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So how was the heroic mission? Successful I see?



Sokka slammed his laptop shut engulfing his entire room in darkness. He felt his way around his nightstand to hear his phone vibrating on the floor across the room. Sokka jumped off the bed and grabbed it, answering the phone.

"Suki! I love you so much!" Sokka answered.

"What happened?" Suki asked.

"The guy had a knife! And Mai was badass, but you probably would have been more badass if you were there and Iroh had to pay the guy like a gajillion dollars just to get Appa out of there safely it was insane!" Sokka exclaimed.

"Okay, I'll get the story from Katara…no she dramatizes things to much…Toph…she'd hype it up too much…I'll get the story from Mai tomorrow at school." Suki sighed.

"Speaking of tomorrow…TGIF in like ten minutes!" Sokka glanced at his digital clock as he climbed back up onto his bed.

"TGIF…we do have finals coming up soon though…did you forget?" Suki asked.

"Finals? Yeah, those things I blow off at the end of each semester?" Sokka asked.

"Sokka…we should study this weekend."

"Hey, that was funny cause I was just going to ask you on a date this weekend."

"We can have a study date," Suki amended his date plan. Sokka was about to complain before Suki interrupted. "I'll make food and bring it over."

"Suh-weet!" Sokka grinned.

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Sokka and Suki need to find a quieter way to talk at midnight on a school night.

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"Are you getting too loud for Katara?" Suki laughed at the Facebook update.

"Yeah," Sokka laughed. Katara stuck her face in his room.

"Seriously." Katara sighed.

"Alright, I have to go. Text me or Facebook if you need anything else tonight. Goodnight." Sokka sighed. He hung up and exasperatedly shrugged at Katara. His phone screen lit up with vibration as Katara left the room. Sokka picked up his phone and opened to his inbox.


When do u want to get 2gether this weekend? May 13 12:02 AM

Sokka hurriedly typed out a response: 'idk, friday? afterschool?' and hit send. Suki responded: 'do u want me to bring food or not? make it evening'. Sokka replied: 'ilu, works 4 me' before falling asleep without getting under the covers.


The next morning at school Sokka excitedly hurried over to Suki's locker before lunch. He found his sister already there talking to her.

"Hello." Sokka coldly greeted his sister. He planted a kiss on Suki's cheek with a grin. "Where's the sidekick-boyfriend? He has this lunch…unless I've been imagining him all semester?" Sokka asked.

"He's finishing up a Biology lab." Katara sighed, rolling her eyes.

"Eww, are you still going to want to touch him after he's touched frog guts?" Sokka asked.

"Sokka! It's not even the dissection lab! They're just looking under slides on the microscopes." Katara shrugged.

"Or are they doing the reproductive system? Remember when they did that in, what grade was that like sixth? Seventh? Aang wouldn't look at you for a week he was so embarrassed!" Sokka laughed.

"Still bringing that up are you?" Katara sighed. "He should only be another ten minutes…so I'll hang out with you guys until then."

"Whatever, we're not interesting at all." Sokka shrugged. "Anyway, Suki, you still coming over tonight?"

"Yes, did you think I forgot?" Suki rolled her eyes.

"Aw, I was going to have Aang over to study for finals!" Katara sighed.

"That's what we're doing! Just have Aang over and we'll have a study party!" Suki invited.

"Yeah right, like Sokka's getting any studying done." Katara rolled her eyes.

"That's what I'm worried about, too." Suki smirked. "Don't worry."

"You guys have absolutely no faith in me!" Sokka exclaimed. "Besides you and the freshman would be the ones not getting any studying done! He's taking freshie classes. You're in like smart classes." Sokka rolled his eyes.

"Which is a lot more than you can say," Katara rolled her eyes. "Maybe Aang can help you study." Katara retorted. "Also, can you take me to get my license sometime this week?" Katara begged.

"Finally! You only turned sixteen like ten years ago." Suki squealed.

