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Edward loves to dance. Bella wants to make him happy.

Let's Dance

by silly bella

"Tonight's the night," I muttered. I was a nervous wreck. This seemed more and more a crazy idea. The shoes were just one inch heels, but they were more than enough to be lethal for me. The skirt was simple, midnight-blue cotton with embroidery. A simple cotton tee in a lapis blue that matched the embroidery on the skirt topped it off. He liked it when I wore blue, so maybe he'd notice what I was wearing instead of how badly I danced. Of course, knowing Edward, he'd notice both.

I'd tripped in the doorway when I left Charlie's. I'd nearly fallen when my heel sank into the damp ground in front of the Cullens' house. At this rate, I might need another cast by the time I left tonight. I wondered if Carlisle was working tonight.

Jasper met me at the door. "What's wrong Bella?" He reached for my shoulder in order to calm me. He grinned speculatively. "Why are you so nervous?" He eyed the CD in my hand. Alice appeared beside him. She didn't speak, but her smile spread from ear to ear.

Edward was upstairs with Emmett. I knew it because Emmett had promised to make sure he was here. Emmett keeps his promises, even if he has no idea what they're about. I asked anyway. "He's in his room, isn't he?" Alice nodded eagerly. Jasper raised his eyebrows. I raised a finger and pressed it to my lips. Alice reached up to cover Jasper's mouth and made a motion like a key locking her own.

"Don't you look beautiful," Esme murmured as she came down the stairs. She, too, noticed the CD in my hand. "Is Edward expecting you?"

I felt myself blushing. "Thank you, Esme. He didn't know I was coming, but he's probably figured out, by now, that I'm here." She hugged me as I passed her. Now if I could just make it upstairs without falling.

Rosalie stepped out of her room and glared at me. I didn't have to have Edward's gift to know she felt angry because I'd involved Emmett in something. It didn't really matter what, that it was a favor for me was enough. She'd already thrown a fit when Emmett had spent hours with me on the computer downloading music while Edward was hunting with Alice and Jasper. I was grateful. It would have taken a million years on my computer. Rosalie hadn't known what we were doing, either. I wasn't sure she'd keep it a secret. But things had been a little more uneasy than usual with her after that.

I kept going, taking the second flight of stairs to Edward's room. Some kind of loud music blared from behind the door. I didn't recognize it, but I knew that it didn't sound like it was anything Edward would choose. Emmett was good. Maybe Edward hadn't heard me after all. I knocked on the door.

"Thank goodness. Anything is better than this," Edward muttered as the music stopped abruptly. He opened the door. I smiled apprehensively. He grinned wildly, glancing at Emmett and then back to me. "And in some cases, much, much better than this." Emmett laughed and winked at me. He headed out the door, then leaned back inside, raised his eyebrows and flicked the light switch off before he left the room. The moon shining through the big window was all the light we needed.

Edward stroked my cheek and whispered, "To what do I owe this spectacular pleasure?"

"I didn't really get to dance with you at prom," I paused, "and I understand that you really like to dance." I breathed deeply.

He tilted his head forward and raised his eyebrows. He beamed as he took my hand and led me to his wall of music. "Is there anything in particular you'd like to dance to? Just say the word." I handed him the CD. He took Emmett's music out of the stereo carefully placed my CD in to play.

As the music purred out of the speakers, he appeared a bit surprised at the soft jazz and popular songs from the thirties; things that might be slow enough for me stay on my feet. He took my right hand in his and led me to the center of the room. I placed my other arm over his shoulder and ran my fingers over the back of his neck. He settled his hand at my waist as I leaned closer to him. In my head, I repeated over and over: slow, slow, quick, quick. But I relaxed a little. It was easier dancing with someone who could lead or hold me up if I tripped over my own feet.

"I thought you didn't like to dance?" His voice turned up at the end, making it a question.

I swallowed and shook my head. "I don't. But you do. As long as you promise me that you won't let me hit the ground, I'll dance with you any time you want." I looked into his eyes. "But could I make one request?"

He smiled at me, "Anything… except…"

"For once, I'm not asking about that," I laughed. "It's just, when we dance, can we do it here? Instead of at school functions?" I smiled back at him.

He considered my request for a moment then murmured, "How about with one exception?"

I frowned. "And what would that be?" I asked cautiously.

"If you think for one minute I'm going to allow you to miss your senior prom…"

His voice faded and I laughed. "That's a reasonable compromise." Or at least as good as I was going to get. After that, he kissed me, and I wasn't sure if I was dizzy from the way he spun me around the room in gentle turns, or from his kisses. It didn't really matter.