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As he opens his eyes, Anthony DiNozzo, knows that today is going to be one of those really long and difficult days. He also knows that he is going to be late without even looking at his watch. As he pushes himself up off the bed, his stomach protests and he rushes into his bathroom to avoid spilling his guts on the floor.

That's the last time I spend a weekend eating sushi and drink so much saki! Tony vows as he heaves and empties the contents of his stomach. As he stands up he realizes that his head is pounding just as badly as his tummy is aching. He forces himself to take a shower and it goes a small way towards clearing his head.

Once dressed, he makes his way to the kitchen and pops 2 aspirins into his mouth. Then he places the aspirin bottle into his jacket pocket before leaving for the office.


"Where's DiNozzo?" Gibbs growls as he walks into the bullpen, coffee in hand and notices that Tony is not in yet. Ziva and McGee look at each other, both cursing Tony for putting Gibbs into one of his moods. Gibbs takes a deep swallow of his coffee, enjoying the flavour and aroma.

"Well?" Gibbs barks as he looks at Ziva and then at McGee. Just then the elevator dings and McGee says, "That's probably him now."

As the elevator doors open Tony pulls himself together and puts a smirk on his face.

"Hello Zee-vah, Probie." Tony says and then he sees Gibbs glaring at him.

"Boss, I .." Tony tries to apologize as he forces himself not to cradle his aching tummy.

"Can it! Next time you're late, don't bother coming in." Gibbs growls as his phone rings. Tony nods and then sits down at his desk. His stomach rolls and he gets up immediately to go to the head.

What the hell's wrong with me today? Tony wonders as he takes two more aspirins.

When he comes out of the head, he sees his team getting into the elevator. As he rushes into the elevator, Gibbs just glares at him. So he looks at McGee and Ziva to find out what's going on. They both stay quiet and ignore him.

Gibbs and McGee travel in a car while Ziva and Tony take the van. Tony's in too much pain to drive, but he knows that with Ziva driving his pain is probably going to increase exponentially.

"So are you going to tell me where we're going?" Tony asks as Ziva drives.

"A dead marine was found in Shenandoah Park." Ziva replies.

"Oh no. Not a park case. That means there will be hiking and climbing and .." Tony complains feeling nauseous again.

"What's the matter with you Tony? Rough weekend?" Ziva grins. Tony pulls his face and looks straight ahead.

"ZIVA!!!" Tony shouts as Ziva swerves into the opposite lane and just narrowly misses hitting an oncoming car. As Ziva moves sharply back into her lane, Tony releases a heavy breath, which almost sounds like a gasp.

"Tony, are you okay?" Ziva asks, for the first time thinking that something might be wrong with him.

"Just concentrate on your driving Officer David!" Tony says sharply, as he feels the ache in his tummy change from an occasional throbbing to an insistent slicing pain just below his navel.

Ziva just glares at him but he ignores her. She becomes annoyed and looks away, driving even faster as she ignores him for the rest of the ride.

Tony feels his stomach roll again and discretely takes 2 more aspirins while thinking, I should have called in sick today. Yeah, that's what I should have done!


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