"She'd be like twenty-six, Suki." Sokka rolled his eyes. Suki and Katara ignored him.

"I know, I wanted to wait till the summer…it's more convenient." Katara shrugged.

"That and someone was too lazy to track all their hours." Sokka rolled his eyes. "Someone's going to have to go through hell coming up with bogus hours."

"Oh, Sokka. You know I got all my hours in. But, I don't have a car of my own, which means…" Katara looked over at Sokka.

"Which means you can use Gran's, she never goes out on her own except for doing old lady things." Sokka rolled his eyes.

"Like going to church and the grocery store?" Suki laughed.

"Yes! Though Gran probably has to take you to do all that stuff. You did the driving with her…I think she has to turn the paperwork in and sign off…if I'm remembering right?" Sokka looked at Suki.

"I don't know," Suki shrugged.

"It was so long ago…" Sokka sheepishly grinned as they stood in line in the cafeteria.

"Yeah, an entire year…year and a half ago?" Katara rolled her eyes.

"Katara!" Aang called to her from outside of the line.

"Aang!" Katara waved. "See you guys later!"

"Talk about rude…just leave the conversation!" Sokka exclaimed. Katara ignored him.

"Hey, want to go sit outside? The weather is finally perfect!" Aang suggested.

"Sounds great!" Katara grinned. "Did the biology lab go okay?"

"Yeah, our lab group got extra credit for cleaning up because everyone cleared out as soon as the bell rang." Aang grinned.

"Awesome! Not like you need it though," Katara laughed. They found a free shady area out in front of the school and sat down. "Speaking of grades and stuff, are you still planning on coming over after school today to study?" Katara asked.

"Yeah, I told Uncle Gyatso I was." Aang opened up his brown paper bag.

"Okay," Katara grinned. "Sokka is having Suki over so we can have like a study group or something like that. Maybe we can all pitch in a couple bucks and have pizza delivered."

"Awesome," Aang took a bite out of his sandwich. They were silent for a couple moments. "I can't believe this year is almost over."

"Yeah, it was a crazy year." Katara thoughtfully nodded.

"A great year…I finally asked you out!" Aang chuckled.

"And I'm glad you finally did! I had only been waiting since like sixth grade!" Katara giggled.

"That would have been a little strange if a middle school kid was 'dating' an elementary school kid." Aang laughed.

"All right, you got me there. I couldn't have asked for perfect timing." Katara pecked him on the cheek. After they finished their lunch, they relaxed out on the school lawn for a little while longer until it was time for class. Aang walked Katara to her class and said his goodbyes until the end of the day.

"It'll only be another three hours before you see her again, give her another kiss for me, Twinkle Toes." Toph snuck up behind the two.

"Toph!" Aang growled. "Let's get to class…see you, Katara." The day passed slowly for everyone, but eventually the last bell rang and students poured out of the classes. Aang met Katara at her locker as she carefully selected the books she wanted to bring home.

"Hey, bitch!" Zuko called from down the hall.

"Ugh, I thought I'd get through one hour of him not harassing me!" Katara groaned.

"An hour?" Aang shot a look at Zuko.

"Yeah at the end of the period before last Zuko's an office aid and he dropped by a message for someone in our class. Lucky for me he spotted me and stopped to talk for a while before the teacher noticed." Katara sneered at Zuko.

"Oh you were hardly working on that Math work anyway." Zuko rolled his eyes. "Anyway, I had something important to discuss here."

"What? That your perfect hair isn't laying right today?" Katara rolled her eyes.

"My hair is perfect, thank you." Zuko shot back. "I'd just like to bring to your attention that it's a Friday afternoon and I have nothing to do!"

"Not our problem!" Katara shut her locker and started to walk away. "You have a girlfriend, take her out to dinner and a movie."

"Not when her Nazi parents are ruling over the house. Besides you guys are more fun to annoy anyway." Zuko shrugged.

