two countries. So I want to learn all those different dances out there," Tohru said.

"Well that's a rather strange way to put things. But I guess I can tell you the rules," Yuki said.

As Yuki began to explain, Tohru hung on every single word he was saying trying to be at least interested.

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