Another new fanfiction! I need to learn when to stop. Seriously, I have WAY to many now. Anyway, I know a bajillion people have done AU fanfictions about them all in high school and everything, but I wanted to try this out so this started out as a oneshot and developed into this whole fanfiction and this is my version. Seriously, I'm doing this for fun so I have no idea how long this will last or whatever. And it may not be socially accurate because I got into high school and three weeks later I found out I had to be home schooled, so I have no social life! So I took the one thing I was able to make it to which was Homecoming and applied it to Avatar. Because I was bored and this idea amused me, which is how I come up with a lot of fan fiction ideas. –headdesk- So yeah…this takes place when they're older obviously because twelve year old Aang wouldn't be in high school and I'll explain more about the ages later soooo enjoy! Katara gets to do the disclaimer!

Katara: Kat doesn't own us!


Katara groaned leaning against her locker.

"You'll be at my party won't you, Aang? No one else will come. No one wants to come; Haru can't make it, Teo's out of town…Toph's going to try to sneak out since her Dad doesn't let her have a social life," she sighed.

"Sure, Katara. You know I'd wouldn't want be anywhere else in the world tonight." Aang said, putting his books away.

"I can always count on you, Aang. Thanks, it'll be tonight at five thirty after my swimming practice." Katara told him.

"See you then," Aang waved as Katara went off to her practice. Aang turned back to his locker and sighed as he started to close his locker.

"Wait!" Sokka called holding the locker.

"Oh, sorry." Aang apologized. Sokka started to grab his books as Aang sighed after Katara. Sokka looked over his shoulder at his sister.

"Just ask her to Homecoming already!" Sokka exclaimed.

"I can't, whenever I do I get nervous. And if she says no then our friendship is ruined forever." Aang explained.

"Look, you're going to her party tonight aren't you?" he asked as if he didn't hear.

"Yeah, of course." Aang said.

"Just ask her tonight then." Sokka told him, slamming their locker shut.

"Maybe." Aang considered.

"Look, you'll have to ask soon if you're going to ask her. I've heard rumors that Jet and Haru were going to ask her. I've heard Zuko was going to ask her too, but that's a load of shit, I'm sure." Sokka told him.

"What? Where did you hear this?" Aang asked.

"Other than it being obvious, Suki told me. She had been talking to her friends, whose boyfriend is friends with them and they were discussing who they were going to ask." Sokka told him.

"Well, you're right. I'd have to ask her tonight, she said no one could make it, not even Haru." Aang sighed.

"Exactly." Sokka grinned. "Okay, so are you going stop by today after school before the party?"

"Yeah, well I have to get a ride with you. I just missed the bus." Aang said checking his watch.

"Okay, that's cool." Sokka slung his bag over his shoulder.

"Let's go this way." Aang pointed to the right. They started to head out and as they passed by the pool Aang slowed way down.

"Oh, you're looking for Katara, aren't you?" Sokka laughed. Aang caught a glimpse of Katara as she was finishing a lap and getting out of the pool.

"Okay, w-we can go." Aang said his eyes lingering and he snatched his eyes away.

"As soon as you stop staring at my sister like that. I'm all for giving you dating advice…but you gotta stop staring at my sister like that." Sokka told him.

"Sorry." Aang apologized as they headed out to Sokka's old car. He unlocked the doors and they both got in and Sokka drove them to his and Katara's house.