Ling-chan's POV ---------------------

Nothing seems to be changed. All the buildings are still intact and beautifully kept and maintained. Even the path that I took five years ago is still the same. Memories of the past crept upon me, but I feel as if I left this place only yesterday. I wonder how is Akito-kin……..even his house is still the same.

Ling-chan stood outside the house for a while, then took a deep breath before stepping in. she walked along the wooden and quiet corridors, taking in every detail. At last, she came to the sliding doors that will open to Akito's chambers. Closing her eyes, she reached out to open the door. Instead of paper and wood, she encountered the feeling of cloth.

"Ling-chan……………………….." A male voice breathed her name. Ling-chan snapped opens her eyes in shock. Standing in front of her, larger than life, is Akito himself! He stood in the doorway, dressed in his familiar black clothing. Since the last time they parted, time has taken its toll on him. He is now taller than Ling-chan, but skinner than ever. Though pale looking, he still have the aura of command around him.

Akito's POV ----------------------

Never do I expect to see Ling-chan again. Five years had passed and she had grown even lovelier than ever. As for me, I am about to die. What's the purpose to come back to a dying man? She deserves better and more……………

"What are you doing here, my love?" Akito asked gently. Ling-chan leaned in and cupped his left cheek with her right hand as she said softly "I have come home at last, Akito-kun."

Disbelief tugged at him. Happiness poured through h, Akito then grabbed Ling-chan to him for a moment before he held her away, his face sobering as he asked the all important question. "But for how long?"

For a moment, Ling-chan did not answer. She looked up at the face of her husband-to-be and her wondrous black eyes glittered and shined with a sudden light. This time, she answered with a smile and determined air. "For the rest of my life, as I love you, Akito-kun."



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