Er, yeah. My brain is on melt down so I wanted to free a bit of space and write this little thing. This actually could apply to a lot of couplings and not just SasuNaruSasu. I was actually wondering what coupling it was when I finished.

Title: This sick lie called hope

Fandom: Naruto

Pairing: SasuNaruSasu

Rating: PG 13

Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto.


This sick lie called hope.

I'd die for you but I'd never kill my purpose for you.

Do you understand?

I'm sure you don't, after all, I've never explained it to you. Then again, words are useless and expensive. They cost far too much to be used often; too much trust are placed in these words. 'I love you' is far too often to be taken seriously, your I love you's especially. You can casually throw it at me, with a grin on your face. (Farther and farther you fall in debt because of these words. Soon, you'll have to pay it all back.)

Funny, how such useless things such as words can bring a smile to my lips or tears down my face. Funny, isn't it? I'd rather the hug over your cold "I love you". I'd rather your warmth than your act. (Your a little actor, didn't you know?)

You can't say you love me one day and ignore me the next. (Sorry honey, it doesn't work that way.)

It's sick.

The way you give me hope. But yet, I have to thank you for giving me something. After all, I was the one always giving.

Sometimes I wonder if I tried too hard, other times I wonder if I didn't try hard enough and now I wonder if it's worth trying at all.

"Your worth it."

You look at me, frowning in disapproval. (At my choice perhaps?)

I know what your thinking, your thinking how stupid I am, how pathetic I am. I know I am. But still. Still I want to try; even if there's no point. I guess that is stupid, huh? To chase after a dream you know that you'll never achieve. To give up your life for someone you know won't even spare a second glance at you. To continue to run; chasing after you, giving up your child hood, dreams, wants for this person. To run, only hearing the echo's of the past after you've blindly ran through it.


Why would someone do something so stupid and illogical? When they know that they don't want to be with you but beside you.

Your worth it.

Sometimes I hate you for it.

Other times, you hate yourself for it.

That gives me more of your sick lie. (Hope.)