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Ask Ino
First Edition

Ino: Welcome to Ask Ino! Ino Yamanaka here to help you with all your match making needs!

Shikamaru: -mumbles- Like you've ever had a date before...

Ino: -smacks- Who asked you?!

Chouji: You're both loud. -munches-

Ino: Why are you guys here...oh, nevermind. It's time for me to open my first letter!

Dear Ino,
How are you so beautiful AND popular??
Love always, anonymous.

Shikamaru: ...you've got to be kidding me...

Ino: -giggles- It's simple, dear anonymous person! I'm INO!! -laughs maniacally-

Shikamaru: Great, now you've got her going...how bothersome...I'm leaving.

Chouji: -munch- Me too.

Ino: Ahahah...aha...hey...where'd everybody go!?

Yorick: Send your hardest life questions to Ino Yamanaka, and you're guaranteed an honest answer...unfortunately.