"Zuko…just to let you know, we intend to study for our finals, because we haven't blown off our education like you have!" Katara snapped.

"Hey, don't just assume things about me." Zuko quietly mumbled.

"What? I can't assume you don't really care about your education because you only taken nothing but free periods this entire semester and not challenge yourself by taking harder accelerated classes to get into college?" Katara lashed out.

"Katara, what is your problem?" Aang asked backing away in fear.

"He hasn't been living in your basement for the past ten months or how long has it been?" Katara growled as they arrived at Suki's locker.

"What is going on here?" Sokka could only stare in awe as he watched Katara blow up at Zuko.

"It's only been like four…" Aang muttered.

"It's felt like ten!" Katara roared.

"Hey, relax…I'm going to be out of your house by summer." Zuko shrugged. "Which is like what four weeks? Not even that."

"Oh, it's this thing. Katara's been insane for like the past week about Zuko about this. You know, if she wasn't with Aang and he wasn't with Mai, I'd say it was a matter of days until these two got together." Sokka shrugged at Suki.

"What the hell, Sokka?" Katara flipped her anger towards him.

"Nothing, continue blowing up him, please." Sokka bowed towards Zuko. "We're walking towards the car."

"The only reason I'm not in the honors program is because of my grades from last year." Zuko explained.

"So now your saying you want to try?" Katara exasperatedly rolled her eyes.

"I'm saying I want to at least get a job and get into a community college." Zuko clenched his fist.

"Well it's nice to know the douche from high school has a low standard dream." Katara tightened the straps on her backpack irritably.

"Life hasn't always bee been sunshine and rainbows for me, Katara! What the hell is your problem?" Zuko roared. Mai met them at the front lobby, joining the rest of the students in giving Zuko and Katara odd looks.

"What the hell is going on you guys? You're only making a drama scene fit for a teen soap opera." Mai dryly commented.

"Katara thinks she's miss perfect by judging everyone again." Zuko rolled his eyes. "Can you do something tonight? Like sneak out? Blast the bars off your window? Please?"

"Zuko, I can tell my parents I'm going to the library to study. I'll be fine." Mai shrugged.

"Omigod, really?" Zuko asked. "Thank you! Are we going to the library?"

"Do you have to study?" Mai asked.

"Uh, not seriously? How about a coffee shop date, instead?" Zuko asked.

"Sounds good, do you want to meet there at five?" Mai asked.

"Dinner at six-thirty?" Zuko added.

"Your treat." Mai smirked.

"Well, I'm glad we solved your problem of having nothing to do, Zuko." Katara rolled her eyes.

"Thanks, Mrs. Bitch." Zuko folded his arms. "I'll see you guys at home!"

"Wait, does that make me Mr. Bitch?" Aang asked, in a confused voice.

"I believe that does, Mr. Bitch." Sokka put his arm around Aang after he had said goodbye to Suki. "Now, come on. This is only the eighty-ninth time you've missed the bus this semester. Are you getting in or what?"

"Well, Aang wouldn't have been going home, because he's coming over to study, remember?" Katara growled.

"Right, whatever." Sokka rolled his eyes. "Get in…"


First, I was trying to make it more Kataang, but as soon as that happened Zuko snuck in and just made Katara appear bipolar. WTH. WTHHHH. I CAN'T CONTROL MY CHARACTERS. THEY RUN RAMPANT. REALLY. Uh, something else, but then the Katara/bipolar thing came up...I personally have felt like I haven't used Sokka's POV, or done enough Sokka/Suki to even consider it apart of the fanfic. So that's how this started out.

I'm going to amend the whole bipolar thing next chapter though. Not try, do. See that Yoda quote there? I'm legit. Or I'll just make her more bipolar. TUNE IN NEXT TIME. We'll see how much time I have in between Calc homework and College Comp and Econ and PROGRAMMING. I'M ENTERING HELL. FK;ALDKFJ;ALEKFJ;

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