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Doakes hated all lab techs, they just pissed him off, thinking that they were the real reason they won cases, better than the people risking their lives everyday to keep them safe. But no one rubbed him the wrong way more than Dexter Morgan. Kid gave him the creeps, just his presence put him on edge, his hands itching to whip out his gun and shoot him. And that was just it wasn't it? His outright hatred of Morgan went deeper than the creeps. It was in the way the kid walked, the way he talked, the way he moved throughout the day. It was like the kid was playing a part, a game to see how humans worked, why they did the things they did. The kid moved like someone looking in on the human race, trying to be one of them. It was also in his eyes, the smoldering darkness just underneath, and the lack of emotion shown in them, it was something that chilled him to the core. He had seen eyes like that kids before, in the Army Rangers, men who killed and didn't feel a thing, and the Morgan kid has those eyes. He had no basis for his unliking yet, but he was going to watch the kid, just in case. Because Sergeant Doakes didn't like not knowing what was going on, and Morgan was just that, an unknown, something he wanted to change very soon.