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Edward loves to dance. Bella wants to make him happy.

Come Dancing

by silly bella

At prom, I learned what a good dancer Edward was. He moved with grace and power. Not just his everyday grace and power, his whole family did that all the time. No, this was with a fluidity and… joy that he didn't show the rest of the time. It made me wonder what he would think if I could actually dance with him instead of him whirling me around the floor like a pas de deux between a ballet dancer and a sack of potatoes. Not that I'd ever be able to really dance.

First, I did a little reconnaissance. I asked Esme.

"Well, Bella, dear, he's always been able to dance. At least, as long as I've known him. I believe he learned how to waltz as a human. He has the smoothest step I've ever seen when he waltzes." She smiled, obviously remembering some past event. "Carlisle has never been a big dancer. He does it to make me happy. But Edward, he does truly love to dance."

She leaned forward conspiratorially and whispered, "We learned to Foxtrot together, you know. It was a new dance in the 1920s, part of the rebellious times. I think it's his favorite. He likes the Latin dances as well. I think he's quite pleased that Salsa is becoming popular again. And swing, he loved that. He liked to show off. He still does, a bit. At least for you." Her brow furrowed. "He was so dismayed in the sixties when dancing changed so much. He hated that people no longer held their partners. He likes the modern music, but he's never been much for modern dancing."

So, the Foxtrot. I could learn that. Couldn't I? Next stop for research: the Internet. Foxtrot. Works with almost any music. Smooth dance. Subtle rise and fall. Waltz-like turns. Promenades. Twinkles. Chasses. I sighed and shook my head. I felt less sure every minute. Maybe I'm kidding myself.

I printed out the steps. It didn't help that most of them just showed the man's steps. He sucked venom out of your blood. He sent his family over half the United States to protect you from a psychotic vampire. You can do this one thing for him. This one little thing. I hated talking to myself, but I needed a little persuading. I could start off slowly, without music. Less pressure that way. Slow step, slow step, quick, quick. I counted off the pattern out loud. I repeated it over and over, trying to get the rhythm in my head. I still hadn't even begun to move my feet.

Deep breath. Slow, slow, quick, quick. The man's steps began with the right foot, so mine should begin with the left. Slow, slow, quick, quick. Follow the zig-zag pattern. Slow, slow, quick, quick. Slow, slow, quick, quick. Breathe, Bella, breathe.

Edward was hunting tonight with Emmett and Rosalie. It was a good thing. I would at least have some time to practice some basic steps without him finding out. It might be two more weeks before I could practice again. But so far, I hadn't fallen. That was something. Even if I couldn't begin to keep up with him, I might manage to stay on two feet instead of falling flat on my face on the dance floor. Thank goodness for small miracles.

I might never learn the promenade, manage a twinkle, or even try a chasses, but perhaps I could learn to dance through the basic step and follow Edward's lead. The bonus was that this dance worked with any music, any tempo, so it was versatile as well as being his favorite. So I kept practicing, slow, slow, quick, quick. Zig. Slow, slow, quick, quick. Zag.