Life is a never ending journey to everybody and even the Sohmas cannot escape from fate. It may be their destiny to be cursed but fate will still take her course upon them. With the forging of relationships, fate wove tighter rings around us. For Sohma Akito, this is his story, a story of love, a story of friendship and a story of life.

It was the middle of April, where the sakura blossoms are out in full. Trees are bent over, with a pink crown upon their heads. Tohru was walking home all alone as Yuki is required at a Student's Council meeting. As for Kyou, he was at the dojo. Though alone, Tohru still managed to walk with a smile, while planning for dinner. The wind blew, lifting everything in its way, including the fallen sakura on the floor. As the wind lead the flowers in a merry dance, Tohru stood still and watched, as an unbidden memory leap to the surface.


"Hurry up, Tohru-chan! I want to see the flowers!" A young girl's voice called out

"Hai, hai! Nee-chan! Coming! Wait for me!" Tohru replied, while pulling on her shoes.

"Sayonara, Obasan! I will take good care of Tohru-chan! Do you want ice-cream for dinner?" The girl called as she grasped Tohru's wrist and pulled her through and out of the door.

"Have a good time, my dears! And yes, Ling-chan, I want chocolate ice-cream! Don't forget!!!!!!!!! "Laughed Tohru's mother, Kyoko as she waved them out of the door.

Tohru smiled to herself as she recalled her first playmate in her life. Resuming her walk, she recalled how they danced in the shower of blossoms and the pretty picture that they made together. She also recalled how both of them pigged out on the desserts, the way children do. How Ling-chan, with her black silky hair, contrast sharply with the pink and white colours of the sakura petals. How young Tohru, smiling innocently, laughing away…….Tohru took a deep breath, breathing in the scents of Spring while murmuring "Ling-chan……….Ever since you left Japan years ago, I haven't seen you in ages…….Ling-chan, how are you now?"

So lost was Tohru in her thoughts, she did not pay attention to where she was walking. Not surprising, she bumped into someone. "Gomen! Gomen! I am so sorry! Are you alright?!" Tohru blushed a bright red as she keep on apologizing and bowing to the stranger in front of her.

"Tohru-chan………?" The stranger called her name.

Author's words:

Hello people, this is my first time writing a fanfiction. So please, be kind in your comments and reviews! Flames are welcome but not too much please! I wrote this story about 2 years back and hence, my story will clash with what is happening in the manga itself. Please kindly overlook this and hope you will like the remaining parts. It will be a long one. Till then, ja!