Title: Beauty Destroyed

Genre: Romance/General

Summary: When his eyes met her, that was the day it all went wrong. Lambert and Aura.

the beast looked upon the face of beauty,

He watched from a far, waiting for his master's future bride. Around him, darkness pressec closer, and the only light was that of a steady glow from the torch held by a follower, who stood nervously near a rotting wall. Through the thick veil of shadows, the figure of a woman came closer, her steps slow and easy. The fire crackled and seethed.

The woman stopped, and the knight couldn't help but gape at her unearthy, beautiful perfect. Her skin, a milky white, seemed to glow with purity and her eyes gleamed. He held out his hand, and the woman placed hers gently on his.

and beauty stayed his hand,

A smile, pure and sweet, formed on her lips, and a rosey blush flushed across her cheeks. The knight merely turned away and they continued up the path of the Underworld, back toward the surface- toward their fate.

"...Please, what is your name?" she asked. The knight shut his eyes, feeling a whirl of emtion take life inside him- and for once in his miserable days as a follower- it wasn't hopelessness.

"Lambert" he said, his voice nothing more than a faint whisper.

and from that day forward,

Days later, Lambert and the woman of perfection stood close, eyes broing into one another. She hesitantly reached out toward him, eyes full of want and sadness. Lambert, without another word, grasped her hand and embraced her, his arms clutching her. Salty tears brimmed her eyes, and the feild of flowers they stood in became alive- the flowers bellowing and rising up to the heavens.

Stepping away from him, she turned and walked away. he could only watch as she slowly vanished from sight. Her scent lngered over him, and from then on, he knew the foreign emotion in him would remain forever. It would also destroy him.


he was one dead

The woman smiled and stepped into the cold fire. Instead of the fire welcoming her, she felt a painful jolt rip through her. Slowly, her body began to burn. She was dying, and Lambert watched on with horror, for her could do nothing. Her heart, so fragile, stopped and her flawless body vanished, leaving nothing but a pile of ashes.

Lambert could still smell her scent and it caused his heart to lurch with mournful lust and love.

it was beauty that killed the beast

The woman's spirit swept across the skies, the wind houling after it. Lambert knew it could never be the same, but his loved remained, and he continued to stare at the moon, tormented- not by the Goddesss, but by the loss of his beloved.

Maybe one day, they would get their second chance.